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  1. I'm surprised there isn't more mention of Stenson. While he seems like a robot on-course, I've heard countless mentions from the on-air talent that he's extremely funny and loose off the course. I've never witnessed it myself, though I've heard it enough to believe it.
  2. Very interesting to see a change this close to a major. Though I'm sure he's been practicing with the clubs for quite some time.
  3. Eh, this isn't a story. A fun video to watch, sure. But no story.
  4. Interesting to see that he ditched (for now) the Odyssey. Must be nice to be able to tinker like these guys.
  5. They reported it back in December as well. Who knows these days with Tiger, though it would seem to be an awfully quick comeback.
  6. [quote name='Mattpgolf15' timestamp='1440952552' post='12234414'] How many sneaker heads are on this site? I am one and was wondering who was with me?! [/quote] I'm right there with ya.
  7. Excellent write-up! Sounds like you had an awesome time and that's really cool to hear that all three of the gentlemen seem to be down to earth.
  8. Agreed. Those would look even better without the paint fill.
  9. The place looks great. And I second the comment about those bags. They are sharp! Best of luck with the new facility.
  10. I like the simple and understated look of this. I'd rock it.
  11. I really hope these are reasonably priced. And by reasonably priced I mean less than $180 given the style of shoe that it looks like these are. I'd pick up a pair in grey if they are.
  12. [color=#313131]CONCRETE/ROYAL Size 44 please![/color] [color=#313131]Thanks![/color]
  13. [quote name='Golfingfanatic' timestamp='1430764535' post='11496599'] Looks great apart from the T blade [/quote] Agreed. That is one fugly putter in my opinion. Both v lines look great.
  14. Wow, about time Nike! I would not be surprised if this one comes back around and it available yet again.
  15. This is not a huge surprise for him given the magnitude of next week. For some reason he looks so much more natural with the broom unlike most other players that use it.
  16. As far as I know those are all the real deal shafts.
  17. Yea, I just saw a bunch of posts about it. When he was twirling it prior to the shot it looked like it had a higher face than most of his wedges. But still no guarantee it was this wedge.
  18. That was pretty cool! Very Tin Cup/Caddyshack as the commentators mentioned.
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