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  1. 12 of 14 fairways, 32 putts, 8 pars and 2 bogeys. That's solid golf. As you continue to play and practice with the new clubs and your new swing, the "others" will become doubles, bogeys and pars. Like BigTerp said, 90 is in play at any given round for you. The long misses are a sign that you're hitting and exceeding expectations for your irons. That's a solid improvement over the rounds I can recall from the past. You are definitely making improvement. The thing I see that's significant is that you're making more shot choices based on your improving ability rather th
  2. The fitting was very good. I really like the profile and the 0311's, but I need to decide between the 0211's being great on the long and short irons and the gapping in the scoring irons in the 0311's. At this time, I'm sticking with the 0211's. But, I'm thinking a bit outside the box in my set makeup. I have looked closely at lofts and have decided to keep the 0211's in the bag and return the PW and AW from my old Wishon iron set to the bag. I have taken out the 0211 4i and Gap wedge. While the bottoms of the clubs say I now have 2 PW's in the bag, the loft gapping is
  3. I had a good fitting session yesterday with the 0311 Gen3 P's. The swing and contact were mostly solid and swing speed was very consistent through the session. These are very good irons and consistent in addition to feeling great on contact and through the turf. I found them to be tolerant of the couple of thin and heel side shots and 3 that were struck a bit heavy still performed better than I would otherwise expect. I found the trajectory higher than the 0211's which is likely loft related. As much as I like them, as the fitting came toward the end I hit a few of my 0211's and t
  4. johnmess, disregard the dispute over the significance of putter lie. It matters. A LOT! Enough that you went for a putter fitting. The putter is a much smaller stroke than any other club in the bag and the hole is only 4.25". If the putter is not soled flat, the chance that alignment is off is increased, resulting in missed putts.
  5. Perhaps you didn't read what you posted in full. I'll help. "But if you are going to be 2-3* off from your perfect lie, it's better for that mistake to happen with the DRIVER than with any other clubs in the bag. ESPECIALLY THE PUTTER." Better the driver than any club in the bag.... Especially the putter. Better the driver than any club in the bag.... Especially the putter. Better the driver than any club in the bag.... Especially the putter. I began building and playing Wishon clubs and participating in his forum in 2005. I still have every
  6. Mr Maltby of GolfWorks seems to believe it matters. How Putter Lie Angle Affects Putting - YouTube
  7. One way to know if what I wrote is true. One putter, 3 balls, 10 feet That's all it takes. Hit your putter in your normal position to a target. Hit the next putt with your hands 3" lower than your "normal" hand position to the same target. Hit the next putt with your hands 3" higher than your "normal" hand position. You may be the exception who hits the first ball with the next two without manipulating the stroke.
  8. Your hands are higher than "standard". This may be because you're tall or just that you keep your hands high and possibly closer to the body. By having your putter 2-3* upright the sole of the putter will sit flat on the ground and simplify hitting straight(er) putts. Some have their putters (like myself) 2-3* flat (67 or 68*) because we have our hands lower. Typically, if the heel is high, putts will tend to go more right. If the toe is up, they will tend to go left.
  9. I am. So much in fact that Saturday I'm going to a fitting to try the Gen3 0311's. The 0211's are very good irons. I want to see the difference in the profile and turf interaction of the 0311's, especially want to hit the P's. I think the profile is a bit closer, but more forgiving than my old irons. Good chance I don't make a change, but I'm open to the possibility. The 0311 P's look a bit more "familiar". We'll see. I will let you know after I have a chance to compare them side by side. I do Love the 0811X Proto driver with the Hazardous Yellow stiff shaft. I am mor
  10. I've been playing at least once a week again for the past couple of months after more than 2 months off. It has taken a bit to begin to get my swing somewhere near solid and I'm chasing the "Break 85" once again. I've been playing in a standing Sunday morning scramble lately and having fun with it as I regroup. The course is a nice layout, but the greens are a marginal, so it's a good ball striking exercise. I did manage a 38 last weekend while playing an extra 9 with a buddy. It was a good day. I managed a couple of birdies and after hooking a drive OB on a par 5 managed a bogey, so I think I
  11. Get fitted for a putter, wait excitedly for it to arrive and take it out of the box immediately. Sole it and realize the face looks too closed, the putter was built to standard weight rather than lightened as ordered and the grip is aligned a few more degrees closed when lined up with the sight line. Work for several hours on the putting green and on the putting mat at the house wanting it to be "the one". Finally I realize that I'll have to completely alter my set up and swing to even give this thing a chance, knowing full well that distance control is off and missed all go left.
  12. Both the Wishon 949 and 919 have 202g heads. I have played both (and all the others). I too struggle with a hook. I had set my drivers up 2* open and 1* flat and still hit a straight to slight draw, but would still fight hooks from time to time. It was only when I set my current driver in the 3* flat setting. With the Hazardous Smoke Yellow Stiff shaft, I now have a fade biased driver that I can trust. I can still hit a nice baby draw if a hole calls for it, but try to avoid letting the ball move left, because for me it can start a trend that lasts the rest of the round. For ME, I
  13. I have putted mostly with 33.5" putters. It seems to be a sweet spot for me. The feel and weight are going to be personal, especially on putters. Like another poster said, putters are unlike the other clubs in your bag. Since you already choke down, the look and aim will remain constant. When you cut it down, your hands will be on the top of the putter grip changing so the first difference is how it feels in your hands. The feel will be more different on a pistol grip than a super stroke grip. I do not struggle with a head feeling too light with a cut down putter and I
  14. Congrats on the chance to play! Surely a good time to just become more familiar with the new equipment and just play.
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