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  1. Most courses close for overseeding on a Monday. You don't want to play a course on the Sunday before they close because courses usually start drying out and scalping a few days before they close. The preceding Sunday is the last weekend day to play before overseeding and most courses at that point will be in great shape and prices low. After overseeding, the more time the better. 2 weeks is not enough time. 4 weeks isn't too bad but greens will still be slow and it'll be cart path only to around 6 weeks, depends on the weather. Conditions will be soggy. Prices will be up. Good time to play walking courses.
  2. I played AGR 8/29. It was fine. It's flat. Some quirks. Greens were good. Sand was ok the one time I was in it. Easy walk but some street crossings. Lots of mature trees. IIRC their overseed dates weren't on the AGA list. Might want to check that.
  3. I've worn a wide brim hat and sun sleeves for many years and use metal oxide sunscreen and still had to have squamous cut off my nose a couple of years ago. In the last 6 weeks I've added SParms sun gloves and Castelli sun leggings when I wear shorts. I wear long pants when it's cool out. I also pop my collar. I am big on avoiding the sun. I went with the gloves because since I wear sleeves my hands were a lot darker than my arms, especially my right hand. That worried me. Now I only have to re-apply sunscreen during a round on my fingers and I redo my nose and lower face. I played Cholla in the afternoon with all my gear on a couple of weeks ago when it was 113 degrees. Shot my best score yet there, 78.
  4. I had the shanks bad for years, up to 10 per round, and now I rarely shank. I agree with the comment on weight distribution. I used to have my weight too far toward my toes. Now I center my weight in my arches. For me, the balls of my feet was still too far forward. The other key for me was to concentrate my physical effort during my swing on being at the impact point and through to the target. Before, I was putting too much effort into the swing from the top of the backswing, which I think was causing the club to be thrown out too far too soon. My thought now is to simply unwind from the top and begin amplifying effort at about P6. It's also important to get fully deep in the backswing and not be too quick in transition. Good luck. For me, there was nothing more soul crushing than being a frequent shanker.
  5. I use a tile grout brush from Home Depot. Cut off the handle and drilled a hole in it. The brush is attached to my bag's towel loop with a Keyback retractor. Keyback is far higher quality than any prepackaged brush/retractor I've seen, and the grout brush is also far more stiff and durable than anything I've seen that's made for golf. Yes, I'm a dork.
  6. I wear Pearl Izumi sleeves in sunny AZ. Love them. I get a new pair every year. I also wear them mountain biking. The lower key logo on the new ones is nice. I use Ti/Zn oxide sunscreen on my face, neck, and the top of my hands and wear a wide brim bucket, Nike currently, but my fav is my older Ping boonie. I use chem sunscreen on my legs. I re-up my sunscreens at the turn using only my left hand to rub it in since that hand is gloved for full swings. I carry a wet washcloth to keep clubs and ball clean and use it to clean my hand and dry it on my towel after re-applying. I had squamous cut off my nose a couple of years ago even though I'd been assiduously avoiding sun exposure for more than 10 years before that showed up. Fashion be damned. I'd much rather wear a big a** bucket than have the awful looking white forehead tan, not to mention the cancer.
  7. Yes, this already happened. I was in the area Sun Sept 15th and played Pinon Hills. I enjoyed PH quite a lot. Conditions were great. Greens held shots, putted fast and rolled well. Fairways and periphery in great shape. Sand was good. I liked the layout quite a lot; reasonably wide off the tee, and enough room around greens so that slight approach misses aren't severely penalized. $25 green fee. Teed off at 3:15. Got around in 3 hrs 15 mins taking my time and playing practice balls here and there. Course was empty in front of me until I caught up to a foursome on the 17th hole. Behind me I could see that several groups took advantage of the twilight green fees. The other courses I played were Cochiti and Black Mesa. This was my third round on Cochiti. I like Cochiti quite a lot, the greens and fairways were plush (soggy in places, played after a rain shower), but the rough was brutal. Like you could drop a ball and literally not see it. I lost 4 balls that weren't very far off of the fairway, but were hidden in the rough, and hitting out of the rough was difficult at best. Greens were super fast and held shots well. Black Mesa was also in great shape and had fast greens, and didn't have the brutal rough. However BM is a tough track. 130 slope from the 6277 yd white tees. I enjoyed playing BM, but it was not a good day for scoring. I lost 4 balls at BM, but that was due to mis-hits into the sticks.
  8. > @OspreyCI said: > Anyone play Raven lately? Condition? Got a tee time with a friend Sunday morning. Played Raven yesterday. Course in nice shape. Lots of nice fairway lies. Tee boxes all nice. Greens received shots well and speed was good, sandy underneath but didn't show on top. Sand was thin but playable with low bounce 60 deg. An aside, this was my first time playing Raven. I generally prefer to walk, and I walked it. Not a good walking course.
  9. Good to hear. Thanks! PH is a bit less driving. I'll probably play there.
  10. Thanks. I don't think I can get on Glacier.
  11. I've golfed Silver Creek. I liked it. I was thinking of driving 4-5 hours, playing, then maybe driving to the Gallup area to spend the night, then driving to the Valley the next day. But Silver Creek is an option if I drive that far and golf the next morning. Or I suppose I could make it to SC in time to get in a twilight round ($). Although, while four hours of driving is not conducive to good scoring, SC would be 8+. But whatayagonna do? Good thought. Thanks!
