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  1. Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes
  2. Looks like he figured out how to get his hands out of the stroke... Happy, er Tony learned to putt! Good on you Tony and great win!
  3. Could we change the name of this thread to "Mizuno Pro 221, 223, 225 Irons" Since Mizuno released a teaser with the nomenclature?
  4. It depends on your ball striking. If you're making solid center of the face contact 80%+ of the time, Blueprints would be my vote. I've hit both (game MP-18 blades) and I actually hit the Blueprints as far as any iron out there, father than AP2 or iBlade actually and with better shot shaping ability. The Blueprint was the only club I've hit in the last 3 years that made me seriously think about buying something not Mizuno MP. In the end, I stuck with Mizuno, but I was tempted for about a week. Honestly there's nothing the Blueprint doesn't do as well or better as my MP-18. In the end it was "devil you know". Why I prefer a blade is the shot feedback. When you miss it just a little, you absolutely know it and know exactly where you've missed it--slightly toe, little thin, little high on the face, etc. It's that shot feedback that helps me unconsciously correct my bad swings and makes me a better player. I really didn't ever hit a slightly thin or toe shot (my typical misses) that would have made the green with a cavity back that missed with a blade. But the shot feedback from blades makes me miss less. Read up on Mr. Miura and why small, forged muscle back blades are the true game improvement clubs!
  5. My (extremely good) local shop said there are no more MP-20 irons to be had. So I don't think you have to make the choice at all, unless someone has some inventory lying around? But if you could buy an MP-20 blade or MMC you would certainly not regret it. My MP-14s are still a perfectly playable and excellent set compared to my MP-18 blades. I don't think there is a bad MP iron out there. And the differences between generations are subtle. I do think my MP-18s are subtly better than the MP-14 and the MP-33s my son is now gaming, but they are more cosmetic than performance differences for the most part.
  6. Exactly. What you see in tour players bags is usually what we see in the US market. Of course, these are strange times, but retro is cool these days and "mizuno pro" was the original nomenclature for which MP is an abbreviation that probably isn't as strong a branding move as actually writing the company's name on the product.
  7. No maybe about it. You are wrong. USGA conforming club pics seriously don't lie. Also Golf magazine ran an article on Rose using them at the Open and had the Mizuno Pro 221/223/225 nomenclature which is also on the USGA site and extremely unlikely to change. I personally like the retro cursive black Mizuno Pro script and the 221 number. Looks cool, IMHO
  8. Because Chris Voshall re-tweeted SMS' pics on his Twitter account. Can't get better confirmation this is legit than that!
  9. Me too, which is why I still have the MP-18 blades in the bag as I see you do as well...
  10. It is weaker only in that there is not a consistently dominant star or two like Watson, Nicklaus, Faldo, Phil, or Tiger. But it is far stronger from world top 11-160 than it has ever been--which is why I would say the "weakness" of the world's top 10 is only relative to the far greater strength of field today. I don't think even Tiger or Jack would win double digit majors if they were rookies in 2015. They would still win more than anyone else in their era, I would think, but up through the early 00s there were about 30 guys in a PGA tour event field that could win. Today literally anyone in a standard PGA tour event field can win the tournament. Golf is stronger than it's ever been in terms of the talent and performance of the PGA tour pros, I would say, and here's a first hand observation to support that claim... I played some golf and practiced several times with Ben Curtis (remember him? 2003 Open Champion) back in the late 90's before he went on tour. A marvelous short game and fabulous distance control on his irons. But he didn't hit any farther than I did as a late 30 something, not especially long, 2 hc. I doubt Ben's driver swing speed ever cracked 108 and 250 seemed max carry with a driver on the range for him. This was a couple years before he went on tour. Maybe he got slightly longer on tour. I've practiced many times in the last few years with a 20 something former US AM semifinalist and current Korn Ferry tour player (with Trackman to give precise numbers) who is superior in every facet of the game to Ben (maybe slightly less good a putter, but a guy who can shoot 63-64 in a college tourney on a 7500 yard Arnold Palmer course with rock hard, 13 stimp greens can putt, I assure you, just fine!). And this Korn Ferry tour player had to scramble just to keep his card last year! He carries his driver easily 310+. OK, today we have a better driver, livelier ball, probably. But it's no problem for him to fly a muscle back 5 iron (same type of club/loft as Ben played) 220 and land it in a 25 foot circle over and over and over. If Ben rolled out, on a firm green, a 5 iron 200 yards that was a good shot for him. And he is a major champion. Small sample size, I grant you, but I have no doubt the PGA tour is stronger than it's ever been, top to bottom. Which makes Phil's win an absolutely amazing once in a generation accomplishment!
