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  1. Ping i25 19* with a Ping tour shaft - In my opinion this is the cleanest looking, best shaped hybrid I have seen - new or old. I found it in a second hand shop, was virtually brand new for about $70
  2. Hi, I would like some advice / insights from any shaft experts, or anyone that has used Diamana ZF / BF and Ventus Blue / Red. I am looking at reshafting M4 driver & FW. I am thinking of either Diamana ZF (driver) & BF (FW) or Ventus blue (driver) and red (FW). My thinking was to have the higher launch / spin for fairway and lower spin for driver, but I don't have great knowledge behind this thinking so would love to hear others opinions. I was thinking 50g Xflex for driver and 60 or 70 in FW. I don't naturally hit it high, swing speed probably 100-105. Thanks!
  3. handicap 0-4 range - Mizuno MP69 4-PW, Cleveland Precision Forged wedges (52,56,60). I had a Mizuno 3 iron but recently changed to 19* Ping i25 hybrid (best ever hybrid)
  4. Possible to have separate Puma clothing / TM club arrangement moving forward? he is definitely important part of the Puma apparel brand
  5. I was going to post about the same thing. I tried the SIM driver at a demo day and the salespeople were all happy about saying Ventus is a shaft option for the standard price ($800 in Singapore) but after checking the website I realised it isn't really 'the' Ventus shaft is it. I am thinking it may be better to get an M4, or one of the models from the last of years, and put the real ventus shaft in it. It would end up cheaper and maybe better performance. Would anyone agree with this?
  6. I have the Cleveland Precision Forged - 52, 56, 60 (previous forum below). I think these are awesome, best wedge i have had. Not sure if you can get in the US or at all any more.https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1297694/cleveland-rtx-2-0-precision-forged-wedge-any-info-on-these/p1
  7. There is already a post about these from a week ago
  8. Haha, where are those? i don't have the budget unfortunately.
  9. I noticed these on Tourspecgolf.com. obviously there has been speculation about some players irons being made by Miura etc, is this news or was it already out there? It says only 2 sets available, hahahttps://www.tourspecgolf.com/callaway-apex-mb-tour-version-irons-by-miura-4-pw.html
  10. Not sure if these have been already been listed on here but I followed Justin around during the Singapore Open. Pics aren't great but they are different Honma model to what I had seen previously for Justin.
  11. I agree. They regularly bring out new inserts but should go back to the best one. I had a good find in a second hand shop recently - a like-new two ball tank (34"), it comes with the good insert.
  12. why can't you just have a condition that any winner outside US has to pay any shipping / tax chargers so everyone could have a chance?
  13. Take a bow Ping, they look awesome. When and where can we buy one?
  14. If you could exclude the putter then i think the new offerings from Mizuno and Cobra would have to be a good chance at no.1. With putter I think Titleist, closely followed by Ping. But as some have commented, very few would ever do this. My setup: TItleist D & 3W (VG3 Japan model), Ping i25 hybird, Mizuno MP69 (4-PW), Cleveland (52, 56, 60) Matsuyama forged wedges, old Ping putter (the one with blue face insert).
  15. Without a doubt the PING i25 is the best hybrid i have hit (looks and performance). I was lucky to come across one in a shop recently that was virtually brand new so i grabbed it.
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