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  1. Now that it's 16 degrees outside, VR golf is a small fix for a rabid addiction. If you haven't bought the TopGolf for Oculus app yet, do so. They now have several "real" courses you can virtually play. I play rounds with my buddy 4 states away along with my neighbor down the street. The updates in the past 6 months are really great and only bound to get better.
  2. Man would I love a ball that worked great 100% of the time!
  3. 1. How often do you walk when you play? Probably 30% of my rounds. 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? Yes, I have a Sun Mountain V1 lots of miles on it! 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? Without a doubt yes!
  4. I've made many more putts (or missed a lot closer) since committing to using lines on the ball. Prior, I would read a line, stand over the ball and change my mind. Doubt caused more misses than anything. And, used properly, this method helps eliminate some of that. It took a few rounds to convince myself I was putting better, but when the skin winnings increased, and the scores came down I was sold. I'm a fan of the triple track balls, and even bought a three line stencil to mark any ball I'm using. I don't mind bogies, but man I hate to three putt! This is not a try it for one hole to see if it works method. Take it to the practice green, then play it for a round or three, then decide. ymmv
  5. Had it in the cart, applied the code, price dropped to $21. Unfortunately, "expedited" shipping added $39. Great deal if you don't need it for the stockings though. I have one of these, different brand, it works great for those wintry rounds.
  6. Just in time for winter.. The Oculus TopGolf experience is now Golf+ and it includes FULL VIRTUAL golf. Getting ready to play Shadow Creek...
  7. I was so excited when I first got them! I blacked out the shafts and threw on some new grips. I was never a lob wedge player so just demoed the 60 for a round or two, then sold it to someone on these boards. The other two stayed in my bag most of the summer, but one by one got replaced by their Vokey and Ping Glide predecessors. I really wanted to love these wedges, but ended up only liking them. On the other hand, my buddy loves and plays all three with great results. They still have life residing in the guest bag along with my X20 tours, G10 woods and Fusion driver. No regrets.
  8. I had the Rogue Sub Zero in my bag for about 10 rounds. All those rounds and I hit one showstopper drive with it. One. ymmv
  9. I'd offer 2K. If he bites, OK. If not, move on.
  10. My Daughter wears that hat! Got her Bachelors in education, taught for two years, went back and got her Masters in Safety Science. 4 job changes later, she's tripled her salary in 3 years. Her goal was to be making 6 figures before she turned 30. Mission accomplished. I told her now she need to up her Christmas/Birthday gifts for the old guy game!
  11. When I was young, I loved winter. Had a place near a ski resort and I would ski literally every weekend. Then, I got older, had kids, yada..yada... and the skis got permanently put away after a vicious wipe-out that damn near killed me. Although I had played for years, sometime in my mid 20's I got hooked on golf. Within a few seasons, it became my new addiction. Now, I love the beginning of spring and absolutely detest this time of the year. Luckily I found a group of idiots who will go out whenever the courses will allow. Couple those outings with a few southern jaunts and I have enough carrots dangling on sticks to keep my sanity for most of the off season. We have our annual mid March Myrtle blast every year and when that ends, it marks the beginning of the official season here in PA. All that said...February sucks.
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