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  1. No I haven't as I am still trying to find the sweet spot on the Gen 2's.
  2. Played the Max today, but it was so muddy. i caught one clean and was very impressed, it is long, and the ball flight started left and trailed right, right at the pin. I really can't tell on forgiveness with all the mud. It makes quite the crack on the ball, no mistaking when you catch it.
  3. Today was a pig sty at the local course. It was a mess. And the other course is shut down because of flooding, as the river silt was left on the greens. Just when it warms up, this!! I am going to take a break till the grass is higher than the mud.
  4. The 9 iron is a pin seeker, just amazing.
  5. Got the Epic Max 5 wood Tuesday and will play it tomorrow. The weather will be perfect, in the sixties, amazing. I have already switched the weights around, heavier one in the rear.
  6. The XF's are very forgiving, but not as long. I found the shorter G700 irons hard to hit because of the wide sole. I am playing better with the XF's as I mainly use the 6-aw in the set. The 6 iron is very good and not short by any means. I did not want to pay the extra amount for the Gen 3's at the time. Now it is very hard to get a set of the Gen2's as they are backordered till June.
  7. I went with PXG Gen 2 XF this year after using G700. I am using 4-6 G410 hybrids in place of long irons. The G700 long irons are amazing, but the short irons are clunky as the sole is too wide.
  8. I am going to try the Epic max at 18* and see what it has. From what I have read it should be exactly what you and I want. Yesterday I really needed this club.
  9. Shifting the left hip out of the way, backwards, but not forward is how I understand it. I was trying this yesterday, and it worked just fine for me. Glad I have been reading about this on the forum!! Thank you.
  10. I thought distance was relative to club selection, so I feel the Gen 2 are just fine. Had a great round with them yesterday, and had plenty of stopping power for me. Plus they are very accurate as well. Found out the PW is awesome around the greens!!! Stuck it to 3 feet from 50 yards. Did I miss the putt..........
  11. The part where he is throwing out some humor with the lady on her golf swing is brilliant! She is doing her best to belittle golf courses and golf pros, and he fires right back.
  12. No way, this will surely pass. Plus the outlook for April and May is just awesome.
  13. Do your neighbors talk to you??
  14. Well, the snow storm has passed and warm weather is on its way!! Soon it will be DST, and weekly golf returns again. Cold weather is rough on the joints, hard to move the grease.
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