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  1. Only one item today. I have a Vessel gift card worth $337.50. It is a code to use at checkout and I have blacked out the code. I can either email or send a PM with the code once I receive payment in PayPal. I'm looking to get $260 for it. A great way to get a good bag while saving a good amount.
  2. I have a couple items up for grabs today. Everything is OBRO and no trade offers please! I will ship either UPS or FedEx and I am open for combining items to save on shipping. I'm always open for negotiations so shoot me a PM and maybe we can work out a deal. First up is a Ventus Velocore Black 8x. It has a TM tip and was in a Sim 3 wood. It measures 42" tip to butt end of grip and is gripped with a Limited MCC Align red/white/blue grip with 2 wraps of tape. The grip is basically brand new and is aligned with one click lower on the adapter (graphics are aligned with standard)
  3. I’m assuming you mean Prairie View in Carmel? The Fort, Bear Slide, and Purgatory are all excellent (I would rank them in that order). Wood Wind is so-so and I have always thought Plum Creek was way overrated and overpriced but that’s just me. I wouldn’t sweat missing out on the Brickyard either. It’s a cool venue but it’s not that great, especially since they jacked their daily rates up to $130 to keep the number of rounds down.
  4. So....since our Masters Trip has to be rescheduled for the third time in a year, a group of 4 of us are heading down from Indy to the Tampa area. One of our guys has a condo in Lakewood. We have heard awesome things about the Commander Course and there is a new one there as well...Piper I believe. Anyone played either or both of these? We are also planning on playing one of the Streamsong courses since it’s not far of a drive. It’s basically a quick 4 day trip but looking to get as much golf in as possible. We are going to be down there mid May if that helps. I think we are leaning
  5. I have quite a few items up for grabs. As always, I ship quickly (usually within 24 hours of PayPal payment) and I'm up for negotiations so everything is OBRO. Just shoot me a PM and maybe we can come to an agreement on a deal. I will ship everything either FedEx or UPS CONUS. NO TRADES PLESE. If someone wants multiple items, I'm up for combining them to save you and me money. Anyways, on to the goodies... First is a TM SIM 10.5*. It is completely stock with the HZRDUS Green 70 6.5. It has been hit only a few times inside and decided to go a different route. Looking to get
  6. I have always loved PX minus elbow issues. Went to C Taper, Nippon 130, Tour Issue x100 and was never happy. Immediately had PX LS 6.5 put in once they were released last year and have not had one bit of elbow pain. So glad I went to those. And the left dash is unbeatable for me at least. Nothing is even close to the all around performance I get with it.
  7. Good question for Rickie as well. I think these guys get so focused on trackman numbers and analytics instead of just using what works (don't even get me started on baseball and analytics). Maybe its an elbow pain thing (which is very reasonable) but Rickie switched shafts after changing the ball and his game has not recovered since. Not saying the TP5x is a bad ball by any means (because its not) but these guys are so good that any minimal change may make a huge difference. I'm barely a + handicap and am nowhere in their league but when I switched to PX LS shafts last year it was a huge d
  8. It probably would. I would say hot water with a sponge and dish soap would do the trick. The material is pretty good about being able to be cleaned.
  9. I have a few items up for grabs today. As always, I ship quickly after payment is received (usually within 24 hours). I will ship everything via FedEx or UPS. USPS is awful and I don't trust them with anything anymore. If a buyer wants to combine items, that is most certainly OK and would actually be greatly appreciated. Everything is OBRO as always so just shoot me a PM and maybe we can negotiate a fair deal. NO TRADE OFFERS PLEASE...I already have way too much laying around. Anyways, on to the goods. First is a Cobra Speedzone Pars and Stripes 9*. I currently have two 6 g
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