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  1. No Trades Please!! Have more than I want and need and more coming! Please PM or email me ameade1717 at gmail dot com with any questions. 1. 2021 Taylormade P790 4-PW Fully Custom build by a Certified Steelfiber builder. BB&F Co Ferrules. These were used for 2 rounds and are still like new. Standard Loft Lie- 2* Flat Length- 1/2” Over Standard Grips- GP CP2 Steelfiber 110 Stiff CW Shafts BB&F Co Ferrules SOLD! 2. Scotty Cameron Phantom 11.5 Lightly used. Head cover included. 35” Standard L/L/L SOLD! 3. Taylormade SIM2 3 Hybrid Excellent shape and only used a couple times. Standard Length Ventus Blue 9X HB W/Velocore 19.5* GP NDMC Grip Shaft SOLD! Head- $200.00 4. New Titleist Vokey SM8 Raw Wedgeworks Starting to rust nicely. DG S200 GP Grip Standard L/L/L SOLD! 5. New Vokey SM8 60/14 “K” Grind A couple scratches from sitting in my extra bag and reshafting. Standard L/L/L Nippon Modus 125 Wedge Shaft GP CP2 Grip BB&F Co Ferrule $160.00 Shipped $140.00 6. New PXG GEN 3 0311T Irons 7-PW Steel Fiber 110 CW Stiff Flex Shafts 2* Flat 1/2” Over Standard Length SOLD! 7,8. The Buck Club Vessel Lite Stand Bags Both bags were used a few rounds but still in Great shape. White bag includes Single and Double Strap. White TBC Masters Release- SOLD! Black Camo TBC- SOLD! 9. Callaway Apex Pro 2 18* Hybrid Evenflow Black 6.5 Shaft Standard L/L/L Lightly Used. SOLD! 10. 8” Mackenzie Walker Caddyshack Themed Bag. Used 2 Rounds and like new. $750.00 $675.00 pin 10/12
  2. No Trades Please. Bought these on a whim and won’t be using them. 1. Taylormade P7MC 4-PW KBS Tour Stiff Flex Shafts Standard. L/L/L Lightly Used. Still in great shape. Only a few rounds on them. Factory TM Grips SOLD! 2. New W/Tags Peter Millar Summer Comfort Size XXL TPC Sugarloaf Logo $50.00 Shipped 3. New With Tags Ralph Lauren RLX Size 2XL Cuscowilla Logo on Sleeve $50.00 Shipped 3. New With Tags Masters Peter Millar Polo Size XXL SOLD! 4. New With Tags Peter Millar Summer Comfort Isleworth Golf Club Size XXL $50.00 Shipped 5. New With Tags Ralph Lauren RLX Polo Navy with a Camo Pattern in it. Size XXL SOLD!
  3. We got to hang with Wade and talk shop with one of the best builders around, get some awesome pics and see a couple things we couldn’t take pictures of or talk about. Not trying to be that guy. But that’s exactly what they told us about a few things.
  4. The thought process behind this years line up was that with iron sets becoming as strong lofted as they are the 48* didn't see a great deal of use. With that said they dropped the 48* and felt that could cover that gap with a stronger 46 if needed. They were taking loft off the 48* in most builds and it was decreasing bounce and changing offset. The heads for this year are 46*, 50*, 52*, 54*, 56*, 58*, 60*.
  5. Some shirts for the big guys. Most only worn a couple times. Pics tell the story. No trades PLEASE. Will combine shipping for Multiples. 1. Peter Millar Black Scotty Cameron This one was probably worn more than the others. Size XXL SOLD! 2. Peter Millar Size-XXL TPC Sugarloaf Logo. Worn once. $40.00 3. Masters Peter Millar Size-XXL Some threads pulled at the bottom. SOLD! 4. Peter Millar Currahee Club Logo Size- XXL Worn once. SOLD! 5. Peter Millar Peachtree Golf Club Size- XXL Worn once or twice. Small pull in the thread at the bottom. $50.00 Shipped 6. RLX Size- XXL No Logos. Worn maybe once. $35.00
  6. I would call and setup a fitting at the @TaylorMade GolfKingdom in Carlsbad. Short little trip from the OC!
  7. No Trades Please PXG GEN3 Iron Heads Used 5 or 6 Rounds Still in Great Shape Standard Loft and Lie $700.00 Shipped
  8. Yes all the wedges seemed to sit pretty low to the ground. I would go with the highest bounce you can stand. It’s always nice to have a little bailout room on it.
