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  1. Bummer, I play mine at 33, wouldn't want to ruin such a nice putter with a ton of lead tape.
  2. What is the Head weight and Swing weight of the TP Mills? Thanks
  3. Like this putter! What is the Head weight and the swing weight? What does the 77 stand for? Thanks
  4. True statement by MattM97. My putter length is always near 33" depending on the neck and angle. Nowadays its much easier to shorten a putter because the heads are generally heavier than in years past. I have an old 09 Odyssey Black Series 1 I love and cut it down. I had to add 5 layers full width/length of lead tape to the bottom because the head was much lighter. It's D3 now and Its works just fine but i wouldn't do that to a real nice boutique putter. Best bet to find one that is in the 360-375g area if you are going to cut one down. I'd be looking at that Swag you want and
  5. Great to see all your work again at the tourney's! The pics are great as always. - Is that wind puffing out Koepka's shirt or did he gain 45 lbs? - One week of g4 and now Titelist/FJ for Reed? - I see a lot of Ping Drivers on tour now. - Is that Scott Piercy on the last pics? what system is he using with the double dot stickers for putting? I vote P. Casey's bag Porsche/Vessel cleanest/sweatiest bag! A. Ancer and R. Fowler sweatiest WITB! Thumbs up on graphite iron shafts!
  6. Masters: D. Johnson PGA: D. Johnson US Open: D. Johnson The Open: T. Fleetwood
  7. Yes, Special no top line. Flow neck, 4 O'clock toe hang. Thanks it is a great looking putter! I just putt better with blades. I'm disappointed in myself because I really like the looks of this one. Thanks for looking!
  8. New Toulon Garage Las Vegas, Stroke Lab shaft, carpet rolled only. All standard spec's for a 33" putter. Beautiful putter, just doesn't fit my putting stroke. $$ Sold Thanks for looking! pin 1/9
  9. SnowmanShanks, I'm very interested in this thread and appreciate all your efforts and willingness to share! Just another reason why GolfWRX is the best golf site on the interwebs!
  10. F'ing AWESOME SLAM and I'm rooting for it!
  11. I had a Matera Elite this summer that I REALLY regret selling on the BST. I sure hope the guy who got it is putting well with it!
  12. RedWings1


    Not doubting that the shoes work. I like the looks of them. I was just saying that CPG did such a great job hilariously ripping them up that I had second thoughts because of the buddy harassment. Which also pissed myself off for having second thoughts in the first place! Golf damn near forces guys into a psych-wards.
  13. RedWings1


    Y'all catch CPG's review of the new Sqairz golf shoes yesterday on twitter? 1. It was hilarious as usual. 2. Ripped up Faldo real good. 3. Kinda bummed me out because I was looking forward to trying out the new shoes in the spring. I totally see all my buddy's non stop ripping up Sqairz because of CPG. Any of you have the same feeling? I normally don't care what others think as long as it works for me. I'm kinda shocked at myself but the thought is there. How about you?
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