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  1. I would never take Fanny through that kind of standing water.
  2. Yeah, that’s right in the same zone as that metal sign on the 90 degree dogleg at northwest.
  3. Go stay at The Inn on campus at VT. Eat some Cabo Fish Taco, and take a hike at the Cascades Falls.
  4. Every good story needs a villain, for the people to rally against. I do it for the people lol.
  5. Crappy grass range is exactly what I spent my formative years as a golfer practicing on. The entire grass tee was a downhill lie, with very sparse grass, so you were primarily hitting off bumpy dirt. The skill you attain by learning to strike irons cleanly from those type of conditions absolutely transfers to playing golf. I'd reckon it transfers much more to improving one's performance on the course than hitting 10x the amount of balls from a "great" mat would.
  6. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. The transference of the skill one can attain learning to hit the ball cleanly on a shoddy grass range to improving their scores is infinitely greater than hitting off "great" mats.
  7. All prices are for USPS priority shipping, in conus only. 10 degree Titleist TSi3 driver, head only. Topline is clean, and it has standard weight sliding weight. Will ship with OEM headcover, and wrench. SOLD Project X HZRDUS Blue 60 6.0. Special PVD finish. Measures 44.25” from grip to tip. PING G410/425 tip installed. SOLD Fujikura Ventus Blue 6s. Measures 44” from grip to tip. Titleist tip installed. The tip is missing the little ring that keeps the non stationary cog from coming off the tip when not installed in the head. Does not affe
  8. I think the golfers at Turf Valley that have been playing nothing but the Hialeah course since last September would disagree lol. There seem to be a LOT of people in the soft cap zone (Where GHIN suppresses upward cap movement, once you get 3 strokes over your lowest index). But I do get the sentiment. It’s probably true some places, and not others.
  9. Just go buy a 425 Max off the rack. Stock for most clubs seems totally fine in stores.
  10. I've always used pieces made specifically for extensions. But I suspect it doesn't matter when you're talking about a putter.
  11. Electric buggy update. I've named her Fanny, after Nick Faldo's longtime caddy. Fanny has been treating me very well. She carries my clubs wherever I go. She scales hills with ease, and finishes 18 holes with enough charge I suspect I could fire another 18.
  12. I guess the wording on the scorecard is poor, but I think the intention of what they've done is sound. They basically made the long grass a penalty area, defined as a no play zone. That stuff is all marked as environmental preservation area. I'm sure they're handcuffed by that, and have to at least make it written rule that you don't go in there. It's less than ideal in the case you hit one in there, and it could be played. But it also prevents you from basically ever having to take stroke and distance. And it's the same for everybody. Northwest isn't the greatest
  13. Hating on Maple Fun will not be tolerated. That place gave me my first job and opportunity to play golf when I was 14.
  14. They included some accessories with the cart - scorecard holder, device holder, umbrella holder, and the seat. I doubt I'll strap any of those things on the cart, honestly. I'm probably going to sell the seat. I pack so light, and the water bottle pocket on my bag sits the bottle perfectly for easy access.
  15. Coming here to post, since @XHoop24 said he was interested in this. I've been looking at an electric cart on and off ever since trying @dcmidnight's cart at Northwest about 5'ish years ago. I had a bunch of club sale funds sitting in PayPal, and finally decided to pull the trigger on one. I picked up a returned unit MGI Zip X3 from a shop called Kaddymart. It only had 14 miles on it, and came with a brand new battery. It's a simple model (no remote, or follow features), which is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something I could just walk behind, and nudge when a chang
  16. Speaking of yardage markers, I'm very happy to report that Turf Valley now has TWO 150 yard markers on each hole. There's one on each side of the fairway. Hopefully next year, they'll be able to afford to put a 150 pole in the middle of each fairway as well.
  17. I’ve thought about this every season, since I took @dcmidnight cart for like 2 holes at northwest... 5 years ago. It was so sweet just walking behind it while it propelled itself. It took a long time to take the plunge, but it’s one of those things I can’t imagine regretting.
  18. I connected with Kaddymart as well, for a demo MGI Zip X3 unit. I've been considering an electric buggy on and off for years. I always walk, using my trusty clicgear. I have no trouble pushing, which is why it took me so long to finally pull the trigger on one. It's a total luxury purchase, but I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be great to just stroll behind the cart out there.
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