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  1. Still not quite 100%. I lost at least a club in distance, but hope to regain that this season. My biggest fear is twisting that ankle in a gopher hole. The tibia with the rod inserted is stronger than ever, it's the bits of ankle they reassembled that I worry about. What really sucks is that before the incident, that was my "good" leg!
  2. In April of 2018 I was hit head on by a heroin induced @sshole. My injuries were identical to Tigers. Same leg, same bones, same fixes. I lucked out and the best “leg guy” in the city was on that day’s rotation. Tiger is 15 years younger and in better shape. It was 6 months for me to resume walking without assist, and another 6 months of rehab before my golf game was anywhere near my pre accident state. I’m going to try to add pics. I’ll bet when his X-rays get published they are eerily similar.
  3. A fashion thread of two pages and nobody has yet mentioned cargo shorts, blue jeans and bluetooth speakers... You guys are slipping.
  4. Costco is actually the closest store to my house, exactly 5 miles. I go there at a minimum once, and usually several times a week. Of course, all my cars run on Kirkland gas. I'm getting my Chase card-Costco rebate check this week, over $600. This is in addition to the executive membership check which arrives sometime in June. The check is timed to coincide with my upcoming annual Myrtle trip. We'll do a Costco "run" and I'll pay with the check and pocket to change for walking around cash in Myrtle. Yeah, we spend lots of time/money at Costco. Headed there later today.
  5. My Internet all in is $85. I am able to write that off as a business expense. Even without using it for TV content, I (like most everyone) would still be paying this. I own my router and modem. Netflix is $19. Prime I pay annually $125. (so lets say $11 monthly) My Oooma phone is $5, that includes a landline with 2 numbers and all that other good phone stuff, call waiting, Caller ID, 3 way calling, 911 and other features I do not use. Most of the other "apps" that are installed are free (Pluto, IMBD, Cinema HD, KODI, Youtu
  6. I live in an area with pretty good OTA reception. I have an Amazon Recast over the air DVR. Works great for network coverage. I record Saturday and Sunday and watch whenever, commercial skipping through the week. With the DVR, Netflix, Prime, Pluto, IMDB and various Internet sources, I now have 400 or so "channels" and miss don't miss cable in the least. I also have a Voip landline Ooma phone. My bill dropped from $255 to $80 and I have more options than ever I ever could have imagined as a 3 network kid back in the day.
  7. Arnold Palmer was so poor growing up that if he wouldn't have been born a boy he would have had nothing to play with.
  8. Sounds like a sore loser with a crappy attitude. I play with guys like that exactly once. Life's too short.
  9. When I won all 4 greenies and half the skins in a 30 guy outing. Same day I realized I was getting lots of dirty looks.
  10. I know a guy who could use of few of those...
  11. So thanks to the ideas presented here.......here's what I did.... Took the $500, got 4-$100 cards and 4-$25 cards. Gave the $25 cards to the high school golf coach, he said he would use them as incentives somehow, 2 for the boys team and two for the girls team. Gave (or will give when I catch them open) $100 card to the local First Tee program. Gave $100 to each of my two kids. Have one remaining card in my wallet... I've been to Dicks twice and Golf Galaxy twice and still don't need anything... I almost bought a Bertinard
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