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  1. As some of you may be aware, while not officially approved, some have been successfully using GSPro software with the R10. Those that are using it are extremely happy with the way it works, the continuing increase in courses available and the regular enhancements and improvements being made to GSPro. Another benefit is that the platform for it is via a PC computer for those not wanting to purchase or use an Apple, iOS based platform. This has prompted me to send the following message to Garmin-Rob at the Garmin website via the Garmin website forums for the R10 and I suggest that others that are interested in seeing this become official do the same. While the ability to use GSPro with the R10 has not been officially approved, there has been a workaround created to accomplish this. Those that have utilized the workaround and are playing GSPro with it are overwhelmingly excited about it. Some are even saying that the algorithms may in fact be improved as well with this. In that this also has an advantage of being a very favorable link for using a PC computer in addition to the above, I truly believe it is time that Garmin stepped up and made it an officially acceptable option. This would prove to be a true win - win for both those owning or looking to purchase a Garmin R10 and Garmin itself. Kindly do what you can to include an official option for access to GSPro. It will be an amazing software enhancement to the R10 simulator.
  2. For those interested in integrating GSPro with the R10, there is a group on Discord that pretty much has a programming setup that will accomplish it using Windows based computers. If you go to Discord and search for the SGT SimulatorGolfTour and the R10 you can find updates on it. For those unfamiliar with GSPro, it has incredible graphics and is constantly being updated. It is considerably more reasonably priced and the course list and options are constantly growing. Check them out if interested by doing an internet search for GSPro. Additionally, there is someone there that is also talking about having something put together for the R10 and other sims to integrate pretty accurate putting by around the first of the year. Appears that he has it pretty far along and it should be fairly inexpensive. Just wanting to enlighten those interested in some great options to the forefront.
  3. FWIW, some of us on FB are trying to get a way to tie the Approach R10 with GSPro as an alternative option. Could prove to be a nice option, particularly for those that don't care to use iOS based iPhone or iPad for sim play. If you are interested check out the FB posts for the R10 and for the SGT Golf Sim group.
  4. I am not understanding as every time I go on the Garmin Express site, it shows my R10 is up to date with v 3.3. Am I missing something since I just checked a few minutes ago and still shows the same. No mention of a version 3.4 for me.
  5. Nioprete, if you have not yet returned your unit, could you kindly note your serial number and post it so others of us might be able to use it as a guide relative to other units with the old hardware issue? Thanks
  6. I recognize that some of us are having a difficult time with our distances per the R10. This is an off the wall thought, is it possible that some of us that hit more down on the ball rather than sweeping the ball are having an issue due to the turf we are hitting from grabbing the clubhead at impact and thus slowing everything down?
  7. There is another one that is in process but will be a fixed unit. It appears to have been delayed by a Covid issue involving one of its developers but the company is called Bullseye and pricing is $3500 and $5500 if I remember correctly and utilizes four 4K cameras. If they can pull it off, I think it could well be a contender. https://www.bullseyegolfsims.com/bullseye-lm/
  8. I downloaded it from the Garmin site and downloaded it to my MacBook. Then I plugged the R10 into my Mac to update the firmware. I believe Garmin Express offered several options for install but can't remember for sure.
  9. While that sounds good from an indoor perspective, I am afraid that pointing a laser for range use or even those with outdoor setups into nets will have issues seeing the laser during daylight hours. If you take a good straight yardstick or piece of metal at least 4 ft long, it can be used to accurately place the front feet of the R10 for center. Then go to a calculator online for triangles to see how far behind the ball you want the R10 to be and use the calculator for 2 lengths of string that are the exact same length for the sides you need for placement. Attach one end of each piece of the string to the outer edges of the yardstick and perhaps have loops at the other ends that go through a golf tee. Set the tee at the location of where you want to place the ball and pull the yardstick back so both strings are equally stretched. Then place the R10 front legs centered on the yardstick. My bigger concern is relative to just how sensitive the unit is for placement. With it being that sensitive, can you really place the ball one foot to either side of the line or in reality do you have to be much more careful about the ball placement?
  10. I now have my R10 and in the Garmin app that I downloaded to my iPhone it provides for input of average and maximum club distances and then if you arrow over, it allows for editing the club type, loft, shaft flex and shaft length. I wonder how many of those reviewing have input this info for their clubs and yardage info and if it might actually make a difference in how the R10 is reading the info. It is located under more dots at the bottom then under My Bag.
  11. In the settings there is input available through My Bag that can be set with average and maximum distances for each club. Why would that be available if it isn't going to be used.
