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  1. @Exactice808 what do you mean when you say the iPhone couldn’t really take that cable? It just wouldn’t work sometimes? Apple has a lightning to hdmi adapter, but of course it’s like $50. I’ll probably just stick with the slow ipad. Maybe in the future I’ll upgrade. Don’t want to spend the money on an iPad I don’t need otherwise, just for using with the mevo+.
  2. Exactly! Is anybody screen mirroring via cable or wirelessly to a projector, or external monitor? If so, can you post about what you're using to do so? I have one of the basic model ipads from a couple years ago that I've used for a couple sessions. I have a stand that I can put it on, which has been pretty convenient for viewing while I practice. The ipad is slow, though. There's a pretty decent delay in the app when I use it. My phone is much faster, but the tiny screen is far from ideal. I don't want to have to pick it up between shots to see the data.
  3. I've had a mat and net in my garage since moving to my current house back in 2015. Like you said, it's of limited use. It's fine for doing swing work, or just as a way to hit some balls between getting to the range/course. You can work on strike, and start direction to a limited degree. Not having ball flight data is a major limitation, if practicing hitting golf shots is something you want to be able to do at home. I just picked up the Mevo+ as well, with the hopes of plugging that gap. The first thing I'm working on is building up a chart for all of my irons, and wedges with different length swings. I'll record 13'ish shots, then throw out the 3 biggest outliers, or shots that don't have measured spin data, to leave myself with a 10 shot data set for each club. I'll be putting the average and std deviation values for each club into a single chart. I've never really known my exact yardages and standard deviations, so it will be really nice to have for making decisions on the course. For each wedge, I'm doing hip high, chest high, and full swing (I just add those as different clubs in my bag in the app). Up until now, I've just hit any shot inside 120 yards by feel. That's an area I could really stand to improve and help myself make more birdies. I'm a scratch, and that's a huge difference I notice when playing with the top guys at my club (+3 to +4'ish caps) - they hit their wedge shots dead weight all the time, and that's where the majority of their birdies come from. After I get that dialed in, I'll start exploring the skills app. I love the idea of being able to do variable practice to different target yardages, and measure the outcomes. I don't have any plans to use the simulation option. I haven't even downloaded the E6 App at this point.
  4. I've been thinking about ordering a dozen, especially since the ProV1 is the ball I play on the course. Right now, I've just got a couple dozen shag ProV1s that I put the stickers on. What have you noticed improved, using the RCT balls rather than a ball with a metal dot? More consistent reads? Better results with long clubs? Spin numbers significantly different?
  5. Not that I find this incredibly surprising, but I jumped on the live chat at flightscopemevo.com to ask about lighting requirements. The support person did not have anything particularly useful to say. They basically said there were no requirements, but that they do recommend LED lights. As I was scrolling the FlightScope youtube channel last night, I came across a Mevo+ training webinar from 6/17/21. The person straight up says in the webinar that they will not add club path data to Mevo+. Lo and behold, a few months later, they announced the pro package.
  6. That's good to know, because my space is not super bright. I have one high-bay LED light hanging over the hitting area, but it does not illuminate the entire space by any means. I was thinking about adding additional lighting now that I've got the Mevo+, but I'll wait to see what FlightScope has to say about the best options.
  7. How does lighting affect radar's ability to read impact?
  8. I've hit some shots with driver my first couple sessions. I'm skeptical of what I'm seeing, since it doesn't match up to what I see outdoors on the course. I suspect there just isn't enough flight in my space to get super accurate data with this unit, which is fine with me. I don't tend to hit all that many drivers in my home setup anyways.
  9. I did a brief session today, after spending some time marking up my space to make the setup easier and more consistent. I also made something to sit the unit on so it’s level with my mat, instead of just relying on the “tee height” setting to account for the difference between ground height and the mat. I kept the unit to ball distance at 7ft. I feel like I got better data collection with the adjustments. I only had one 6-iron shot give me an estimated spin value, and the overall data seemed consistent and believable. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and practice with the unit. I haven’t explored the FS Skills, or E6 apps at all yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for details about the pro package, and early reviews of it. The jury is still out on whether it’ll add enough to my ability to practice to justify the upgrade fee.
  10. I ended up ordering a Mevo+, and was able to try it out for the first time last night. My setup is in an attached 2-car garage. I’d estimate the space is about 20ftx20ft with a max ball to net distance of 17ft. I have to set up and tear down every time I hit balls out there, since we do park in the garage. I pull both cars out, and have the door closed so there’s room to swing, and open space for ball flight. I think it’s going to take a little tinkering to get the setup dialed in for the best data reading. I initially started out with the 8ft unit to ball, and ball to net the manual states for short indoor mode. Even with the metal dots on the balls, I was starting to get estimated spin a fair amount of the time with 6-iron. I noticed the unit allows the unit to ball distance to be set as low as 7ft. I changed the setting, and moved the ball accordingly. With the extra ~1ft of flight, the estimated spin shots went away almost completely. Does anybody else use the shorter 7ft unit to ball distance with good success? Any other advice on how to set up for the cleanest reads in restricted space?
  11. Ventus sold. Price drops on the remaining items.
  12. All prices include shipping via USPS in CONUS only. PING G410 LST 10.5 degree, head only. This is in excellent condition, except for a spot out near the toe where the head scraped across something and the paint came off. Thankfully it’s not really noticeable at address. $235 Fujikura Ventus Blue 6s with PING 410/425 adapter. Not tipped. Measures a hair under 44” from grip to the end of the tip. SOLD Mitsubishi Diamana BF 50s, not tipped. Only installed once and hit a few times, before being professionally pulled. Measures approximately 43 5/8” from grip to tip. $125
  13. Do you not hit driver because of space to swing, or because the M+ doesn’t pick it up accurately? If it’s the latter, what is your ball speed with driver? What really entices me is the pro package, that will give club data. That would be a huge addition to practice.
  14. How are folks finding the accuracy with the mevo+ on short indoor mode? I’ve got a hitting area in my garage, with about 17ft from the garage door to where the ball hits the net. So I’d be right at the minimum distance they say is needed. I want to use it for practice at home, and be able to take it with me to the range at the club. The bushnell launch pro looks like it may have better accuracy, and indoor usability. The mevo+ will have much better software and data points out of the box, especially when the pro package drops.
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