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  1. right handed vrs covert forged irons, thanks
  2. Dispersion was great on the 7's and distance was close to the 5's even though he said he wasn't flushing the 7's.
  3. Absolutely still in the bag, will try the new Srixon zx7's when they come out though. Hard to beat cf19 in looks, performance, and forgiveness. I've tried most everything and to me they are the best combination of distance, feel, and looks.
  4. Hit the 921 forged and the Tour indoors. I never liked the 919 forged but the 921's are nice. Tour look fantastic but I really enjoyed the forged more. Hope to get a chance to hit them outdoors.
  5. Anyone have experience with either head? I'm interested and having trouble finding information about them. Thanks
  6. That is what I wanted to hear! I may purchase without testing.
  7. Very interesting indeed, would love to see him compare it with the same shaft in a Mavrik Max 9 degree head.
  8. Love mine, I have a 50 and 54 raw to go with my raw vokey v grind. I came from sm7 and prefer the md5. I tried the sm8's and hated them. I'll be tempted to try the Cleveland zip grooves when the raw ones come out.
  9. Thanks for the comparison pictures. The one from address is interesting. The z785 looks the longest heel to toe.
  10. All prices include shipping via usps priority unless another service is requested. PayPal for payments is Jeremy.canaan@gmail.com Trade interest would be Taylormsde SIM DHY, Callaway MD5 raw 58 degree wedge, 5-pw stiff iron shafts Modus, PX LZ, Srixon z745 or z765 iron sets, or Taylormade m4 tour 3 wood. Compass Golf custom flow neck blade putter with shaping to resemble a cameron 009. It's stainless steel with a lightly torched stainless welded flow neck that is 1/2 offset. No personal engravings just a cherry dot and "FLOW" in the cavity. Has topline sight line in white. 35
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