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  1. Prefer 9 degree clean head. Would consider 10.5
  2. I was told by DD's that Ping doesn't do hot melt on orders anymore? Can anyone confirm that they still do?
  3. Ordered the 425 max last night. 9 degree head set to the small plus sign. Rogue 130 70x playing at 44.75 inches. Requested neutral hot melt to get the swing weight to D4. First time ordering a new Ping driver but everything I've heard is they are great at meeting the requests made for non standard specs. Now the waiting begins...
  4. Max ls looks like the mavrik did a month of keto. Slimmed down but the same shape. I like it
  5. All items include usps priority shipping. Only trade interest is a Callaway b21 9 degree driver head. Aldila Rogue White 130msi 60 x flex driver shaft with Callaway tip and Golfpride mcc+4 orange standard grip. Measures just under 44 inches see picture. $90 obo. Taylormade M4 Tour 16.5 degree 3hl head only. Tour issue, still in plastic. $100 obo. Adams Speedline Launch Lab customs matte snake print driver head 10.5 loft. It is pristine and not sure on value. $70 obo. Callaway Mavrik Max 9 degree head in pristine condition. $OLD Clevel
  6. Did notice they all sounded great and find the Speed and Max ls similarities interesting. I guess the max ls is just more adjustable for ball flight. Good review, thanks for sharing.
  7. They look good, I don't get the busy comments though. Seem to be on par with Titleist t100, Cobra Mim, and the Mizuno jpx21. A bit more than say the zx7 or p770. Can't wait to see in hand and get a chance to hit the entire line.
  8. Just need Callaway to offer the 50% trade in bonus when they release the drivers.
  9. Looking for pulls or new, thanks.
  10. Excited to see what is different with the standard version and hear more about the dcb. From the pictures it doesn't look like a pro combo set will blend all that well though.
  11. It is a flare tip so then closer to .370.
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