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  1. Totally agree with this. It should be your driver length, but those who hit it long cry like a big baby when you bring this up. Out comes the laundry list of excuses why they can play the senior tees while driving it 250, and then there are the others who drive it 280, playing the whites!!! But give a senior hell who drives it 205 and plays the senior tees.
  2. The next day they sent me an email that stated 15 July. So maybe you owe me one, just sayin.
  3. I picked up the 5 wood this week and only have nine holes with it, but it performs well. Just need more time, and it is fun to hit.
  4. I like the shorter driver suggestion a lot. You may give up distance, but hitting out of the fairways all the time is a lot of help. Shorter driver along with a good 7 wood can really help. I seem to pick up your not very flexible for some reason. Try becoming more limber, maybe some yoga stretches! I had a very bad stretch for months and lately things are turning a round. Shot 41 yesterday so things are improving. The group you play with can make a difference as well. Good luck and i hope you turn a corner as well. Take the pressure off yourself, it does not help at all.
  5. Fed Ex sent me a Monday arrival date. Hopefully next Saturday I can hit them.
  6. Just got info from Fed Ex that my irons are on their way, will be here Monday. The wait is finally over. I was told it would be expedited, but who cares at this point. Better than July 15, my last shipping quote.
  7. Two friends walked nine in Louisiana and said it was brutal, really bad. They were inland so no sea breeze for them. Today was really nice at 84*F, and the ball really flew. The ground was hard and i usually drive around 205 well hit. On some holes I was getting 250 plus yards downhill. It didn't help as I am not used to that distance. I was 47 yards out on one hole, crazy. i did shoot a good score, 41, but my birdie came from an uphill hole, and my double was from the 250 yard drive downhill. What a game.
  8. I ordered through Dicks and made sure they had it in stock. Dicks pulled another one as usual. They hinted the order on the irons was about to be assembled on there chat line, and as usual they were wrong. Today I get an email and the date is pushed back even further to 15 July. I ordered 22 April.
  9. Chatted with Dicks and they said Ping is assembling my irons now, and will expedite shipping. That would be awesome if I got to hit them soon. My G425 5 wood came in today, and I may get the 7 wood soon. The G410 hybrids are safe.
  10. Chatted with Dicks and was told Ping has started my assembly, and they will expedite the shipping as soon as possible. I hope this happens as I have heard this before from them!
  11. Not even thinking of replacing the G Max 400. The Ping G 425 5 wood will be here today to replace the Epic Max 5 wood. The epic Max is easily the longest fairway wood I can remember, but not that forgiving for me off the deck. I use a 5 wood because of my driver distance, so I have to rely on it a lot. If the G 425 5 wood does the job I expect it to, then a similar 7 wood will be next. My bag will mostly be Ping G 425 soon.
  12. When you walk into Play It Again Sports and recognize most of the used clubs once belonged to you!
  13. I have a problem, I ordered a U wedge with the set, and now I am shooting darts with the Glide u wedge! I also ordered a 6 iron, and am now shooting darts with the G410 6 hybrid. I think I should have ordered 7-pw instead of 6-uw! My neighbor has this long strip of grass across the street, and I mow half of it to practice on. It is 80 yards long! So my wedge game is really stepping up, as I practice with my sand wedge on the strip. I have always struggled with a wedge, but now it is coming along great. It really showed in my score yesterday, as I was short of the green all day, but kepted hitt
  14. But if the weight loss came with the golf, that would make it a freebie, right?? And you would be more competitive??
  15. Would it help to move the ball back an inch? Or is that too much? Hopefully I get my set this week.
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