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  1. 3-pw standard L/L/L All grips still in wrapper $1,250 OBO shipped
  2. Hi all, I started using a 44.5-44.75” length driver years ago and will never go back. I hit closer to the center of the face way more consistently. I’ve used a 70-75g shaft for these on the recommendation of a fitter, but now that im getting older was considering experimenting with a lighter shaft. for those of you using shorter than “off the rack” driver lengths (44-45”) have you tried both 60g and 70g shafts? Any advice?
  3. anyone have this for the AMT shafts? been looking for that diagram for awhile
  4. They were definitely soft stepped, I had another identical set but with the 37” in the pw and the 9 and I could tell by comparing the steps
  5. Exactly. My set of 2011 vr pro combos were soft stepped without me realizing it until I learned more. you can tell because the first step is lower on the pw than the 9.
  6. i understand what you're saying, but i would be annoyed if this is how the OEM interpreted this. I would hope stock OTR offerings would use the 37" 130g shaft as standard in the 9,PW as TT used to publish as standard. BUT, i've seen too many DGs in OTR sets where they are soft stepped with 8->9, but PW staying the same (different level bands) and i think this is common (and how i would want any soft step request to be interpreted)
  7. Hi all, looking to order a set of titleist irons and wondering if the AMT Tour white is softstepped as standard? in my current set, i have the AMT Tour issue shafts where the 3iron used the 40" and 112g and both the 9,PW use the 37" 130g shafts. This was the old "standard" I know a lot of off the racks softstepped dynamic golds and i'm wondering if this shaft is ordered, will they use the 40.5" 109g shaft in the 3i, etc. (just feel like this gets the weight a little too light as you get to the long irons) This was the stock offering on the T100 so wondering if anyone can confirm?
  8. Up for sale, mint condition original Nike forged blades - I believe these were a display set I was going to reshaft and game these but never got around to it. I still have the original shafts and grips if interested.
  9. anyone find it odd how the irons used to be slightly shorter and flatter and now everything is a 1/4" longer and more upright? (across all OEMs)
  10. Will do. What’s the preferred method these days, tip weights?
  11. Yes, agreed that’s the only way. I measured swingweight and total weight myself 2 years ago. I can’t imagine I was that far off on total weight since it was done on a digital scale and the other 6 irons in the set are still close to spot on. The weight loss also explains the huge shift in swing weight. I will check my bag, I’m surprised that a cork would come unseated, I don’t feel or hear anything rattling around in those irons. I will most likely take them apart at some point in the off-season to check. Thanks all!
  12. if i were a better golfer, it would have a more pristine topline. i'm just glad that i avoided adding a major idiot mark after 2 years. but the clubs flat out performed. miles better than the vapor fly pro that it replaced.
  13. bumping an old thread. finally getting out of my 2011 VR Pro combos and a mixed 620 set seems to be the closest thing available
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