  11. Precept EV Extra Spin, the original Nick Price mid 90's version. That ball was way ahead of its time. It performed great for me with a Titliest 975D
  12. I played MP-14 for 6 years starting in the 90's. MP-33s for 18 years. And I've had the MP-18 in the bag the last 3. I love the MP-18--and they are getting love from some of the tour guys like Ryan Moore. The MP-18 are slightly smaller than the MP-20 and a straight muscle back. I'm hoping the MP-22 goes back to that profile.
  13. I used to use a putter, but have been playing a lot of TrackMan simulator golf lately and you can't putt from the fringe on TrackMan (well, not as my simulator has it set up). Especially if it's downhill and less than 15 feet, I've found opening up a 56* wedge and just bumping it gives me really good results especially when the greens are running over 10 on the stimp. BTW: you really don't want to miss the green long at Pebble Beach. Very challenging chip when the pin is back--on TrackMan at least. Oh, I'm a -3 hc, pretty good short game. And davep043 makes great points on grass and course condition that I also experience and fully concur with; PepperTurbo makes a great point on how practicing your chipping at home, office, or simulator is the best way to lower your hc!
  14. I've hit the MP-14, MP-29, MP-33, MP-37, MP-68, MP-4, MP-5, MP-18, MP-20. I played the MP-14 for 5 years, MP-33 for 18 years, and MP-18 for the last 3 years--so I'm biased to those 3 models. MP-68, 4, and 5 did not do anything better for me than 33s. The MP-18 got in the bag because of the smaller head size. I actually like the slightly beefier top line and sole of the MP-18 over the 4 and the 20. Honestly though I could play MP-33, MP4, MP-18, or MP-20 quite happily. I just like a smaller head size. I'd say the MP-20 is ever so slightly softer than the other 3 and I can't tell a difference between 33, 18, or 4 feel-wise or performance wise for any of them. I still get out my MP-14s occasionally and they still feel and perform wonderfully well. I have also hit the Ping Blueprint and the 2018 Callaway MB. I love the small head size--to my eye the Callaway and the MP-18 look the same size but I like the shape of the Mizuno ever so slightly better but they both feel wonderfully soft. I actually like the look at address of the Blueprint the best and hit them just as well as any of the others. They don't feel quite as buttery soft as Cally MB or any MP Mizuno to me, but they still feel very soft and perform extremely well. If the Blueprints weren't so expensive they'd tempt me. But I don't like the way they look in the bag as well as the Mizuno and they really don't do anything better performance wise, so that keeps me loyal to Mizuno. Oh, and interestingly enough Ryan Moore a free agent just put a set of MP-18s into his bag when obviously he could have had any of the others...
  15. It stops at 3 wood shaft. Would be nice to see irons, shafts, ball, etc.
  16. You are going down a good path! The feedback you get from a good blade will tell you how you really strike your irons. For example, you'll discover exactly where your low point is, where you strike the ball on the face and exactly how often you find the center. Your body will naturally process this and start to do what you did on the pure strikes more often. You may regress slightly on course for a while, but spend more time on the range and your ball striking and scoring will improve in about 6 months. Any Mizuno blade is great. Titleist, Callaway's current blades are also very good, and I have hit them all (grew up with Hogan Apex red lines) but I've never found a blade as forgiving in all conditions as a Mizuno. I've never hit a blade that with matched lofts is longer either. A good combo. I played MP-14 for 10 years, MP-33 for 18, and now 2 years on my set of MP-18. The 18s are my favorites, but if you find a good used set of MP-33 jump all over those. Best bang for your buck. Just make sure you get shaft length, lofts, and lies checked and matched to your specs. I will say that I didn't care for the MP-5. Just too big and bulky. I think the MP-68 and 69 were underrated though. Good luck and enjoy! It really is true "Nothing feels like a Mizuno"--so sweet!
  17. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questions 1. Continental Golf, 2. Raleigh, NC 5. Handicap-- -3 4. Current Driver Setup-- Titleist TS3, 9.5*, A1, Diamana D+ Ltd 60 X 45" 5. Where you fit for your current driver?--Yes. 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3, please 9* 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely, yes!
