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  1. Google ITA Matrix Adjust based on your dates, but a “month” search for 4 nights is showing ~$400 RT on the major carriers. https://matrix.itasoftware.com/#view-flights:research=NYCOTH-OTHNYC;out=2020-07-09;stay=4
  2. No love for the Travelers?
  3. Same yearly email for me as well
  4. What did you expect? Coach1984 was on the bag...tune up for Augusta no doubt.
  5. Did anyone get a confirmation email this year? I was filling out during work and got to the “Not a robot” picture selection page, but had to step away to take care of something...starting to think I closed the page before hitting submit.
  6. Banana Republic luxury touch - currently on sale for $25
  7. Agree with the above. Went through this with KBS and they had no issues sending me new labels.
  8. My lord. Never heard of them before but wow, those are impressive aesthetically.
  9. If it isn’t windy, not that crazy. Just wear some layers and you should be good to go.
  10. Add me to the loser list
  11. I’ve got zero experience in this because I picked up golf after my teens, but perhaps going around the course with the pro may help. Little subtleties in shot selection, routine, etc. may be beneficial. ...of course I also tell myself to think about course management before I tee off and as soon as I hit one good drive I disregard all intentions of smart golf.
  12. @curitiba, very generous of you. Wish I would have seen this sooner, I could of grabbed the items for you today! I may end up going back for another day and if I do, I’ll send you a PM to get your goods.
  13. I echo the sentiment above. Played Torrey Pines a little over a week after the tournament a few years back and I hit what I thought was a decent drive on the first hole just off the fairway. Never found the ball and it ended up being an omen of what was to come. I ended up losing 3 or 4 balls that day in the rough simply because I didn’t want to spend a ton of time searching for the ball. If it wasn’t TP, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the round as much, but given the course and the experience, it made it okay. Now don’t get me started on muni bunkers...
  14. I’ve got zero hits in 10 years and that’s creating an entry for my dad at my parent’s address, myself at my home, and my wife at her parent’s address. My luck would have my wife or Dad winning and not being able to make the trip and thereby blocking me out.
  15. $76,500 I really wanted to throw out a different more educated number but everyone is boxed in! Cool contest and thanks for all the years of photos!
  16. Estancia is a very nice spa next to Torrey Pines, did that with my wife and it bought me a golf day! http://meritagecollection.com/estancialajolla/san-diego-hotel-spa/san-diego-hotel-spa-fitness-spa-resort/ (Apologies on phone - I can hyperlink the path later...too lazy now!)
  17. As the seller, I try to do same day or at worst next day depending on what time the sale closes. As a buyer, NLT 3 days is my expectation. I understand issues may come up and others may not have a PO as readily accessible. As others have said, communication is the key.
  18. I’m in agreement with the laziness sentiment. I’m far from an overly active BST member, but in the few iron sets I’ve shipped, I always wrap heads and then use packaging paper and other materials to keep the shafts separated as well. Cost is minimal and it gives me peace of mind that the next user is getting an item as I described. What an item sells for relative to MV should be insignificant when it comes time to ship. Karma goes both ways, I can’t afford to get on it’s bad side with my golf game.
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