  12. Next month I will be traveling from lower central CO (Salida) to Phx, and I'm looking to play a round on the way. Looks like my best options will be either Conquistador in Cortez, CO or Pinon Hills in Farmington, NM. Maybe Hillcrest in Durango? Anyone have any insight as to which of those is a better choice? Or any other suggestions? Seeking to keep the green fee under $60. On the way up I intend to play Cochiti and Black Mesa. I've played The Hideout in Monticello, UT many times.
  13. I played BC Sunday. Course is in fine shape. Lots of nice lies in fairways and greenside. Greens were very nice. I was only in one bunker, the large one in the landing zone on #10. That one had about an inch of fluffy sand over a hardpan base. I picked it clean, but it would have been tricky if greenside. We were delayed 45 mins due to frost, teed off at noon. Got around in 4 hours.
  14. I do a golf/mtn bike trip every May from Phx to Moab and back. On the way up on Thu we typically golf at Prescott Valley CC, but we've also done Sedona Golf Resort and Oak Creek CC. PVCC is less expensive and a fun/good course. SGR is $ and has great Sedona Views. OCCC is fine; a little less expensive than SGR, but I like SGR better. We don't stop in Sedona because we keep the trip pretty short, but there's definitely a solid couple of days of spectacular trail riding in Sedona; no downhill/all mountain per se. After golf we motor to Mexican Hat in Utah and spend the night. MH Lodge is pretty classic with a patio where they grill steaks. There's a stage by the patio where they sometimes have live music. Fri morning we get up early, eat at the Peace Tree in Monticello, UT and then drive to Moab to play the Moab GC. Moab GC is great. The back nine is a tad bland, but the front climbs through the red rocks and has incredible views. Course quality is great. About $50. Fri afternoon we ride somewhere. Mostly it's been Slickrock Trail, but there are a lot of options in Moab. Saturday we shuttle Porcupine Rim. Lots of commercial shuttles in Moab. We go in May because the mountain has a chance of being open up to Hazard County while not being too hot in Moab. Most people start at Hazard if they can. Burro Pass is higher up for a longer ride, but it is never open in May. At the worst the shuttles will be able to get up to Jimmy Keen where you can either take that to add miles or go more directly to the nectar that is the Upper Porcupine Singletrack, so much fun. Starting at Hazard takes us about 4-5 hours to come down from 8500 ft to 4500 ft in Moab, but we don't race down, lots of pics and going back to re-hit jumps or difficult sections. Bring a lunch, there's an overlook about half way down where a lot of people stop. We ride the road back to Moab from the bottom of the trail, takes about 30 minutes. Btw, if you go more in a summer time frame, the temps at the bottom can get very hot. FYI, you want at least 5 inches of travel to enjoy Porc Rim. Not a bad idea to rent a burly 29er. Double Down bike shop has nice Canfields and they're open later than the other shops so returning the bike is less of a worry. We do this trip with a large group (my buddy and I are the only golfers) that rents out a condo complex, so I don't have Moab hotel info, but there are a lot of hotels in Moab. I've heard good things about the Adventure Inn for a budget option. No memorable restaurants in Moab, but there are plenty. The Moab Peace Tree isn't as good as the one in Monticello. One tasty and interesting option is The Atomic, which has game meats and burgers topped with duck bacon, but it is pricey. Sunday we leave Moab early and eat at the Peace Tree in Monticello again. Then we golf in Monticello at The Hideout, which is a spectacular course. Monticello is about 7900 ft. The Hideout has 18 signature holes. Not an easy course, and one that you'll want to play a second time because there are quite a lot of mysteries from the tee boxes. Difficult course, but one of my favorites. Green fee is about $50. We're cheap and we work on the ensuing Monday, so from Monticello we motor back to Phx, about an 8 hour drive. But you could extend the golf and biking by heading over to Cortez to ride Phil's World and play El Conquistador. Or Fruita is pretty close to Moab for more trail riding. I've also read good reports about the Pinon Hills course in Farmington, NM and the riding near Gallup, NM. Or we've gone as far out of the way as Salida, CO (great town with rafting on the Arkansas river right through town) to ride Monarch Crest (awesome trail at 12k ft so not open until late summer, we self shuttle, but there is a shuttle out of Poncha Springs), then loop back down through Santa Fe to play Cochiti (awesome). I haven't ridden in Santa Fe, so no beta on that, but there are trails. Flagstaff is another option coming or going that has outstanding riding. I've never golfed at the one public course that they have, but I have golfed about 30 mins to the west in Williams at Elephant Rocks, which is a good course, although not spectacular. Of course, if you were to fly into Phx to start, there are over 100 golf courses to choose from. May-June is when the prices come down. And there is a lot of good riding in Phoenix. The National Trail on South Mountain is pretty much the highlight, but it can be a bit crowded with hikers on weekends. I live in the East Valley, so I mostly ride Hawes and Gold Canyon, which are great rides, but National is more of a destination ride.
  15. I have most of the boy scout gear and whatnot listed in my bag, excepting the gun and tobacco stuff. My knife/multi-tool is mainly there for the file for when I chunk up a club hitting out of the rocks. Fingernail clippers. One thing I didn't see mentioned is an eyeliner pencil sharpener; sharpens to the same angle as golf pencils. The one in the following link is great; German made. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004F82BKU?keywords=eyeliner%20pencil%20s
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