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  1. Well, the bacterial stomach infection is back and I am too tired for golf right now. Doc put me on Flagyl and it is knocking me out. I am hoping in two weeks I am back to somewhat normal, was I ever? I tried to get it taken care of earlier, but the previous doc did not have a clue what she was doing, and gave me a covid test, for a stomach ailment no less. She put her pride before my safety. People like this can get you killed real quick. So I caught this 4 weeks late and am paying the price. Soon they will stick a camera down my throat, can't wait for that experience.
  2. I am on another club hunt, and this time for the perfect chipping iron. I chipped with a Miura 9 iron last week that brought tears to my eyes. It had that feel that only a forged iron can deliver, and the small head easily cusped the ball and gently tossed it onto the green in such a satisfying manner unbeknownst to me. Golf orgasm, maybe, call it what you will! Please don't insult my intelligence with those clubs that are so called "chippers," what a waste of time and money that was. I will start the search by purchasing a Ping S56 9 iron, as I do have room in the bag, having both a 6 hybrid and 6 iron, and that G410 6 hybrid is going nowhere for now. I will throw rocks at anyone suggesting some fluke of a club with a super wide sole, no, go away, to the Myakka Hatchie forest with you! I will start gaming the S59 as soon as it arrives.
  3. The smaller Miura heads when used around the greens, cannot be matched by the modern, larger,(hotter) irons. It feels like a two step process with the modern clubs, but a one step operation with the Miuras. A great chipping nine iron is all business around the greens.
  4. Me thinks you think too much! Of course they will be extended, duh!
  5. This guy I was playing with has a full bag of Miuras, except his Scotty. He handed me my arse over 9 holes. So I grabbed his 9 iron and chipped a ball with it. A soft buttery shot that easily graced the green. I picked the ball off the grass like it was nothing. The feel off the face was nothing like I had ever felt before. Cheater!!!
  6. After reading reviews here for the TM Sim Max woods I picked up the 5 and 7 wood. I am wearing out that 7 wood for as bunch of shots. Long and straight never gets old. If you step on it, it delivers in a big way.
  7. This is why i joined an exercise plan that I do at home. Look up golf body rx. I do not do it every day as I don't always feel great, but do when I am feeling well. Of course I modify it for the old body.
  8. Got the new grips, Winn Dri Tac 2.0 midsize. These are the ones advertised on tv that the player is having orgasmic reactions to! I should be able to hit them next week. They look great on the G710, way to sexy for my clubs!!
  9. Only lately have I started using my sand wedge more near the greens, as I usually use the A wedge for most shots near the green. I am experimenting with using a Cleveland Smart Sole Sand Wedge for chipping. I tried their chipper and had a hard time elevating the shots, then remembered someone mentioning that the easy outs have a higher loft. Messed around with it and was quite surprised how easy it elevated the ball. So I have stuck it in the bag and will try it out as a chipper. This could be interesting.
  10. I got a set of G710 irons, and the jury is still out on these. On full shots they do the job, but are rather clunky around the greens. This reminds me why I miss the CF 16 9 iron so much.
  11. He went up on the toe because of the shorter length, but 2* was to much.
  12. If your clubs were lengthened a 1/2", then this will raise the toe as well. I am a big fan of extending clubs!!
  13. I have played both and the G710 is a lot different. The G700 showed me that I really want the G710. They are both big clubs, not compact at all. But it is so easy to hit, lots of confidence.
  14. The TM Sim Max 7 wood is one of the best clubs in the bag. I rely on it so much and it delivers. It makes the game easier, and it was not cheap, as they are very hard to find, so I paid full price for it. Worth every penny.
  15. The G710 are very long heel to toe. It dwarfs the Apex 19 by a lot. They are very forgiving irons. I found the Apex 19 when extended is better than the P790 extended.
  16. I am still on the extending the clubs fad. When I got the Apex 19's from Callaway, they felt wrong for some reason, the shafts are 50 gram super lights. So I decided to extend these to 37 3/4 (7 iron) and see what happens. The clubs were transformed into players. They are now long and straight, and I am all over the sweet spot on these. I have never seen a set of clubs transform this much from an extension. I was able to blow the old grips off, so it was just epoxy and extensions for the cost. I was going to get rid of them, but not now.
  17. After extending the P790 irons they played a lot better than before. I actually enjoyed them and could play these. The real shocker was extending the Apex 19 irons to 37 3/4"(7 iron,) the difference was on another planet. I am now keeping them as they feel great. If I had extended these before buying the G710, not sure I would have bought the G710. The Apex have that buttery feel and are plenty long.
  18. You probably play seniors and take their prescription money?
  19. I want to clarify that being all over the toe is not the same as before when I was hitting it thin also. The contact point has moved up in the face of the club, and I am fine tuning it now with the grip weight. I put the lighter grips on two clubs to test today, the PW and 8 iron, and both did very well for me. The extra length on the Apex 19 was a great success, and the shots are on the sweet spot of the face. But I want to fine tune the Ping G710 irons as they are very forgiving. Seven iron is 37 3/4 for both sets.
  20. Played Nashville National today and shot 38, and 42. I wanted so bad to break 80, and need to quit thinking about it all the time as it gets quite frustrating. I was not feeling sick like last week when I shot 93. I really don't know how I played that day, and it took awhile to recover as well. Three birdies felt great! Backed up a sand wedge for one of them, awesome!!
  21. If my wife played and was somewhat better, I am sure she would understand playing the back tees!
  22. I also want to add that since lengthening my sand wedge, it is now a club I can trust. It is also graphite shafted.
  23. Another round of 80 golf, this time at Nashville nationals playing the whites. For some reason I fall apart on the back nine, but this time I did birdie the last hole to card an 80. Shot 38 on the front and 42 on the back. I also had three birdies as well, but the doubles, arghhhhh! So close! But the irons and putter were doing great. I did back one up with a sand wedge for one of the birdies. that felt great!
  24. Yes you can feel the difference, and it does make a difference in how the club feels, as in lighter grips make the head feel heavier. Please feel free to add something positive to the discussion. So if it matters not, why are putters back weighted?
  25. I was fitted for the Ping old Yellow, now Blue. I asked the Pro to go with Black since I would lengthen it a 1/2". I never thought something as simple as the grip weight could factor into this. I hit the Callaway Apex 19 dead on the money after the extension, and they already have the Winn grips, so the grips are now the only difference other than shaft weights, the Apex shaftsare lighter by a lot, 50 grams.
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