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  1. Hey just trying to get some cash back to reinvest into a new driver for the season lol All prices are in USD! (Makes shopping here easier for me) All items shipped from Toronto, Canada. Would trade for M1 460cc heads, 915D2 head, Cobra King LTD driver, and Nike Vapor Fly Pro only. Can combine with cash Message for paypal info Have two tour issue Taylormade R15 drivers, one 460cc and one 430cc both in 10.5 heads. Both are about 1.5-2 degrees open if I recall correctly. I bought the 460cc head from Will Peoples and got the 430cc one in a trade here on WRX. 460cc has been used for just 3 rounds and 430cc was used for just one range session by me. $150 for each head. Both have the stock tmade r15 headcovers A beautiful scotty studio style newport 2 putter I got in a trade here on WRX this summer. Great putter but like my studio select more so trying to find it a good home. $135 includes headcover in pic. SOLD!!!
  2. All being shipped from Toronto, Canada. PM me for paypal info. Please no lowball offers! Prices are more than fair for their condition plus shipping from Canada. No real interest for trades right now except for maybe Scotty putters, or Aeroburner 3 wood, Aeroburner TP 3 wood or 3HL/ 3HL TP, or R15 TP 5 wood. 1. Callaway XR Pro 16* Purchased from Golfsmith and has never been used! Hit a demo of this club in the simulator and it is a rocket! Also felt incredibly forgiving. Comes with headcover $170 $160 2. Callaway XR Pro 20* hybrid. Purchased from Golfsmith and used for just one round! Comes with headcover $160 $150 3. Nike Engage Toe Sweep 60* Dynamic golf wedge flex shaft. Purchased at the Hermitage Golf, used for only one round, nice club just more comfortable with my SM5. $70 $65 4. Oban Devotion 6 04 flex, Titleist adapter tip installed and played standard length in a 915D2 head. $80 SOLD
  3. [b][b]I guarantee I will buy that [/b]Brand New Studio Select Newport 2 34 if is still here in a week or so, thing should be rated XXX[/b]
  4. Yeh I wouldn't know a thing about it being legit or not but the Superman putter cover does look pretty wicked! GLWS
  5. LoL I don't think so Unclebeejo! Looks like to much firepower in our lineup and pitching staff has got their s*** together now! World Series here we come! (knocks on wood)
  6. Hi, I was born way back in late October 1993, well the Bluejays haven't been to the postseason in my lifetime and look like its gonna happen this year (hopefully!) Help buy some stuff so I can buy some Jays playoff tickets! All being shipped from Toronto, Canada so please keep shipping in mind when making offers, but I feel my prices are pretty good. Please now lowball offers! Only interests for trades would be a TW vapor driver, X flex driver shafts (Preferably R15 Tip), 2015 Taylormade fairways or hybrids, 915f or 915hd shafts, Scottys and other good quality putters. PM for my paypal if interested, will ship with FedEx 1. G30 9* with Tour 65 X flex shaft. Purchased from Golfsmith down in Nashville about a week ago, used for literally only one round. 10/10 condition. Big hitter just not for me. Comes with stock headcover no tool$275 TRADED 2. Vapor Pro with S+ plus 60 S flex shaft. Purchased from Golftown at start of season, used for only 10 rounds. 9/10 condition Plays 44.5 and has a new white Iomic 2.3 sticky grip. Low spin machine, just moving on. Comes with stock headcover and tool $225 $215 TRADED 3. 915 D2 9.5 head, perfect shape, purchased from my home course, used for just 5 rounds. Love this head, long and forgiving. 9.5/10 condition Comes with stock headcover and 913 tool $250 $240 SOLD! 4. AD-DI 6S shaft with covert tip, Unreal shaft, hits bombs. Played 44 in Vapor pro. $100 SOLD 5. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 model 03. Got here from a wrx member and have gamed it. Amazing putter with awesome feel, plays 34 inches and has a new flatso grip. 9/10 condition $120 SOLD 6. Aldila RIP VSproto 60 X flex covert tip. Great shaft just not in my rotation anymore, new Iomic Sticky 2.3 white grip, plays 44.5 in Vapor pro head. $70 7. VR Forged 56 and 60 Toe Sweep wedges, one has a wedge flex dynamic gold shaft, the other has a s400 shaft. Got here from a wrx member and never used them. Take the pair for $75 8. KBS C-taper lite shafts, got these from somebody on wrx and never used them, tips are clean and ready for install, Set starts at a 3 iron shaft, then skips 4, and starts again at 5 iron thru to PW and comes with an extra PW shaft, good set for somebody looking to hardstep the shafts. 3,5-pw have like new grips, while the extra pw has no grip yet. $90. SOLD
