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  1. Looked to me like TW was trying to stay warm & loose in his press conference, he was doing a lot of that during the footage of him & CW both on the range & the course also. Makes sense with his back.
  2. Wonder if it’ll be CW’s weapon of choice also off of the tee at the Father/Son?
  3. IDK what style they are or if they’re a current Nike sock or an older one but these are from the Match II with Phil, Peyton & TB12 I also included pictures of the White ones
  4. I’ve hit it & haven’t had any issues with it at all. It was probably about a 2 inch steel extension that was put into it.
  5. I took a Demo Project X PXI 6.0 shaft from a Titleist TMB 7-Iron & extended it out to 39 1/2 in. long & installed a TM Hybrid adapter to put it onto my GAPR Mid 3. By extending it & reading that the PXI plays a little “whippier” than a normal 6.0 Project X shaft, will it play more like a Regular flex? I know it’s a little heavier weight wise being a Stiff vs. a Regular.
  6. Looks like TW is contemplating a switch from his M5 3W to a SIM 3W, very interesting since he loves that M5
  7. Could it be TW? He has struggled with his putting this year & has used a mallet before & both of his NP2’s are plumber’s necks?
  8. Where did you see it at from today? Can you screenshot it?
  9. The picture was him hitting a M3 5-Wood but the video was of him hitting what is believed to be a 2016 M2 Driver from Monday.
  10. Could be his “backup” Driver is the M2? He’s always said that was his “snowflake”
  11. Top picture from Tuesday & bottom from Wednesday with M5 3W still in the bag; he must love both of those clubs.
  12. Guessing this release will be similar to the TP line releases in 2010 & 2014.
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