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  1. [quote name='mesquite2' timestamp='1366717227' post='6898835'] Sizing is athletic, not tailored, but not "sloppy" either, room to swing. [/quote] Thanks!
  2. are the sizing kind of big and athletic..or more tailored? thanks!
  3. search Augusta National members on eBay, I've bought a couple...there are some out there right now in fact. Rediculous $125, but that's up to you!
  4. Look good, feel better/more confidence, play better. Without a doubt. No excuse for not dressing sharp
  5. the same post is on another blog at [url="http://forum.Not allowed because of spam/topic/5891-martin-golf-apparel/"]http://forum.Not allowed because of spam/topic/5891-martin-golf-apparel/[/url] Fairly obvious indeed
  6. [quote name='L3fty' timestamp='1336488345' post='4871912'] Thanks! They also have tour360 4.0 for $54.99 & some nike premium golf shoes too. [/quote] Nice, the Oakley and Addidas polos are nice too. Actually quite a bit gear worth buying...
  7. played Challedon Sunday morning for $45, course looked great! Tight, but nice track...greens in good condition...
  8. [quote name='MJP22' timestamp='1336487640' post='4871816'] Seems odd that IJP makes a plain Khaki pant. It's basically the antithesis of the man himself. [/quote] I'm over it. $19.99? Can't beat it..
  9. Thought I'd share since I already placed my order! http://www.6pm.com/ian-poulter-design-casual-slacks-champagne
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