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  1. I'm considering the IZ 7s for driver, I always been in between flex it seems I do better when I use 70 S vs 60 X.
  2. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate all of your experience. It sounds like the untipped 6.0 efb should fit me perfectly and bring my M3 to life! I prefer a low launch shaft around 70grams, with the smoother feel, and it sounds like the EF Black (67g) fits that feel, without feeling whippy. Also if playing it strait in would probably help later in the round when I begin to lose energy from the summer heat, I still like to walk (using push cart) for exercise, and typically feel drained after the 15th hole. I was fitted for the 17' M1 when they came out at GG, they put me into the sto
  3. Thanks for your help. I picked up the Handcrafted Version? I have hit a friends hzrdus black 75 - 6.5 flex and had a really nice flight, just a little stiff for me. Was thinking the Hzrdus black - 6.0 untipped would have been ideal for me after I warmed up and played about 6 holes. Wanting the Even Flow to flight/spin similar to the Hzrdus Black 6.0 straight in(untipped), or as close as possible, that's why I'm thinking EFB either straight in or tip 1/2" only. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Little more info, - I'm 55, I start off my round swinging slowly then build speed up during round, hence the ss range(98-103 at dicks driver demo, hit about a dozen balls). I typically carry my stock 7 iron 167,( have irons bent 2 degrees weak 36* 7 iron) Planning on keeping my TM at standard 45.5" length Mister2cool - Did you tip your driver shaft any on your Taylormade? seen we have similar drivers models.
  5. I just picked up the Even Flow Black 65 6.0 for my M3 440 10* (I have the Tensei Blue stock shaft in it) Looking to lower launch a little and something more consistant. I know that Taylormade tips there driver shafts 1" standard, however I'm in the 98-103 speed range should I play the EFB 6.0 straight in or tip this shaft before installing TM adaptor? I play the stock DG AMT S300 shafts in my irons and they feel perfect to me, my swing can get a little aggressive at times
  6. Interestedin the Shaft? what is the actual length? has it been tipped? would be looking to install in my m3
  7. I just received my M3 440 - 10* head, ordered it with the stock TM Tensie Blue 60 stiff. I ordered the Tensie Blue since TM tips the driver shafts 1" I figured it would work for me. I have a slower SS 98-102 mph and have everything set to standard except for back weight moved forward 1 space, I figure when my mid season swing shows up I can set the loft lower and start dialing it in for the flight I want. Also have a couple low launch back-up shafts Tensie Pro White & PX Hzrdus Yellow 6s.
  8. Just ordered the Pro 2.0 Tour spec 6 S (white) for my 917D from JD's Clubs. I have been looking at the atmos line and couldn't decide between going black or blue model. According to the Fuji website measurements the Pro 2,0 TS falls between the black & blue version with low launch / low spin. It is slightly heaver at 67 grams and slightlty lower torque at 3* vs 3.4 atmos. Both models seem to use the same technology and same 40t materials. I believe the Pro series was designed to help add ball speed while reducing spin. I'm hoping this will lower my launch/spin on my 917D3 10.5 head to he
  9. I have been looking at trying the Atmos shaft, just couldn't decide between the Black or Blue model, seen different reviews. I seen this Pro 2.0 on the Fuji website for 2018 and started checking out the specs, I liked what I read on the Tour Spec version. It appears to use the same materials and technology as the atmos shafts (H.I.T - Cage, etc ) . According to the Fuji measurements the TS version would fall in between the Atmos Black & Blue shafts, with low launch & low spin, so I decided to order the 6S for my 917D 10.5* head! I hoping this will help lower my launch & spin num
  10. I tried them last summer & fall, along with wearing out gloves I was getting pain in my fingers & hands. Grip was too firm for me, loved the traction. This winter I went to the extreme and purchased the G2 Tour Wrap grips. Will see how they perform this spring.
  11. Has anybody demoed the new "Folds of Honor" version. I read it was the Atmos Black profile with a slightly softer tip? Interested in the 6s version untipped?
  12. I had custom ordered a 915 Driver and requested certain sw, I contacted titleist about issue and they immediately sent me another weight. Sounds like they might have sent you the wrong order. They should have included the build sheet with the clubs, just take them back where you ordered them and they will replace them
  13. I currently play the 900 Tours, I have them in the stock AMT S300 shafts. I had been playing the MP-69's blades prior. The MP-18 blades will offer more feedback/feel due to mass directly behind the sweet spot. The JPX 900 Tours will offer more forgiveness with slightly different feel on center strikes, even though both sets are made of the same material. Mizuno's website claims the 900T has higher MOI for its size, compared to AP2 or Apex Pro??? The main reason I'm staying with the 900T is the added forgiveness! Since I'm older 55, with lower back issue's, some days find it harder to stay
  14. I think his friend Notah is more involved with Tigers come back than we know, I believe Notah recommended Como in the first place. Tiger will "Find it in the Dirt" like Trevino states, he just needs more reps. Butch's philosophy was more about removing the parts that wasn't needed in the golf swing. Tigers new swing looks more compact without a lot of moving parts, don't really see how Butch can help other than mental perspective.
  15. I currently playing the older Studio Select Stainless Newport 2. The newer models wasn't that much different, other than milling or insert. I'm hoping that the 2018 version would come in a black finish w/ white line for contrast, I liked the pics of the black finish with silver insert. Something with a different look than I already have. Wouldn't mine seeing the Tiger/Fowler style make a comeback. My personal preference would be something milled from carbon steel, 34" w/ 350g head weight.
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