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  1. Only 1 item, no trades please. Callaway Big Bertha, 10.5º, Stiff, still in wraps with tool and HC. Standard Length and fubuki shaft. Looking for $200 shipped, CONUS.
  2. I like wiping down my clubs after a round. Sometimes there are ballmarks on the sweet spot and it helps you relive that one good shot of the round or that one ugly ballmark off the top in my case
  3. [quote name='Clubho25' timestamp='1351883950' post='5883495'] They fit kind of small IMO. I wear XL and ended up getting the XXL [/quote] confirmed small. I ordered my regular size online and had to return it.
  4. [quote name='goldenwave77' timestamp='1351444723' post='5858369'] Try some Ecco's Really, really fine quality....all leather lined and very very comfortable and durable...I found the white and brown(buffalo) saddle for $59 and grabbed them. I tend to be particular and wore the original Air Nikes (w/ all leather linings) until they just broke down after about 7 hrs. As with all shoes, fit/comfort should be paramount...as I tell my teenager when we go shopping...."Just do me a favor and try on ALL the brands---the one that fits the best is the one to get....not the one with the most ads.
  5. RIckie Fowler gets a lot of publicity and love but has yet to produce top notch results on the tour.
  6. Hat: [url="http://www.fairwaystyles.com/golf-hats/oakley-embroidered-cap-grey-plaid-aw12-1.html"]http://www.fairwaystyles.com/golf-hats/oakley-embroidered-cap-grey-plaid-aw12-1.html[/url] Polo: [url="http://www.fairwaystyles.com/ian-poulter-classic-ultramarine-spring-2012.html"]http://www.fairwaystyles.com/ian-poulter-classic-ultramarine-spring-2012.html[/url] Outerwear: [url="http://www.fairwaystyles.com/golf-outerwear/tommy-hilfiger-michael-half-zip-pullover-black-aw12.html"]http://www.fairwaystyles.com/golf-outerwear/tommy-hilfiger-michael-half-zip-pullover-black-aw12.html[/url] Pants
  7. Definitely new age visor. BIg brimmed just look silly to me.
  8. Thanks for posting, this is awesome!
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