  12. I don't have my R10 yet as it is arriving tomorrow but, relative to leveling, if it will sit on top of the R10, an iPhone has an app that actually includes a digital bubble style level. Go to your pre installed measure app and at the bottom of that it shows up and is incredibly sensitive and accurate.
  13. I had submitted a post at the Garmin Forum asking if GSPro might be able to be an option and a day or two later there was a message from someone with Garmin to forward a follow-up message to him and he would submit my request to the Developer department.
  14. Make your own platform for the R10 easily. Get an inexpensive cutting board from Walmart HDPE plastic. Go to Lowes or another source. The ones I saw at Lowes are Scotch leveling pads a pack of 4 for 3.98 and a small cross check level, another few dollars. Drill 4 holes in the corners of the cutting board for the leveling pads and insert them and then attach the cross check level in the center of the board. Then mark the Garmin tripod spots centered on the cutting board and maybe partially drill a small indentation at the three points where they meet the cutting board so you can easily place the unit in the same spot. You just turn the leveling pads up or down until the unit is level indoors or out. If you wanted, you could also attach one or two collapsing antennas or similar at each side and extend them out to align the board if you wanted or get really fancy and glue a push button laser at the center to align it, provided the laser is bright enough. If I were moving it around, it is what I would do rather than wait for someone else to mass produce something and charge about $50 or more.
  15. My PlayBetter order just shipped. My order was a little after 12 noon EST on 7/7.
  16. Many are arguing about this unit going up against the Garmin Approach R10 and where Bushnell will price it. Think about this one. Garmin does not have putting and has already established that their subscription for Home Tee Hero for the R10 is $10 a month. No one is balking about that and the only issue many have with not purchasing it is the quality of what it can do. Now think about how many Optishot units have been sold over the years to all of the golfers that have wanted a sim and could not afford anything of higher quality. Enter Bushnell with a unit based on Foresight technology, something that every golfer that ever purchased an Optishot or drooled over a professional quality simulator. Bushnell offers a unit that provides quality data and prices it at $1,000, a price that the masses would just go crazy over with a subscription fee of say $25 a month with a discount for paying it annually. The masses can still afford that subscription fee, kinda like a mini golf club membership. At 50K units sold, and I am betting that would be conservative, Bushnell would be generating A CONTINUING REVENUE STREAM OF $1,250,000 MONTHLY! How long do you think it would take them to be ahead of the financial curve on that? And, how many of you would happily pay $1,000 up front for a unit of this quality with a subscription fee of $25 a month? My guess is they would have over 100,000 units sold or ordered within the first 60 to 90 days. That, my fellow golfers, will provide them with a revenue stream of $2.5 million monthly. More than enough to hire a support staff for a small call center.
  17. I sent an email to GSPro over the weekend about linking up with the Garmin Approach R10 and just received a response back from them saying that GSPro did reach out to Garmin but they have not heard back. I think it would be worthwhile if we, as purchasers and prospective purchasers of the R10 would contact Garmin and suggest an open link to make GSPro available. Perhaps if enough of us do it, it might tip the scales a little in favor of Garmin looking into it.
  18. I agree with you Copacetic. Especially when they can also attach an annual fee or two to it for use and perhaps the second one for golf simulator course software. The annual recurring revenue for even 250k to 500k units would be significant to their bottom line.
  19. [quote name='Robbky40' timestamp='1323196339' post='3900115'] I just picked up the Optishot after much research and discussions with two different stores and the company. I was looking for a setting to practice and keep my swing intact through the winter. last year I took a 5 month break and it was a terrible experience going back in April. really do not want to do that again. I mostly have worked with the driving range program which is what I wanted out of this anyway. Even the $10,000 to $50,000 have limits if you truly want to feel like you are playing a round of golf. I do not care about that as much as the statistics being fairly accurate. Here is what I have found out already. If you want this unit to be as accurate as possible you must tweak the settings and be fanatical about your lighting. I took the website advice and set up my own set of clubs with correct lofts. This helps. I did not change the face angle as my clubs are all neutral but you can if needed. On the lighting I try to keep the sensor pad under the light to keep my shadow away from the unit. This helps as well. Finally i try to keep the ball in the center of the pad to promote a good reading as well. I also have a swing radar behind the pad which keeps my SS in check. Most of the time it is close to the optishot but sometimes it can be off as much as 10 mph. I always go with the radar if there is a difference. If you want a unit to give you feedback on ball flight and distance then I believe this is a great tool to keep your swing in check and have fun in the winter. If you want a launch monitor to dial in every bit of info available then you need to pass. For me this unit does what I need it to do. I can aim at flags on the driving range and go at it. It is not perfect but it is way better than some of the user feedback that i see. But you must take the time to tweak the unit to get its max potential. For $428 out the door it is a great deal. Oh it is also helpful to analyze your putting stroke to check path. Again am pleased but some of you may be looking for a lot more out of indoor golf. [/quote] Great info relative to tweaking. I do have to agree with what you are saying. A couple of key thoughts relative to keeping costs down. There are a lot of used and new 720p projectors out there and you don't have to spend the extra for a top of the line projector. Also, there are some reasonably priced options, including diy, for impact screens. Many of us already have a computer that will handle the processing needed for the sim and may only need to upgrade the video card, if that. Several of the higher priced sims are dropping in price and, while the Dancin Dogg Optishot is a great starter unit, there are some significantly better units that can be had at the next price level starting just under $2k. These are smaller companies and with the economy, it does not hurt to ask for a price lower than shown - you might be surprised at what you can get. Another big key is to build a stance platform out of 2x4 and plywood then do what you need to raise the sim to that level by shimming. You also need to take measures to keep the sim from moving when you hit down on it. With these measures, even if you upgrade sims, you should be able to continue using the rest of your setup. Want or need more info, just pm me.
