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  1. Pars and Stripes head is sold. If anyone has a SIM in excellent for trade in condition like the Mavrik shoot me a PM. Id be interested. If its all beat up dont bother.
  2. Update: the pars and stripes was delivered with the shaft snapped in half. So I refunded the buyer and now have the head only. any trade offer like a SIM for the Maverick? Must be in great condition, good shaft.
  3. Thanks I appreciate the support lol. It’s been a nightmare tbh. I’ve never had this happen with all the damn clubs I’ve bought and sold in all these years. A driver shaft snapped in half and I’m literally left holding the broken shaft with little recourse. It sucks. $550 down the drain. But right now you can’t use or trust USPS and fedex is worse than UPS.
  4. So I just sold one of the SZ Pars and Stripes to someone here on WRX and was lucky enough to have the shaft (real deal Ventus blue) snapped in half by UPS. So, had to refund his money, got a broken driver back and a bunch of bogus charges from UPS. Point of it is if anyone is interested in the white Pars and Stripes head only let me know. I'll even throw in half a shaft?! The tip side even. Special headcover? DONE! The tool might be asking too much though.
  5. And that one is sold too! only the Mavrik and it’s two shafts left.
  6. it’s the 6S, basically get the Pars and Stripes head for $50 with that shaft.
  7. a few items here for sale: Callaway Customs Mavrik driver 9° with two shafts - Stock was the Evenflow blue 65g stiff. Retail was $599. Asking $400. Check pics there is a small blemish on crown. also have the KBS TD 60 category 3 which is a stiff flex from Callaway so it’s OEM. $250 up charge. $125 for just this shaft or $525 for both. Headcover and wrench included both shafts are stock length and have align grips. SOLD cobra LE Pars and Stripes driver 9°. No blemishes. Ventus Blue w/velacore. $549 retail. SOLD Headcover and wrench included. Real deal shaft! Stock length GP
  8. I have the 4 and it’s not a hooker for me. If I make a horrible swing, sure I can miss left or right. But you know how some hybrids you just can’t go after because you know it’s going so far left if you connect with it? This one is not that for me. I bought the sim 3w, 5w and 4 hybrid after they released and the 3w and this hybrid are not leaving my bag. Love them both. The 5w is good but I’ve been messing around with a u510 a bit in its spot. Agree with the comments above that it’s not deep so I get under it a few times too. I think it’s the best hybrid to come out in a while.
  9. When you hit it fat the u510 goes right down the middle.
  10. If you want to try the 0811x Proto but not the + let me know. Mine is going on the classifieds.
  11. Saw they released a digital camo version too. Looks dope.
  12. It’s probably the worst honeymoon phase ever for any driver for me. Usually it’s amazing and then gets worse over time. Like marriage. I’m leaning towards going back to the PXG. It’s just such a nice looking driver and sweet shaft that I really want it to work.
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