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  1. New or Mint Sim 9 degree head. PM ME
  2. Dang better not be Feb. was looking to get fitted in Nov for it
  3. TM Sim Max 9 degree head with head cover. Bought of a member here hot melted neutral SOLD Titleist U500 4 iron 1/4” short c taper stiff with z grip align grip mint $175.00/shipped CONUS PM me no trades
  4. Answer the following in a post below. What is your handicap: 6 Current hybrid or utility iron shaft and flex: 816H2 19 degree Hzrdus black 6.0 85g Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer (Search HERE) True spec Boston What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? 816h2 Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex:Black stiff 95 Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos?yes. Been debating switching to the ventus black in my driver from Hzrdus black
  5. Looking for a good deal since the TSi3 are coming out soon Titleist TS3 13.5 head RH
  6. Edel Trapper 60 degree hi rev 2.0 $65/Shipped Conus PM Me no Trades
  7. I just got the T Grind. Long time M Grind player. So far only 2 rounds with the T but very happy. Find it to be very versatile. Can really open the face up and hit those low spinners like you see JT doing.
  8. Looks great. Any info on what the big differences are between the series?
  9. How was the spin rate TSi3 vs TS3 driver?
  10. New TW grind 60 stock everything except length is 1/4” short which plays 1/8th inch short of a stock vokey. TW wedge comes long standard $170 shipped CONUS. No trades PM ME
  11. Was with one of my family friends yesterday who is pretty high up at Titleist here in MA. He confirms TSi4 is coming. Said Adam Scott will be playing it or is playing it. Said the new drivers are the real deal and free agents are making the move to it
  12. Just got my TW60 in ordered it 1/4” short held next to my stock Vokey it’s about 1/8th shorter now so IT absolutely plays a tad longer then stock vokeys if that helps anyone. Maybe about 1/8th longer. Nothing crazy
  13. I know they will be offering the hi toe in chrome without having to pay $225 in the custom program. Here is the link just cannot order yet Chrome hi toe
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