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  1. FOR SALE PXG 0311T Gen 3 Irons / Iron Set 5 to PW with Project X 6.5 Iron Shafts - Taylormade Sim 10.5 Driver Head - VA Composites Nemesys 65 Four Stiff Shaft- Diamana ZF 80 TX Fairway Shaft - Aldila Rogue 130 70 S Driver Shaft with Arccos - Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue 70 6.5 - Tour Issue Fujikura Speeder TR 757 X - Cobra F9 3 Wood 13.5 fairway Head SOLD Taylormade Sim Ti 3 Wood Fairway Head Taylormade Sim Max 10.5 Driver Head Clearing out some extras I have accumulated. I am looking to sell or trade. Below is a list of i
  2. If you have the sim 2, I believe it comes with a 16 gram weight. You could swap a sim 2 max weight, which I believe is 24 grams. Doing that might mean it spins a bit more though since the weight is in the back? I'm pretty sure you can buy the weights on eBay right now. Only the stock 16 and 24 gram though. I expect we'll get a wider range and heavier weights before too long hopefully I'm the same way, I cut my shafts. Usually down so they play 43.5 to 44 inches. I might end up doing hot melt, but I'll probably experiment with lead tape or 24 gram weight in my SIM2 for now.
  3. I'm looking into reviews on these and trying to catch up on this thread, but is there a general consensus on the sim 2 vs sim max 2 and how they compare to last years? Are they simply the newer version of last year's drivers? Anything I should know? I played both the sim and sim max at some point last year. While I prefer the flight of the sim, the max was a little bit more forgiving which I liked.
  4. Scotty and Tour issue sim ti are sold! I need to catch up on messages, but Im watching my kids, but I'll check them in the order I received them.
  5. Tour Issue Taylormade Sim Ti 15 Degree Fairway 3 Wood Head - Sim 10.5 Driver Head with Headcover - Sim Max 15 Degree 3 Fairway Wood w/ Ventus Velocore Blue 7X - Ping G410 LST 10.5 Degree Driver Head - Ventus Velocore 6S Driver Shaft - Accra RPG 462 M5 + Driver Shaft (shorter than stock) - Tour Issue Speeder TR 757 X - Scotty Cameron TEI3 Sight Dot - Machine VMG I'm open to trades, but I prefer cash. Trades I'm mostly interested in.... Titleist Vokey SM7 Raw 52 Titleist Vokey SM8 Raw 52 and 56 Titleist Vokey Raw Low Bounce K Grind 60 PXG Prototype Driver
  6. If I buy something on Friday, I assume it will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday, possibly even Wednesday in certain circumstances. Obviously, he should respond to your messages though. Unless you specified a time you needed it shipped by and the seller agreed, I don't see this as too big of an issue. Him shipping it on Friday or Saturday would have been bonus. Just my 02
  7. I've found a few pairs of Nike react, white / blue. Think size was 9.5 and 10.5. The 9.5 were way cheaper. I'm on the lookout for 11.5 or 12, but so far nothing. I'm always looking for blade collar shirts as well, but my store doesn't seem to get those. Some nice half zips/full zips though.
  8. I started a thread exactly like this a while back. I agree, it's nice to be able to see asking price on the BST, it helps me price my items (I also check ebay and Facebook) After I sell an item, I just add "SOLD" in front of and behind the price like this.... SOLD $100 SOLD. Takes the same amount of effort to do this as it does to remove asking price. Plus it might help other members. Once or twice a year someone will message about one of my items that has been sold, but it's really not a hassle.....
  9. I shipped a tp7hd back in the day and purchased $500 worth of insurance. The shaft and box were smashed apart during transit, buyer sent me pictures showing how much they mangled it. I submitted a claim, it was denied because they didn't believe the shaft was worth that much. They didn't send me a single cent. I sent them proof that it retailed for $1,000. Still denied. I found a usps consumer advocate (or something similar) they sent me a ton of paper work, the person helping me was very kind, but even mentioned it might not help. It's very possible it might have worked out, but at the time I
  10. My concern is that my measurement from tip to ring was 2/16 longer than an new uncut/untipped shaft should be. It's certainly possible that this shaft is real, and just a deviation from manufacturing tolerances. I should know for sure when I pull the grip and give that serial info to Bill. I will be sending him better pictures as well. Worst case scenario, I'll even send it in to him to confirm if it's real or fake. I am reassured that it looks good to you. I don't seem to have an eye for spotting differences in these Tour AD shafts.
  11. So back in January I purchased a Ping driver with AD TP 6s. I was measuring the AD TP today to determine tipping, and found 24 12/16 from the tip to the first ring. From what I read online, and from an email with Bill from Pro Choice, it is supposed to be 24 10/16 from tip to first ring. Based on that, it would see, that the shaft might be a fake / counterfeit. I will attach some admittedly poor photos. I will get better photos later, and pull the grip to check for etched serial (what Bill recommended) He mentioned their tolerances should be within 1/16 from shaft to shaft. Mine is 2/16 off.
  12. Anyone on here order Gen 3 recently from DD? Just curious how long it took to ship.
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