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  1. So not a Hammer X Driver?! Normally $450, today only $129???! ha
  2. $150 Challenge - You have $150 to spend at a used golf store: What are you buying? Go!
  3. /\ not a bad idea! let us know how that goes if you try it...
  4. Here's the shaft I'm taking about... the 95 version can be found at the bottom: http://www.aldila.com/vs-proto-2/ I guess I was mistaken in my original post... it's not a rip..
  5. I hit an old adams pro hybrid yesterday with a RIP Proto 95 in it... (First of all, had no idea they made that shaft in that heavy of a weight...!) I somehow loved the feel of this shaft... heavy and pretty stout, yet a nice feeling kick. Anyone have experience playing this shaft?? Would love to hear your thoughts/experiences...
  6. Simple question- What are your opinions of yellow polos on the course?
  7. Has anyone ever found information on these irons?? I've searched everywhere online and can't find any specific information on them... Any help would be much appreciated!!
  8. For those of you who carry a lob wedge (say something 58-62), what type of bounce do you like the most? I know that the course you're on the most plays into this, but I'm just curious to hear thoughts on your favorite "catch all" bounce for carrying 1 wedge above 58 degrees...
  9. Between all the premium ball offerings, (ProV1, Zstar, Vice Pro, etc), which ball launches lowest with irons??
  10. Wow, awesome stuff guys! Thanks for sharing... it sounds like (at least for many of you), if you've kept a LW in your bag, you're mainly utilizing it when you short side yourself.. For me, if I have more confidence to open up my 56 and hit a more consistent shot when I'm short sided, carrying a LW might not make sense.. But then the question is, what do I replace it with at the towards the top of my bag... Thinking maybe a graphite shafted 2 iron for the occasional drives on tight fairways..?
  11. So far this season I've realized that my best rounds have included using my 60 degree lob wedge on 1 or 2 shots at the most... Like many golfers, I carry a 50, 56 and 60... I'm deadly with my 56 from anything 110 and in. Low spinners, high lobs, full-shots, you name it. Has anyone had experience taking the lob wedge out of the bag and keeping it simple with just a standard GW and SW?
  12. I finally found a set of these and took them to the range... HOLY COW!! These things feel amazing. So pure. The range balls weren't the nicest, so I'm excited to get them on the course with some higher-quality balls... I'd love to hear if anyone else has experiences gaming these??
  13. Anyone have a good review on these?? They look amazing...
  14. Anyone know what model/brand putter this is?
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