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  1. Sand wedge is a personal club and if it isn’t then you are off...and don’t even know it.
  2. As Mp models go, the mp60 is a pretty forgiving Mp. JP has always liked them. Not very good looking, but they play way better than they look. As a one time, long time Mp user, today, he would be looking to the various Jpx lines. 900 and after. More forgiving, go further, feel real nice. No, they are not mp60 soft. But the new ones will last 10 years with minimal wear with the boron they add. Some of the models are a tad longer toe to heel than others and JP doesn’t especially like that, but it is a quibble. The last few jpx lines have become more esthetically attractive.
  3. The harsh feel is puzzling. JP changed the shaft it came with, figuring the Project Pxi were the issue. Installed a Rifle FMC 6.0 which is a long-standing fave of Jack Pearsall. Still feels harsh. 5 iron ap2 feels great, same shaft, same grips. The tmb functions as it should, but it feels like Word not allowed. Looks cool. Mystified.
  4. Jack Pearsall would first play the ball a bit back in the stance to promote better ball contact before ditching clubs and more weight on the left side. But blades are not the answer at all. SGI to blades? Pity the fool who listens...
  5. Jack Pearsall used the sldr 430 for 2-3 years. Hit his longest drives ever with it. He still has it. The thought of bringing it back flutters in sometimes, like a noisy bug. He recalls it felt heavy-ish. For whatever reason, he was able to keep his hands a bit lower on the take away and up to level with the shoulders. Maybe the extra weight slowed his down swing so that his gathering at the top was more complete. He had a less violent swing with it than his current driver. The 430 felt awesome when you nutted it. However, it was not generous when off center hits. Jack Pearsall came to realize that he had to have his driver game pretty sharp and that can be a burden sometimes. Great looking driver at address. Never futzed much with weight, just kept it 3/4 toward fade. Would fly low mid with a slight fade. Used a Fuji speeder with it. Nice kick in the speeder. He most often out drove his fellows so it stayed a while. Now use a TM M5 Tour which is 440?
  6. you will see those issues every single time...for as long as you own it...sure...keep it, you like looking at those dings you bought....
  7. Titleist tmb 4 is 24*...still uncertain about it as it feels harsh though it is effective....
  8. ...each time he plays a new course he has to figure out if JP will need a 235+ shot. It isn’t that often actually. He has a 17* hybrid and a 18* 5 wood (he has like 3!) and has had trouble adopting the 5 wood. Haven’t really put enough time in...but he hits neither the hybrid or 5 wood especially well off the deck, which is a big issue this year. His tm m6 5 wood w an atmos red S @ 65g he hooks terribly. Was pretty sure the atmos would be a good fit...surprisingly dead feeling shaft...Given it’s reviews was pretty sure it would be a good fit...apparently not...
  9. for Jack Pearsall, driver shopping is really shaft shopping... he is terrified he will like velocore...or whatever costs 4 bills.... *looks over at his 10 yr old white 661* "Your days could be numbered!!!"
  10. he bought a dozen 'mint' used pro v1 and while they looked fine he did not think they performed as well as new ones. Generally, they didn't go as far nor stopped as well. Your experiences may well be different.
  11. He has Mac tourney pcb tours and still plays them with his Mac vip Forged wedges, but always wanted the pmb’s just because they looked like a billion bucks! In the top 10 of loveliest blades ever made...picking a 3iron from 195 out over water is a recurring dream/nightmare...
  12. Maybe not the best but still....the club sandwich to go at the turn is really fine...
  13. ...they use the t200 and they just suck, "Feel is awful."...and so they say, "I'll get t100s! I'm a feel guy."...and then they suck so very sucky bad and they go to Ping i210s because "I like their innovation."...and they suck because "I hate their shafts. What's up with these!"...."I need the x5s! The v sole!"....
  14. off the deck, no hazard defending green? a really hot, shallow faced 3 wood with a low spin, high launch shaft...like the new GD offering.... OR...an 11* Kasco k2k ....you'd have to switch out the shaft to a low spin, high launch....JP used to crush that club back when...still have it!
  15. as a quasi gi iron, they look fantastic. the leading edge softening is more pronounced than my AP2 to almost being a slight v sole. JP can work with that small amount of bump. it is hard not to love Mizuno irons...a life long love affair...
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