  20. [quote name='goatbarn' timestamp='1322595504' post='3867205'] West Coast Netting has some great cheap options. Below is what I have....professional grade, I hit real balls with it with every club in the bag driver (160ish BS) through Lob Wedge, and its pure white and recieves a pretty good image as well. My setup was shipped to my house for around $90. Couldn't be happier. [url="https://westcoastnetting.com/viewproduct.cfm?id=242"]https://westcoastnet...duct.cfm?id=242[/url] is what I have. [/quote] Interesting option, particularly if it shows a reasonable image as you say. At that price, it is a great inexpensive way of making sure that you will use the setup and a lot easier than stitching something up on your own.
  21. [quote name='that0neguy' timestamp='1322581788' post='3866223'] Can you share which type of Cordura nylon you use? I see this huge list: [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/aft-fabric.html"]CORDURA® AFT Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/ballistic-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/baselayer-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Baselayer Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/classic-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Classic Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/color-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Colorlock Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/denim-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Denim Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/duck-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Duck Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/ecomade-fabric.html"]CORDURA® EcoMade Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/hp-fabric.html"]CORDURA® HP Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/lite-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Lite Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/naturalle-fabric.html"]CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/nyco-fr-fabric.html"]CORDURA® NYCO FR Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/nyco-fabric.html"]CORDURA® NYCO Fabric [/url][/color][/size][/b] [size="1"][color="#000000"] [/color][/size] [b][size="1"][color="#000000"][url="http://www.cordura.com/en/fabric/ultralite-fabric.html"]CORDURA® UltraLite Fabric[/url][/color][/size][/b] Also, can you PM the $400 screen? Appreciate it Jagmanjoe [/quote] The Cordura Ballistic Nylon 1050 Denier is what I understand to be the proper one. I however found a source for an inexpensive 600 Denier Cordura that I had stitched together (so it has a seam in the middle) and have furniture moving blankets hanging directly behind it. I would not trust the 600 without the moving blankets behind it. Since then, I have seen many positive comments about Cory at par2pro.com with his high quality raw material. It is not cheap but from what I understand it holds up extremely well and does not require seaming as it is over 10 ft. long and is purchased by the linear foot.
  22. I actually make an aftermarket soft shell with turf options for the Dancin' Dogg. I also worked briefly with Martin (golfsimfactory.com) and produce a housing for that unit. There are other options out there as well at prices that are dropping constantly. For an introductory setup to get your feet wet so to speak, the Dancin' Dogg is a great option that is not too expensive. I would recommend spending a few extra dollars on an impact screen as opposed to a golf net - much better overall experience and used projectors that do 720 resolution are cheap as most people want the latest and greatest 1080p. If you really want to go an inexpensive screen route, there is material out there that can be fabricated for as little as $100 but be careful as a golf ball can do serious damage if it goes through an improperly built screen setup. The primary fabric that is used is a Cordura (a type of nylon) that can be stitched and grommeted around the top and sides. The bottom should be weighted to some degree but not too tight as you don't want the ball bouncing back - you want it to hit and drop down. There is a screen material that can be purchased in raw form which is specifically designed for hitting a golf ball into at a little higher price and simply grommeted. If you want info on that pm me and I can provide that info - no I do not sell that and a proper size will run about $400. No big deal to put the grommets in but it should be done properly. The frame can be fashioned out of metal conduit and pre welded corners that are readily available at a reasonable price. With the proper screen initially, you are hitting into a great surface, getting a lot of experience and, if you decide to step up to one of Martin's sims or another of the more expensive one, already have the screen and projector. If you have an adequate computer in hand and the room (garage, basement, etc with enough ceiling height), there is no reason a simple projection setup can not be done for under $1,000 including the Dancin' Dogg. If anyone wants more direction on this, just let me know.