  7. Dude this is so tripy, my parents have literally the same carpet, and I have the same driver with a white iomic sticky grip! lol GLWS
  8. Open Championship Sale! Thanks for stopping by to have a look!!! Please no low offers, I feel very confident my prices are fair. Trade Interests, can combine with cash if needed, send me your offers! R15 460 head or with stiff shaft also R15 430 head or with stiff shaft also R15 low or mid launch low spin shafts R15 3 or 5 wood, stiff shaft Aeroburner 3, 3HL, or 5 wood, stiff shaft Aeroburner TP 3, 3HL, or 5 wood, stiff shaft R15 3 or 4 Hybrid, stiff shaft Fly Z+ Driver, stiff shaft Taylormade 2014 Tour Preferred MC or MB or MC/MB iron set Paypal only, PM to reach me, Heading to FedEx Monday morning before work to ship any purchases. 1. G30 10.5 degree head only. Almost perfect condition head here, used only a few rounds by a WRX member before me, and I have never used it since purchasing it. Just want to go the TM route #HoCentral Will ship with stock headcover and ping tool. $215 $200 $190 FINAL shipped to your door 100% SOLD 2. G30 Sleeve. New G30 .335 sleeves. $15 SOLD! 3. R9 TP Tour Issue B Stamp Irons. Purchased here from a fellow WRX member, plan was to use as backup set, never once used them lol. In pretty solid shape except for some browning and a ding on the 9 iron, PW shows most browning/wear. Grooves still in good shape for sure. All Standard length, loft, lie to my knowledge. True Temper Dynamic Golf Tour Issue shafts not sure exact kind. GolfPride grips not sure what type but still have lots of life and tack. Last picture is of PW face. $100 shipped to your door, great blade like set to try! SOLD!!! 4. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Driver head. Would give this a solid 8.5/10 easy. Head is in fantastic condition and perfect top line, only small paint chip at back cavity. Another purchase here from WRX (A trend here for sure lol) to use as a backup, became my backups backup so time to go on. Absolute low spin nuke head. Shipped with stock headcover for $60 $50 FINAL SOLD 5. Aldila RIP VSproto 60 Xstiff with Nike Covert flexloft tip. Great shaft just not the better than my gamer. plays to 44.5 length in Covert head, brand new white Iomice 2.3 sticky grip with two wraps of tape. Shipped for $60 $50 6. AD-DI 6s with Nike Covert flexloft tip. Awesome shaft that hits bombs, same as above just not better than my gamer shaft. plays at 44 in a Covert head I believe. White and black Golf Pride NDMC grip with lots of tack and life left. Shipped to your door for $150 $140 $135 7. Orange Cobra BioCell+ 3-4 Wood XStiff Stock Red Tie shaft. Unreal fairway woods just have new ones ordered so time to ship out. Stock length and grip. Long and easy to hit off the deck or on the tee. Includes stock headcover and cobra tool. Shipped for $75 or combined with 5-7 wood for $140 $130 8.Orange Cobra BioCell + 5-7 Wood Stiff Stock Red Tie shaft. Used for only 8 rounds, perfect condition. Includes stock headcover Shipped for $75 or combined with 3-4 wood for $140 $130 Stock length and new white Iomic Sticky 2.3 grip with two wraps of tape. 9. 3-PW Dynamic Golf x100 shafts with Sharpro grips. Were factory installed I believe in a set of Nike VR ProCombo irons I got from WRX. Had them pulled once I got the irons. I believe .355 tip. Very few rounds on these by previous owner. Believe the are standard length for Nike. Tips will need cleaning before install. $75 $65 shipped to your door. Pending!
  9. All sold! Tour issued pink aldila tour blue atx 65 stiff shaft with Nike flexloft vapor adaptor installed. Plays to a length of 44.5 inches in a Nike Vapor Pro head. Used for one range session and round just not the right fit for me. Brand new Iomic sticky 2.3 grip. Shipped to your door for $100 $90 Next up a set of Cobra Tour Trusty wedges 52,56,60. Lie is all set to 1 degree flat, and lofts are down one, so actually 51,55,59. Stock s200 shafts, all are half an inch short of standard. Used for only 10 rounds and all grooves are still sharp, wear is only to the black finish. Brand new multicompound grips. Shipped to your door for $150 $140 . Last item is an odyssey black series tour design #9 putter. 34 inches in length and an orange Iomic putter grip in great condition. Fantastic putter with great feel. $85 shipped to your door. comes with original headcover.
  10. GLWS Love my AMP CELL PRO irons, profile is small but pure strikes feel like a hot knife thru butter!!!
  11. ...Or you could have bought one when it was initially released for normal sale price $30
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