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  1. I am wondering how good Tom Brady will be at golf now that retirement talk is in the air?
  2. Just wanting to know if anyone had tried the ST irons and what they thought of them? I am wondering if the tungsten actually helps with the launch as claimed!
  3. By the way, what tees are you playing from? Your game may have bottomed out for awhile. That is quite an improvement and reflects the hard work you have done. I really think hybrids would give you a lot of confidence if you can play them. Ask to borrow a 5 hybrid and play it for a round. I suggest a Ping 410 to try out, and the right shaft is very important.
  4. I am seeing a physical therapist now to get the shoulder to behave and quit hurting. My last scores are not very encouraging to breaking 80 again at the moment. Something will have to happen to encourage a better game. I have lost touch around the greens, and that is devastating to my game as you all well know. Now shooting mid 80's will be my challenge.
  5. I am looking at the Apex DCB right now as they have a lot of great reviews, and have been out long enough to weather the storm. But lots of shiny new things popping up each week.
  6. What kind of women are they messing around with?
  7. I am definitely slacking on the diet. Got four exercises so far, easy stuff to do. Just mainly shoulder stretches as would be assumed.
  8. More of it on the way tonight. It will be awhile before the weather cooperates again.
  9. No, 40 hour work week. Also I started with no vacation so golf will be hard to come by until DST starts and warmer weather.
  10. These are still my gamers for now. The Ping 710's are getting lonely and just might get sold! I do not see golf in my near future, between work and weather.
  11. There was a segment on tv locally and the players were upset about how tough his courses were, then they interviewed Jack, and he said he didn't see the problem. I am talking about decent players shooting mid 80's, and then mid nineties at the Bear Trace. the players being interviewed were very irate.
  12. Jack Nicklaus caught a bunch of grief from players about the toughness of his courses. His response was he didn't have any problems!! Some pros don't really belong in designing golf courses, that are suppose to be recreational outlets. If the average score is in the nineties from decent players, then the designer needs to find another occupation. Tennessee should have hired RTJ instead of Nicklaus as the courses have only done so so compared to RTJ's courses.
  13. The ground is covered with that white stuff again, arghhh! I have no idea when I will play again, I might as well be living in Canada. When (it) is gone, the ground will be mushy for some time. I guess I am looking at March for my next round.
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