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  1. Appreciate it! Maybe I’ll have less moving parts now
  2. I had a set of Titleist 718mb's before these and they really weren't much smaller than them but boy what a difference if feel. These things are so soft it blew my mind when I first got them. The last few years I've struggled with the longer irons even with my titleist blades and with my injury now I'm just going to switch the long ones out with something a little bigger.
  3. Thanks..price is low as it's just 4 clubs 3;4;5;6. I should probably clarify that better in the post although I planned on letting anyone know that was interested incase they thought it was a full set.
  4. Unfortunately I was in a bad car wreck and tore my arm up pretty bad. Broke my ulnar in 2 spots, fractured my wrist and dislocated the radial head in my elbow. It’s going to be a long rehab and I’ll be switching to a combo set when I heal up. I’ll offer them here before they go up on eBay. Bought these heads from Usher Golf in Savannah, GA a Muira Golf Featured Dealer. These are the “Circle K” version which I believe were hand ground by Muira-San himself and ordered +6 grams heavy. These were bent 2* weak by Chip at Usher Golf and I put them in my KBS c-tape
  5. Glad I took some better photos cause I do barely notice a mark on the crown that can only be seen up close and in very good lighting..hadn’t even noticed it before..it’s more of a smudge I guess..like the clear coat is ever so slightly duller where a ball must have caught it..couldn’t even get the camera to pick it up..definitely would never notice it unless you were really inspecting it up close. thanks -Tim
  6. A few things I forgot to mention. all items will ship USPS priority. grips where purchased from the local golf galaxy. heres some better pics of the TS4.
  7. Haha thx...only trade interest right now is a pack of Scott’s 1000!
  8. Vokey SM5 50*...plays 35.5"....$50 shipped. Vokey SM5 58*...Plays 35"...had tried hand stamping this one a while back which was a failure to say the least...ground it off and dipped it in gun blue....$45 shipped. take both Vokeys for $80 shipped All 3 vokeys were pulled heads that just got installed into new shafts...50* and 58* into their original factory shafts...All shafts and grips are new on these. Discounts on Bundled items...all items will be wiped down or washed with soap and water and disinfected prior to shipping...any questions just ask. Pin 4/30
  9. Just a heads up those appear to be KBS shafts..GLWS
  10. won them in a tourmament at pinehills. one of the better public courses i've played recently. played the jones course. should probably just hold on to them and go play the nicklaus. anyone here play both?
  11. would trade for 915 d2 8.5/9.5 in good condition Includes greens fees, carts, and range balls on the Jones or Nicklaus course. Play as a foursome or play 2 separate rounds as twosomes. Valid Monday-Thursday (excludes holidays). Book reservation 7 days in advance. Good through 2016. Any questions feel free to ask. (Valued at $400) Asking $275 OBO
  12. Thanks. I love the look of it but the bulls eye is still the gamer so it sits in the locker. Figured I'd offer it to you guys before I fall for its looks again
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