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  1. Man that's horrible. I run a golf course and I have to deal with people like you all the time. You want to save $100 and use somebody else for the service you can't get online. If you can afford to play 40 rounds in a few months then pay a person who works hard , gives you customer service and is not just dropping some stuff off at UPS for you.
  2. Put Biloxi on your map also. Fallen Oak is one of the best in the country, Shell Landing and Grand Bear are fantastic as well. The whole gulf coast is littered with good tracks. RTJ trail is good but they get boring after a while, kinda all look the same to me.
  3. Lasers are always correct , no uploading, no battery issues, more versatile, you can look at girls butts and boobs from a hole away through it, see a ball on a green from 300yds away, pick out specific carry distances, I take mine hunting with me and range deer with it before I vaporize their internal organs, and I bet other people have done even more useful things.
  4. 8orBetter


    [quote name='yeezy' timestamp='1324604030' post='3977977'] theyre nice wedges, and the sole grind is one of a kind 13* of bounce and i can still hit huge floppers i dont want to thread jack, but i tried bending my Lob to 58 (originally at 60), but my club fitter told me it could snap if he bends it any further than 59, is it ok to bend it that extra degree, or will it break? [/quote] You can bend it about 4-5 degrees if you wanted to. It won't break. It will changed the dynamics of the sole though.
  5. Softer and higher launch than DG's. I think they are more comparable to a KBS although I've never played a KBS shaft. I have some 950's though.
  6. My family operates a daily fee course and we are in the process of taking over another right now. It's interesting to see the comments and thoughts of what average golfers with no connection to the golf business think about how a golf course should be run I've been in the business my whole life, my dad was a super at country clubs in the South before we ended up in Management and I have seen it all from private to low end daily fee and all in between. I'm going to list what we try to accomplish for our players and then what I would do if I could make any rules and still stay in business. 1. Good greens no matter what the rest of the course looks like. We lost 50% of our Bent this year for the first time ever due to a new chemical on the market. Major fail 2. Par is 4 hours or less to us. I don't care what you should or how you play. I want your money and your a** off the course in less than 4 hours. 3. Competitive rates, daily specials for seniors,foursomes etc. Good staff, marshalls and starters, good food, decent selection of necessities in the shop. What I wish I could have.... 1. No walking, ever, period, at all, not gonna happen , not even for a higher price than riding. 2. Bag searches by starters for food and drinks. If you're that cheap that you can't buy it from me then don't come. 3. Golf License. Screw handicap, you should have to be certified to play golf. There would be less stringent tests for engineers and military,cops etc. 4. No seniors,kids,women or beginners until after 3pm on Fri-Sun unless they want to play 9 off the back before 8:30am 5. There would be no internet purchasing of golf equipment allowed or any sales to Sams,Costco, etc. You'd buy it at a green grass retailer or Edwin Watts or you wouldn't get it. I miss being able to sell clubs and hate the dill wads who bring them in to get them warrantied who bought them from Ebay. I see stuff in Sams,Costco and on Ebay for sale for less than my wholesale cost all the time. 6. When you stole my range balls or range ball bags you would spontaneously combust. 7. It would be legal for beverage cart girls to be topless.
  7. [quote name='asianplow' timestamp='1324596029' post='3977453'] [quote name='8orBetter' timestamp='1324595008' post='3977405'] Kombi, ping craz-e or b series, odyssey 2-Ball or new dart mid. I put with a Kombi most of the time. I had a Yes Emma and like the look of the head but every Yes mid or long putter I've had in my hands was much too light as if they stick a long shaft in the standard length head. [/quote] Thanks for the heads up on Yes. Do you know what the head weight was on the Emma? [/quote] I never had it off the shaft so I can't really say. I like heavy, heavy putters and I jerked that thing all over the place. Just wasn't for me.
  8. Were they originally steel shafted ? Either not countersunk properly or too much heat when pulled would be my guess.
  9. Kombi, ping craz-e or b series, odyssey 2-Ball or new dart mid. I put with a Kombi most of the time. I had a Yes Emma and like the look of the head but every Yes mid or long putter I've had in my hands was much too light as if they stick a long shaft in the standard length head.
  10. [quote name='xgolfx' timestamp='1324581865' post='3976513'] [quote name='8orBetter' timestamp='1324575873' post='3976043'] Charley, Who is your dad and how did he get to play with Mr. Hogan? [/quote] MY DAD WAS CHARLEY PENNA. HE WORKEDFOR TOMMY ARMOUR FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS BEFORE HE BECAME PRO AT BEVERLY CC IN CHICAGO FOR THIRTY NINE YEARS. HE WAS A FRIEND OF NELSON, HOGAN AND SNEAD. TONEY WAS MY UNCLE. MY DAD RUINED MY GOLF SWING BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT ME TO BE A GOLF BUM. I STARTED TO CADDY AT AGE EIGHT. CHARLEY PENNA [/quote] Great story and picture. I knew there were several Penna's synonymous with golf and equipment.
  11. Vacation and Bad Santa in the modern era. Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas from when I was a kid. Probably watch it on Netflix tonight again.
  12. I don't carry very many clubs in my courses shop but from now on none of them I stock will be Taylor Made.
  13. [quote name='webber' timestamp='1324576750' post='3976119'] [quote name='8orBetter' timestamp='1324574577' post='3975951'] When did ordering X100 's start costing more?? Just curious because in my Titleist book there is no upcharge for X100's that I can find. Maybe you haven't seen as much as you think you have? [/quote] They are the "Tour Issue" X100 shafts with the silkscreen logo. Those are $25? more I think per club. [/quote] Why waste money on those when the heads aren't weight sorted?? Jeez . Next topic pleaase
  14. [quote name='titleist1' timestamp='1324575977' post='3976057'] [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1324575718' post='3976021'] Ebay. Don't forget your tour issue grip tape though. The irons won't work without it. [/quote] The hard part will be finding some tour issue grip tape solvent. [/quote] I went to a big BBQ cook off last month and got a bottle of charcoal lighter off the Kingsford truck that I will use.
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