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  1. Fuji Speeder 757,661,569. Also the Speeder Evolution 757,661,569 series with Evo II being the lowest launch? Kuro Kage XM. The old Grafalloy Prolite! Tensei pro blue.
  2. Was using a TM Sldr 430 and hit it well. Now it is a TM M5 Tour. He has driven the ball really well this year. He tried the m2 & m3 and preferred the sldr 430. He really doesn’t like 460cc heads. It wasn’t until he tried the M5T that he got better results than the sldr. He tried a Callaway Mavrik too and it was pretty nice. The Evenflow Ripcord shaft was a little loose for JP, needed a heavier 70+ version, so he’d have to get another shaft or get his Fuji a new adapter installed, all kind of a hassle and costly for no real improvement except to brag h
  3. The loopy arm swing, low spin, lower flight, take one extra club
  4. Love them, play them too. Fantastic irons.
  5. Carry a Mizuno aerolite 029 stand bag. Pretty light. 14 clubs, 6 balls, tee bag, water bottle, 2 gloves, sunscreen, sun glasses. Good shoes a must.
  6. the project x lz is soft middle, stiff butt and tips. an active middle. that sounds like nippon modus3 120s. however, JP finds nippon 1050gh S to feel softer than modus3 on the joints, which may be a little strange. the rifle fcm 6.0 flighted would feel softer to JP than the modus 120s, but they are a soft tip shaft....
  7. grips are funny. totally transforms a swing's feel. with standard grips he likes utx cords. its a light cording but the utx elastomer feels great, great hold, no too abrasive. would have liked to try lamkins players cord but it cost considerable more at the time. he likes gp tour wrap too and prefers them on his wedges with no gloves on touch shots.... put leather on his putter this year. standard size. love the feel but may check out midsize leather at some point. hands have been a little...too busy.
  8. he wanted driver distance gain and dispersion upgrades, which is a reasonable enough desire, and so you are looking at new heads&shafts and wondering if you are leaving 10-20 yards to your competition?...and these days with gear, that is 'gappening'....fortunately, iron &wedge gaping & distances arent now a concern to JP and he addressed his driver (new TM M5 Tour) and hybrid (new 818h2) distance short falls with this newer gear. he thinks he can go quite some years b4 needing to upgrade anything. the worst of gear 'hoing is the Shaft Dance...what a nasty ra
  9. He still uses the original white release from them, having no idea if the 7 subsequent EVO releases are anything better. Last thing he wants is to covet a $350 shaft....kind of sad really. He loves the kick the speeder has....
  10. Tourstage stuff was always top notch but also geared to elders. 25 years sgo Bridgestone was kind of similar to Mizuno here in the states. The two would be available at same stores. Precept. But that all changed and they just were no longer there anymore. The J series irons back when were very popular for an import. Not sure they handled the States very smartly. Their balls are still fantastic and so were their clubs, but they have become kind of bizarre with their club marketing approach. Srixon ate their shorts...
  11. This year it has been tough to practice enough to retain good feel. This has been an issue especially with putting and very weirdly, bunker play. Normally a no fear area, the trap, but this year he has been inconsistent and it goes back to lack of really any practice. Also, putting with the flag in has been a real adjustment that has really not happened tor JP.
  12. Jack Pearsall is pretty much like the avatar he uses. He really has a thing for big cats, russian female bots and inebriation, but seldom drunkenness. He really does have excellent hair.
  13. He uses older sets. So 46* pw is standard. 52 gap and 56/58 other wedge. Often thought to go 50,54,58 but never got around to it and wedges are heavy to carry walking. He grew up with the 46,52,56 gaping and is comfortable adjusting accordingly.
  14. Low take away and not trying to crush it but hitting it solidly. Expectations need to be realistic.
  15. Jack Pearsall is looking to swap out shafts in his DIs himself. New garage gear! He is at the 'debating what shafts to put in' stage. ETA 2/21
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