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  1. Google ITA Matrix Adjust based on your dates, but a “month” search for 4 nights is showing ~$400 RT on the major carriers. https://matrix.itasoftware.com/#view-flights:research=NYCOTH-OTHNYC;out=2020-07-09;stay=4
  2. No love for the Travelers?
  3. Same yearly email for me as well
  4. What did you expect? Coach1984 was on the bag...tune up for Augusta no doubt.
  5. Did anyone get a confirmation email this year? I was filling out during work and got to the “Not a robot” picture selection page, but had to step away to take care of something...starting to think I closed the page before hitting submit.
  6. Banana Republic luxury touch - currently on sale for $25
  7. Agree with the above. Went through this with KBS and they had no issues sending me new labels.
  8. My lord. Never heard of them before but wow, those are impressive aesthetically.
  9. If it isn’t windy, not that crazy. Just wear some layers and you should be good to go.
  10. Add me to the loser list
  11. I’ve got zero experience in this because I picked up golf after my teens, but perhaps going around the course with the pro may help. Little subtleties in shot selection, routine, etc. may be beneficial. ...of course I also tell myself to think about course management before I tee off and as soon as I hit one good drive I disregard all intentions of smart golf.
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