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  1. Speaking of Thanksgiving tables, where's the turkey shoot this year?
  2. Good stuff. I look forward to hearing how it goes in the final showdown. I suspect you're right about the TP5 on tour. It was definitely clear to me straight away that it was a ball I had no interest in playing. Even in mild winds, the ball just got obliterated.
  3. Tour BX coming through as the most durable ball in the test, just as expected! This inspires me to do some ball testing myself. I played the V1X, B330, and ZStar XV for as long as I can remember, before switching to the regular V1 last season. I don't have any complaints about the ball, but tinkerers gotta tinker, right! I've got a dozen TP5X laying around that I received as a gift last year, so maybe I'll start with giving those a run on the course. Your experience with the TP5 is interesting. I tried that ball at some point as well, and also dismissed it very quic
  4. Playing more, and playing a home course are two big things that tend to drive my cap down. The difference between playing once a week'ish, and about twice a week makes light years of difference in my game. The latter is just not something I plan to sustain in the near future, but maybe some day. Like eagle said, playing the same course a lot really does enlighten you to the nuances of playing it. Knowing when an approach plays a half a club short, getting comfortable with all the tee shots, etc., can easily add up to saving tangible amounts of strokes per round.
  5. @Ocgolfrick is like a golf channel infomercial in here, peddling training aids lol. You look very rigid, @gsrjc. Need moar athleticism in that move. Find an instructor you trust. Read the practice manual. Prosper.
  6. Look at how sexy @C. Freeman is, observing @ALTSean taking relief (?) in that bunker. He hasn't lost a step. Photogenic as ever.
  7. I may be bordering on crazy town here, but watching the latest edition of No Laying Up Wild World of Golf really piqued my interest in learning to play lefty. I think it would be fun, and certainly bring a sense of wonder, trying to learn the game all over again.
  8. @eagle1997 coming through with an old-school recap. I love it! I'm not sure if @Ocgolfrick is misattributing @davechen offspring to @gsrjc on purpose for comedic relief, or if it's legit, but I'm amused regardless.
  9. I haven’t played the recent generation of Bridgestone balls, but I remember the later b330 series being the most durable ball I’ve ever played. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the BX come out of your next round as the most durable.
  10. @SullGolf is a past champion, and perennial threat for the net. I said something to Tumor before their colony collapse match that Sully was either going to be sort of a pushover, or an an absolute bear. I think it all starts with getting off the tee for him. If he's hitting the D well, he's going to be an unusually proficient fairway and green machine, for a player of his handicap range. His past net CC win, he played the first playoff hole super routinely to grab the W. On the other hand, I've played with him when he's out of sync off the tee, and he's just throwing away his strokes righ
  11. I think an average 10-cap ought to play it about here.
  12. Ignore the toxic masculinity, and do whatever helps you make the lowest score, @ALTSean. That said, I believe that trying to go wedge-wedge will ultimately not produce the lowest score.
  13. I'm very interested to see how testing goes with the second group, since you're mixing in the two top dog "non X" model balls. I played the X version of whatever ball I was in for years, but switched to the Pro V1 last year. Outside of feel, I found the TP5 to not perform nearly as well as the V1, particularly in wind. I've toyed around with the idea of jumping back on something like the TP5X or Tour BX though.
  14. Kent's penning articles under a new pseudonym, Terry Koehler. http://www.golfwrx.com/631516/the-wedge-guy-maybe-you-play-harder-golf-courses-than-the-pros/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Trending&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
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