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  1. My golf buddy always screws up a couple of drives that go about 50 feet. So I let him take a mulligan, and then later he brags he was within two, go figure.
  2. Went out knowing it might rain, and did it ever. After nine we were done along with the rest of the groups ahead of us. We sat for 5 minutes on one hole waiting for it to slow down, what a mess. The scores reflected the conditions.
  3. Sent the G425 back and waiting for the G710 to come in. I need more distance and with power spec it should be interesting. I am playing the G700 right now, great irons, buit after seeing the G710 in person, ahhhh! They should arrive sat!
  4. I hit the G710 7 iron and it is very long. Much longer than the G425 in my opinion. I went ahead and ordered the G710 irons with power spec and 1/2" longer.
  5. I did not like the G425 as I wanted more distance., and they went the same distance as my G's. I am getting the G710 this week and they are a beast. They will be an extra 1/2" longer and power spec as well. Playing the G700 and do well with them, but as the true WRX'er, we know new clubs are better. The hybrids I got have helped my game more than any thing.
  6. Getting my irons Saturday, that was quicker than I thought. He said they shipped yesterday and would be here Sat. This is a lot faster than the G425 irons.
  7. I have been bouncing around with irons for some time, usually changing every 6 months. I decided to keep playing the G700 for awhile and did well breaking 80 for the second time, the G irons broke 80 for the first time the week before, so go figure. I ordered G710 irons to see where that will go, and had them fitted. I have to manmy senior moments, like where am I, to have consistent scores. Shoot 80 one week and two weeks later shoot 93 at the same course. When I am on I do okay, but when not I am crying in the towel.
  8. Are there any real senior shafts that flex properly, in the higher weights?
  9. platgof

    Open Face Grip

    I am trying Super Stroke to see if that will help.
  10. Played St. James golf course(handed me my a..) and was a short game magician. It is not fair for golfers who play off sand compared to brick hard clay. I also chipped one in! It is so dang easy to chip close to the hole off sand, and I don't think it is fair at all. I am talking about golf courses that the soil is sand based vs clay.
  11. Played with a young man and he was putting an old Rossie. I asked him about his old putter and he said he got it when he was 16 and now in his 30's. He said he will replace it if something happens to it. I watched him and he was el draino with that putter, So I checked the model and ordered one off the bay. I am having real good luck with it. The lags are just awesome with it. This is the old white face Rossie XG model. I just put a Super Stoke 2.0 Ultra Slim on it, feels great. Tried a 3.0 and it was too large. Gotta laugh when the cheapest club in your bag is going no where. The seller discounted it because of the grip falling apart, but that is so easy to fix for a club builder.
  12. Glad to hear that. I hit the G700's well, but want a smaller profile in the shorter clubs. I hit the G 710 really well.
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