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  1. For sale two items - Titleist TSi2 driver 9° head with hzrdus RDX smoke black 60g 6.0 shaft, all stock bought from GG. Includes black noir head cover and tool. Very good condition with some slight imperfections along the top part of face and a toe mark. I can’t see anything from address though. $400 shipped with insurance. PayPal only. srixon ZX 7 9.5° head only. Great condition. Headcover and tool included. $250 shipped.
  2. I’m not a Ping driver fan (huge right miss) but my ZX7 with Ventus blue arrives tomorrow. I got both worried that it wasn’t ever going to show up and impatient so I ended up buying a Sim2, which performer great last round. I’d think the 7 sliding be more forgiving than a LST but I can’t actually compare them. Now it just needs to stop raining in Texas so I can take this thing out and test it.
  3. I ordered a set in the black finish and other then the normal concerns with the black finish wearing bad this is something I was also worried about. So far I have not seen that on my set.
  4. i still have the OG Sim Ti rocket 3w in the bag from last year. Think it’s the best 3w I’ve played in a long time.
  5. I ordered the ZX7 from Srixon with a Ventus blue and they said maybe by the end of May. Ugh stupid shaft is the problem but I love the Ventus shafts.
  6. Kmac

    2 ball ten

    The S for me as that’s what my putter fitting said I needed to use. Otherwise I would have gone with the double bend face balance.
  7. Kmac

    2 ball ten

    I'm still digging the Two Ball Tour line version. Just moved and got out for the first time here in Texas with a nonstop 3 club wind that played havoc on my game BUT the Two Ball Ten was awesome. After feeling out the front 9 with almost two putting every hole I lit up the back with 11 putts! Including a Texas wedge from off the green for a bird, lol. I'm finding the Two Ball Ten to be very consistent and much better at the longer, lag putts than the Spider. And the alignment is second to none, if that is something you struggle with like me.
  8. Kmac

    2 ball ten

    This putter tempts me. . I struggle so much with my alignment and this will cure me, lol. What struck me about these putters is from address it somehow doesn’t look massive. Almost looks like it’s super thin, it’s weird. But damn they roll so well. Going to take my Spider in for bait tomorrow.
  9. I think it feels much better. I’ll roll one of the Hepplers next time I’m in GG for a better comparison and feedback but I really like how this one feels.
  10. Came here to say just that. The Ping mallet hardcover is massive and not even close to fitting the PLD. Huge disappointment. I guess it’s for the normal full size mallets they make. Back to the stock head over. And the search for the perfect grip continues. The Sensor seems too heavy. The Reaper super stroke is the older Pistol GT and it’s really slick. Hate it.
  11. Just saw this in an email from Ping. Think I'm going to snag one because the PLD headcover is fugly. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/onlineexclusives/verde-collection/verde-mallet-putter-cover
  12. Did you have to go to eBay find a swag? Their releases are stupid. Gone in seconds
  13. Okay, I was looking at a Lamkin grip at GG that was mostly black but a huge LAMPKIN written in red held me back. I ended up snagging one of the LE Super Stroke Reaper grips off ebay. Figure there's a 50/50 shot its legit.
  14. This hurts. So these "Captain America" ball markers came out before Lamb became so popular you cant even buy his stuff before bots buy it up. A buddy told me about the Lamb dude making donut ball markers that were pretty unique and he had this cool looking Captain America one coming out Sunday morning. Remembered to check Sunday morning and snagged one. First tournament I played in I had the great idea to use the new marker and lost it. Fell out of my pocket at some point.
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