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  1. I took an inch off the Max 400 and doing much better. I was really struggling with the driver, and now it is so much better. I also cut the 5 and 7 wood a 1/2 inch. The shorter shaft helps to maintain a proper swing path, and not as flat as longer shafts.
  2. I will grab the Carhart with a merino base.
  3. I thought i would never put a 5 iron in the bag until I got a set of Ping G 700's, they are all hybrids to some extent. I can actually hit this 5 iron, amazing. My hybrids are longer though, but with the 700's, not by much. I will probably put the 6 hybrid back in the bag, for those days the irons do not cooperate, but right now I trust my irons more, and that is very unusual.
  4. Having the same problem in Tenn as the ground is made up of red clay and dries to a brick. You can easily bounce the ball off the ground. The trick is to hit the front edge and let it roll.
  5. platgof

    Maxfli Tour

    This ball off the irons is very accurate with the Ping G700. I stuck one to 1 1/2 feet for a birdie, and how it got there I don't have a clue, as it was an uphill blind shot with the pin in the back, which I did not know. Easily the best shot ever on that green. I am also hitting the most accurate drives, and long with it.
  6. I agree, shots off the irons are great, but the accuracy off the driver is unmatched.
  7. So how far are you hitting the G710 7 iron? You have an awesome pro by the way!
  8. Played with the 700's this Sat and all I can say is wow! The clack sound is gone, and they are long. Hit some of the best iron shots ever with these, the foam is staying intact, pun intended. I am amazed that I can really hit that 5 iron with ease, shocked really. I was going places my other irons only dreamed of going. Last hole stuck it to 1 1/2 feet for my birdie. Just had a blast. These make me look better than I am. just need to hit the sweet spot more often.
  9. Geochitown, brilliant info. The bounce really stands out, 845 2.0 and 425 8.0, huge difference, and swing weight D-3 vs D-0. I think the lighter club/bounce is causing the toe hit.
  10. Whoever designed the 845's was a genius. Ditto for Ping Eye2. Some iron designs are instant classics.
  11. You left out a lot of info. Please wait for spring demo days in your area. Your dad's clubs are decent clubs, but like others have mentioned, the shafts may be too soft. I really wonder what part of your game is suffering? If you are in the 90's, you should be playing the white tees?
  12. platgof

    Maxfli Tour

    The Tour does not act like a high spin ball at all. I played a Truvis on the back nine, and a Maxfli Tour on the front. I did much better with the Tour, by 5 strokes. I know there are a lot of variables there, but the back nine is an easier course. The Truvis was not the 2020 model. That being said I plan on trying the 2020 Chrome Soft.
  13. I have not used a wedge that much in the past, but today it was a game saver. Haven't gotten used to the distance yet, but had several saves with it. I can't believe that wonderful sound it makes when struck. I am using the 80 gram graphite shaft and it is plenty stiff. The more I use it the better it gets. I had a total blind shot stuck in a gulley, and stuck it to three feet and made the par putt. I am sold on the sound. My friends were all over the place with their wedge shots, and I kept sticking them close for one putts. I can even clip this off a tight lie with no problems at all, great
  14. I did not use it on all holes, but when I did it was very good, and I am going to use this method from now on. To me my confidence goes up with this method. When someone is finishing their putt they can misjudge where the true arc is, and close the face too much resulting in a pull, and this is very common. The foot back slows the arc and gives more time for the adjustment. I found that when using this on a few holes it made my regular stance way more effective. I made some 6-8 footers today, and one for bird. If you find yourself missing left(quite common,) give it a try. Thanks Obee!
  15. I hope he had you try graphite in a stiff flex? Your 845's might have a softer flex. Toe hits are indicative of a short shaft. Too bad you couldn't have put graphite shafts in your 845's.The 845 and Ping Eye 2, are brilliant irons.
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