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  1. Definitely some real nice ones on the BST here!
  2. Black Friday price drop today, will not be mad if these don't sell! 1. 9.5/10 condition - 2018 Scotty Cameron Laguna 34" Heavy Head design D3 swing weight. Carpet Rolled only! $350.00 obo $325.00 2. Fuji Ventus VeloCore Blue 6X w/TaylorMade Tip. Plays 45" - New 9.5/10 condition, new GP MCC Plus4 grip. $325.00 obo $300.00 3. TaylorMade SIM UDI 3i w/ Matrix Ozik White Tie Xstiff, new GP MCC Plus4 grip Standard L,L,L - A fairway finding bomber 3i!!! used sparingly for a month. $235.00 obo Possible trade for a Betti Invai 6.0 slant neck putter or
  3. For Sale, not looking for any trades right now. Only carpet rolled, 34" Ping Vault2.0 ZB Putter, new mint cond. I had a Lamkin Deep Etch grip added. Sold
  4. Purchase with confidence dealing with Putter Addict. I just received the Ping Volt ZB well packaged and looks great!
  5. Did that square imprint in front of the right hole alter the surface of the green? Where are you located?
  6. So, I believe the Arccos statistics are very misleading when comparing us to PGA Tour Pros! Me, age 51, 5'-9" 185lbs ex hockey player who's been rehabbed the past 3+ years with two rotator tears, tore both elbow tendons and I have the typical lower back and right hip problems. That being said at my best was I was +3 and now I hover between 2-4 GHIN. Good swing with 115mph SS avg. I'm in the 280-300 avg. I'll admit thats pretty good for my age. Now I mostly play in Michigan where the usual drive either hits and stops between a yard and 15 yards from the impact point. In fairness to a
  7. I played my BStone J15 cb's for 4 years with DG steel shafts and after finally recovering from both elbow tendon tears I went to Graphite iron shafts. #1. I will never play steel shafts again. #2. They are awesome in my J15cb's #3. I don't even look at irons in the stores. Only here to keep up on the tech. I love my older BStone J15cb's sticks! I only wish I didnt develop tendonitis in my hand ending my season last week but the weather here in Michigan has gotten real cold! Hope you have the same success with the re shafting as I have!
  8. Yes, he bombs the ball and so do some others. What most people still don't acknowledge is that Bryson putted awesome at Det and the US Open. Almost always the person who wins any tourney on any level is one of the top putters that week! I'd get rid of the green reading topographic maps these guys are pulling out of their pocket 1 to 4 times per putt on each green. I believe this is making putting so friggin easy for tour pros. I also think they need to stop cutting and rolling the fairways so they are running at 10+ on the stemp with drives running out another 20 to 40+ yard
  9. Injury update 12Oct20: Adding a brand new SIM 9* head I just purchased it here from another GolfWRX'er a this week. It was a brand new warranty replacement. I spent Thur & Fri painting and I strained the tendon in the backside of my hand. Dr. says I'm done playing golf for a long time. Typing one handed sucks! Price Drop 04Oct20: For sale, not looking for trades. CONUS only, Price includes shipping. 1. Flightscope Mevo - Like new hardly used, only indoors. Sold 2. 9/10 Piretti Matera Elite w/ weight set and original grip. plays at 32.75", heavy head so ad
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