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  1. I agree with MyHeroBobHope on the handicap comparison setting of 10 rounds. Also a handicap setting of 12 or 13 should give you a valid comparison to the golf goal you have. The numbers for SG seem to use distance as a heavy factor, so you'll always have that to contend with, especially in cold and wet months where distance suffers the most. One thing to keep in mind through the winter is if you're scoring in the 50 range for each 9 holes, all things considered, you're spring and summer numbers are going to progress much more quickly than you may expect. Favorable warm
  2. A simple so-called bottom line comparison shows a 14% improvement. What is interesting about this significant improvement is that were you to accomplish that same statistic in 2021, a 14% improvement would have you bumping right up against the magic number. Obviously, not only on the last round of the year, but it would be a number that you would be finding or approaching pretty regularly. I find your comments very accurate. Keeping the ball in play off the tee, improving proximity to the green (if not GIR) and continuing to fine tune your greatly improved short game and putting d
  3. I'll second this opinion. If you choose to do this, you can have your PING Glide Forged 56* to 55* and this should work just fine. If you want other wedges, the Glide 3.0 will flow nicely.
  4. I really liked these irons. I like the turf interaction, found them exceptionally easy to align to the target and simple to flight up or down. I actually scored well with them even though I was not dialed in with yardages. I don't have a PXG fitter in our neck of the woods and tried the Elevate 95 Stiff. They played a bit soft for me and distances were barely the same as my old school lofted forged CB's. I debated reshafting myself, because I really like them, but opted to list them on the "Bay" this week and will see what comes out next year.
  5. That's an incredible turn around time. Merry Christmas!
  6. I like to try many and my personal favorite is a custom blend our local Cigar shop, Governors has custom made. It is called First Lady. I'll upload a pic later. I'm a fan of Asylum 13 for a smooth smoke. H. Upmann and Perdomo and even a couple of the Acid smokes as well. Not a fan of the real "peppery" sticks.
  7. Garth Brooks, Bossier City, LA July 2016
  8. They are designed that way, BUT you can choose to get one hand-picked or bent to your desired specs. I typically play a 9*, but experimented with an 11* that I ordered hand picked at 1* flat and 2* open. It's a pretty nice anti-left driver. I'll probably order similar specs when I try the 519SHPR.
  9. Congrats on working with Roy to find “YOUR” driver. I believe you’ll be very happy with the 919THI. i’m really Looking forward to hearing your experience with this driver before you know the specs of the hand pick. That and a follow up of how your experience matches with your thoughts on the specs. Great Christmas present for you MUDDWE!
  10. I believe that was the reissue Scottsdale. I have one that I purchased new in about ‘05.
  11. TKS, reading your signature, with a swing requiring the S2S Red Stiff shaft, why do you use the 11* 519 and 12* 919. With your swing strength and I assume speed, I would expect high flight with 9* or 10*. The Red S2S series is quite stiff and I played the Red stiff and the step less steel stiff (and loved them) until a neck injury required that I make a change due to fatigue and pain late in the round. I ask because I use the 919 with Black Stiff and have no issues with getting the ball well up as Tom would say. I was leaning toward a hand pick 10* in the 519. I’d appr
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