  9. Yes I am. I also play on Bermuda and Zoysia fairways which tend to be a softer and grab the club more. So the extra bounce helps there as well. To me you angle of attack is the most important and what style of grass you normally play on is also a big deciding factor.
  10. The lead time may be because of the components. Try shifting around even the grip combos and see if that helps. Shafts, grips etc are a huge issue for the manufacturers.
  11. They’re being built and sent to us. They were building drivers on-site if you wanted to fit and purchase but the wedges will be built in Carlsbad.
  12. I went High Bounce on both. 54/13 and 60/12. The thing that impressed me the most was that even with the high bounce they still sit low to the ground at address. Normally the high bounce wedges have a high center on the sole. The MG3’s do not.
  13. I know we’ve posted a lot of of pics and notes on all the cool stuff we saw but I wanted to get into the time I get to spend with the MG3’s and a little about how I hope they change my game. I range from a 2-5 handicap depending on time of the year and what kind of tinkering I’m doing. I have played the game for about 25 years. I’ve always had pretty good hands which is a blessing and a curse for a short game. My missed is normally always fat and on the toe. My current wedge setup is below. -Vokey SM8’s 46F Bent to 45. Steel Fiber 110 S straight in. 50/12F w/Modus 125 Wedge Shaft 54/12D bent to 55 w/Modus 125 Wedge Shaft. 60/12 D Modus 125 Wedge I’m a 100% club ho and try just about every wedge that comes out. Over the years I’ve played them all. But I’m the end I go back to Vokey. They’re consistent and I like the more classic look. The MG3’s grabbed my eye as soon as I saw them on the forums for the first time. Then I got to see one in person at PGA SS and was even more intrigued. They just looked so good!!! The shapes were traditional with a incredible lines. I knew right away I wanted to try them. I actually had a fitting scheduled until I got the email that I was selected for this experience. Once I got the email I knew I had to make it happen! After hitting a few balls with my current gamers Greg put the MG3’s in my hand. These wedges are . My spin was up. The descent angle of the ball was better as well. The ball flight was great. But the thing that impressed me the most was the turf interaction. These wedges glide through the turf and do not dig! The CG and weighting has been moved up and out of the heel which makes them feel much more balanced and stable through the shot. The sound and feel is also much improved over the MG2. I’ve always wanted a wedge with higher bounce that sits flat on ground at address. Greg and his team have made that happen without having to get a custom grind which is $$$ and tough to get your hands on It allowed my to hit a bigger variety of shots especially with my 54. After running them through the gauntlet on the range we went to the short game area. Things got even better down there! We took a few different bounce options and my gamers and dialed things in. The chip shots were drop and stop from a variety of conditions. Again the sole set perfectly behind the ball for my eyes and glided through the turf without digging. Even on Mis hits the ball was still close to the intended landing area. I was very impressed. At that point I was pretty much sold but wanted to try it in the bunkers. Took the 60 into the bunkers and started with short shots to a tucked pin. I was able to get the ball up quick over about a 4ft lip and onto the green. When the balls hit the green they had a controlled spin and very little roll out past my target. After the bunker work I knew I wanted them no matter the price! The combo i went with is below. 46 bent to 45 with steel fiber 110 CW 50/8, 54/13, 60/12 bounce with Modus 125 Wedge Went 1* Flat and 1/4” long. Can’t wait to get them in hand and will post more. Please ask anything I may have missed!
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