  18. The US Open is not only my least favorite major to watch, I can think of half a dozen regular tour events I'd rather watch. And it's a simple problem: the ridiculous rough. With narrow hard fairways playing effectively 10 or 15 yards wide on a slopey course like Winged Foot good shots get punished over and over. And 4 or 6 or 8 inch (or whatever it is) rough just takes all the skill out of the game. It makes the best in the world look little different than Sunday afternoon duffers. I hate it--I know I can just turn it off (and I have) but it makes the supers of the courses I play grow the rough crazy long as well. It turns it into a hack and hope which is not golf, to me. Bobby Jones was right in the original Augusta set-up. No rough. Let the best players show their skill by letting them put the club cleanly on the back of the ball (the skill duffers uniformly lack with their scoopy moves). I like the tree-lined course, but let them bend it around, over, and under when they're over there and show their skill. I've played and enjoy the British Open rota courses... and there is serious knee high rough on most of those. But it comes on wide, wide fairways and punishes truly poor golf shots. Making the best players in the world look like hackers who can't break par is just silly and dull. I'm turning it off. If enough of us do, maybe the USGA will get a clue...
  19. One of my takeaways from Colonial is we see that if greens are fairly slow (they say 11.5 but looks more like 10, British Open speed--those guys are freaking hammering their putts!) and receptive the best in the world will just shoot the lights out when they're on their games. I think the lightning fast, rock hard tour greens (13+ sometimes!) only give us the illusion that good amateur sticks are closer to the pros than we really are. I'd like to see green speed limited to 10 on all the tours and as a rule of golf for clubs and munis. It would save a tremendous amount of money and maintenance, make the game much more ecologically friendly and more fun for the vast majority and give a more realistic indication of how good the pros actually are. Knowing a Korn Ferry tour player and seeing his game up close many times, I realize how seriously, seriously good these guys are--what he does to a very difficult Arnold Palmer 7450 yard course when the greens are 10ish on the stimp is just filthy. A 63 in a practice round would be expected on a normal day. In a college tournament with the greens running 12+ and rock hard he went 63-64.
  20. They are way over-rated. I've been playing for 50 years and while I flirted with a 60* for a while in the late 90's I found opening up my 56* wedge lets me hit the same high soft flop shots as I can with a 60*. Yes, you can get even more loft opening up a 60* all the way but I find that's a little harder to use for me--I have to be more precise to keep from just popping the ball straight up. I'm a 2 HC. I could see how pros with much greater skills (I've played and hit with PGA Tour and Korn Ferry players so I know how they are on a whole other level especially short game) could use a fully open 60* wedge to great advantage. Still I believe Tom Watson who had a pretty great short game never felt the need for more than a 56* wedge. As the OP rightly says, ams are just not good enough to take advantage of a 60*. The only slight advantage is for a player that simply doesn't know how or isn't comfortable dramatically opening the face. For him/her a 60* played square does give an advantage.
  21. 3 hc 56 years old... MP-18 4-PW former demo set, so purchased cheap (4 bent to 23*, 5-PW stock lofts) re-shafted with DGS 120 S-300 38.25" 4 iron, half inch down from there to PW. SM-7 Vokey 56.10, DGS 120 S-300. Second season with them, replaced a set of 2000 MP-33 w/ Project X 6.0 stock lofts, lengths that I played 18 years and my son took from me.
  22. How to Enter: Can you attend the event around beginning of May? YES! Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? No... Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? Specs sound good for my game. What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing? F3 but would like to try both. Open minded... Current driver specs (head, shaft, grip, length)? Titleist TS3 Diamana Lmtd. D+ (White) 60x Tour Velvet 58r 45" Were you fit for your current driver? Yes, on Trackman by my teacher. Handicap? 3.4 Current City and State? Raleigh, NC Can you 100%, for sure, really attend the event? YES!
  23. Since the tournament venues have been prepped and TV needs something to sell ads for, how about having a series of match play events with the top 50? 16 players, match play, four rounds played at the regular tournament venues, no crowds, TV only. I'd be entertained and the risk seems incredibly low, follows CDC protocols.
  24. Surely it's Rory? So fluid, so un-mechanical and natural and just incredibly efficient and powerful.
  25. When the best players in the world are struggling to break par, the number two in the world is struggling (and failing) to break 80, the course is set up poorly. Getting caught up in the semantics of "tricked" "unfair" is beside the point. The PGA tour doesn't control the wind but they can change pin placements, tee boxes to adjust for wind, cold. And the rock hard greens are over the top. It's entertainment at the end of the day and I'm not entertained. It brings too much randomness and luck into the game. Slight mistakes are punished way too much. So we get journeymen dueling for the win while the world's best are trying to avoid the snowman. The weekend duffer may enjoy it, thinking that these guys are closer to his/her level than they are, but that's a mean-spirited and small-minded way to watch the game. I want to see them challenged not stifled. I want to see good shots rewarded, great shots separating the good from the great and only really poor shots seriously punished. These guys are good. Making them look bad is neither fair nor fun. Just MHO.
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