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  1. I will say the orange/yellow are easier to see than the blue/yellow.
  2. I've got two 5 putts on my resume'. Both of those had long undulating fast greens involved with horrid first putts. I really HATE those!
  3. With Costco being exactly 5 miles from my driveway (I know this by resetting my trip meter when filling up). My rebates are pretty pretty good. Last year I got about $380 from the membership portion and over $700 from the Visa side. I get the bigger one in March right before the annual Myrtle trip. I'll do a Costco run and get the remainder in cash for the bets and food portion of the travel. "Free" money!
  4. I play in two skins games every week, each game has between 16-30 players. The pots are pretty good. In order to join, you need to play with us for at least 5 rounds to get a base handicap. Rounds 1-5 you're permitted in the greenies only portion. In over 5 years, I can recall one questionable incident with the regulars. Personally, I love playing with something on the line. There is no feeling like standing over a tricky 5 footer knowing you could either win a bunch or at least saw somebody off! Bottom line: If you're concerned that your fellow
  5. This topic came up the other night after the league. The answers and related tales ranged from "man, you're an idiot", to wow. I'm sure this International forum has some impressive stories I'll go first. 13 on a par 4. To help date the tale, I had just unboxed my Wilson Fat Shafts. #1 Decent drive into the fairway left me a 140ish yard second over an abyss. Using my brand new shiny 8 iron I proceed to SHANK #2 into the parallel OB forest, Drop, then SHANK #4, Drop, then SHANK #6, Drop, then Shank #8, say something like "F%
  6. This. But for some reason that guarantee ticks off many in this thread. Because everything Kirkland comes with the same assurances, they start comparing golf balls to bacon.
  7. Mine arrived via UPS today. first thing I noticed (and liked) was the ultralight weight. It is very packable and will soon be jammed into the foul weather pocket of my bag. I slipped it on and did some air swings. Feels perfect. I ordered a size larger because I may need it to go over cold weather gear. 40% chance of rain tomorrow and I have a round scheduled with the idiots who play in anything tour. I’ll let you know when it first goes to battle (potentially in 24 hours). In any event, for $60, it’s staying in the collection.
  8. Agreed. The servers don't (or at least shouldn't) blink when asking about dish details, including price inquiries. They sometimes get a glazed look when asked if even the simplest dish modification is a choice though.... And good chefs are delighted when given a carte blanche option.
  9. Try saying this: "And how much is the veal"?
  10. Ah, the tee thread has been revived.... Me? I'm a Martini guy (neon pink, if you please). Each round begins with a pink Martini tee and a random par 3 wooden tee in my right pocket. By the end of the round I've usually accumulated 3-7 more abandoned tees and have added them to the collection. Every few weeks, I'll purge the bag of accumulated tees and balls. Balls go in the shag bag (overflow in a bin). Tees go into coffee cans on the golf shelf. Over a season, this amounts to many additional tees. Over the years, we're talking thousa
  11. I pulled the trigger on the jacket. For $60 and with Costco's return policy, I saw no downside. I'll add to the review when tested. Features: 10,000mm waterproof rated with taped seams, waterproof front zipper, and storm flap. Ultra-lightweight 2-way stretch fabric for a wide range of movement Breathable mesh back vents allow airflow for temperature control Zippered mesh underarm vents for optimal ventilation and breathability Removable sleeves zip off for versatility in all weather conditions Adjustable sleeve cuffs Zippered hand pockets
  12. As information they have additional sizes at Costco.com. Looks like a deal for $60.
  13. Says every person who plays music... No offense intended, but it's the same old song. (pardon the pun)
  14. There are two types of people you'll find on a golf course: those who are golfers and those who just play golf. In case you are wondering what the difference is, take the following test: YES OR NO... 1. Instead of counting sheep when having difficulty falling asleep, I have replayed rounds of golf in my head as I lay in bed. 2. Some of the best clothing I own is golf apparel. 3. I own more pairs of golf shoes than street shoes. 4. Of the last 5 major purchases you made, at least 2 were golf related. 5. I have pissed off my significant other by going golfing when she warned y
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