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  1. Used this bad boy for one season. Bag itself is in great shape. Legs have some wear from using a push cart. Some slight water staining from the towel. Overall a fantastic bag, just going to a cart bag. $150 shipped (just because shipping is gonna be a bit) OBO.
  2. As the title says. Head only preferred but not against full club
  3. Say Im playing a round of golf and I swing my driver and the epoxy breaks on the adapter, causing the club to be useless. I have another shaft in my bag (I was trying out this new shaft) but it’s not the same shaft. Can you replace the shaft or does it have to be replaced with the same shaft you had in play before?
  4. Either ST180, ST190 or ST200 (would prefer 190/200 model). Just the head
  5. Need one for a driver and 3w that fits the ST190 line.
  6. I know very little about turf management (about as much as much as you can find out online) but it seems that some of our city courses are just doomed to be slow rollers where as the nicer complexes can bump the speed up a bit. Is it just cheap grass and lack of good maintenance or can theoretically any green run close to PGA speed without killing the green complex?
  7. Serm.....did NO ONE say “hey...uhhh...guys lets come up with a new name.”
  8. I got a club from a guy here on WTB and according to the USPS website it took 5 days for the club to travel 100 miles from Eastchester NY to Newark NJ. Completely unacceptable on all counts. It still has another 2000+ miles to go to get to me. Should get it by Christmas at that pace.
  9. IMHO USPS shouldn’t be charging priority prices if they are being delayed this much.
  10. Played Enke yesterday. Course was actually in pretty good shape. Greens were better than the Randolph Complex. And the new cart path on the back 9 is nice, not gonna lie. Shot a 75 wirh 4 birdies.
  11. I really enjoy his videos. He seems extremely genuine and humble about his game, and I appreciate that he even sees it as a monumental task. But he has some serious passion about it and I wish him the best of luck. i could listen to the sound of him smoking the 2 iron all day. Just absolutely demolishes that ball.
  12. Great clubs. Normal chatter and some minor rock marks (desert golf sucks). S300 shafts. GP Tour Velvet standard. Standard LLL. $425
  13. Which is exactly why Long Drive guys don’t have long careers. It’s great that his club head speed is 135+ but the absolute fury he puts into that club is going to wreck havoc on his body. I wouldn’t be surprised if he spins out and tears a ligament in his knee or something. Look at his swing vs Kyle Berkshire. Kyle swings it faster yet seems much more athletic and balanced. That dude is in phenomenal shape and even he knows he has to dial it back from time to time.
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