  23. [size="3"]As far as I am concerned, Thrillhouse, anyone with any sense would print your thoughts out on a card, laminate it and put it in their wallet as a pocket reference! The only thing I might consider adding would be for those that have more than one driver and 6 iron (probably more of us have those old clubs in our closet than would care to admit) and at least try your basic process of taping - more if a sim is available to us - just to see how far off base we have probably been over the years. Now for the sequel, can you provide your thoughts on the more generalized ideals relative to launch angle, spin, rollout, or any other key numbers we should be looking at in priority - or is that asking too much (perhaps would vary from player to player). [/size]
  24. [quote name='Redman' timestamp='1320463443' post='3761609'] How about Optishot. See it advertised a lot and they say it's the price of a new driver. Anyone have experience with it. Is it accurate? Looks good on TV but that is TV after all. [/quote] Optishot and P3Proswing both have considerably less sensors and are accordingly less accurate. For a very basic starting point they are an option. Also, from what I have seen, considering the price difference the Optishot is a better buy. Keep in mind that neither of these units have very much in the way of upgradability. One major downfall to these units is the surface you are hitting off is not forgiving ( almost like hitting off hardpan or concrete and can cause injuries to wrists, hands, etc if one is not careful ) but there are accessories that can be purchased to help. Actually, if all goes properly, I will be coming to market in the next week or so with a combination housing base and hitting turf that will be a significant improvement for the Optishot. My housing will absorb a lot of the impact from the golf club hitting the mat and provide a couple of more comfortable and realistic turf options. If it sells reasonably then I will also be offering one for the P3Proswing within a few weeks.
  25. I would suggest you check the Ottawagolf.com site. They have several recent threads on simulators for under $5K and under $2500. For starting out, upgrading from the P3Proswing or Optishot Dancin Dogg, the next step would be along the lines of the GSA PX2 or Protee. The price factor is a wide variable depending on what you have already and what you want. If you can use your existing computer, it saves you money ( a reasonably fast processor and a video card with at least 1 gig of on board memory are important ). Also, are you planning to hit into a net or do you want to hit into a screen where the image is projected - that can change the cost considerably, even within the screen used and projector for that. There are inexpensive ways to go with all of this that will be adequate for starting out for many people or more expensive ways. Also, there is a lot of talk about the way the spin of the golf ball is measured by some of these units. Personally, if you want to use the practice range feature on these more and not as interested in the golf courses, depending on how good you are, the basic PX2 type would be a good way to start without the cameras that detect launch angle, etc as they add considerable initial expense and can be added later. The basic mat provides a lot of information relative to the face angle, swing speed, ball speed, etc. I would try that first and then look into setting up separate cameras to look at your swing itself before the launch angle type add on cameras. As to that Sportscent link, Foregolf and FullSwing just announced yesterday that they were merging. I don't know about what the site is showing but what it has to offer will probably be changing and I sure would not want to invest thousands of dollars into something that is about to be discontinued. Where do I get my knowledge from, I am newly involved in accessories for some of these setups. I would be happy to help and offer suggestions in any way I can. Also, right now these companies are hurting from slow sales and are striking deals directly with individuals at prices significantly lower than their advertised ones. Once you decide on what you are really interested in, be sure you are comparing apples to apples and call the companies to see just what kind of a deal they are willing to strike with you. Oh, and if you have some handy abilities, you can save quite a bit. I know that the GSA - Golfsimfactory sells its circuit board and software separately where you can build your own base for it and mount it - not nearly as difficult as it sounds and, I have some prototype base housings that I would sell very reasonably as I have been designing some for them. I would also be happy to provide assistance relative to ways to set things up on a lower cost basis - just providing info for free to help anyone interested. With that particular base unit, other add ons including the launch angle camera, golf courses, etc are available through them. My business is geared more toward hitting surfaces for the less expensive golf simulators like the Dancin Dogg. But, with all the research I have done, my knowledge gets into the more expensive units as well. If you are willing to sacrifice the picture perfect looking setup and start with a perfectly adequate setup, in my view, you can save a lot (it can be done for under $3,000 with a good initial unit that you can add on to). I will be happy to walk you through what I have learned and set up in my garage area. If you want a showcase setup right out of the box, so to speak, that is great as well but just be prepared to spend $7,000 to $10,000 or more.
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