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  1. Shipwreck

    The Bull

    I’m going to get in one last round on Tuesday before my flight leaves and was seeing good things about this course. Anyone care to join me for a 7:40 tee time?
  2. I’m playing this Sunday/Monday and cannot wait. When you say greens were slow, how slow is slow? Did the pro shop have a stimp reading for the day? Im looking on the weather app and it shows pretty much high 40s low 50s for when I’m there. Im coming in from Arizona where right now it’s 80s and 90s. I have plenty of winter gear but want to make sure I’m prepared, so what was the wind/rain scene like?
  3. Coming in from Tucson AZ for the weekend and want to get some info on the Sheboygan area. Any places I should check out? Restaurants that are dynamite? Anyone in the area want to get together for a drink and some food some day?
  4. watch this video. It’s helped me tremendously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE3AXawfoUY
  5. I practice hitting a variety of distances with each of my wedges. I feel comfortable hitting a variety of shots with each of my clubs based off of either going waist high, shaft vertical, 3/4 swing and full. I can cover anything from 40 yards to 135 yards with this.
  6. I think the title(ist) speaks for itself! Lightly used TSi3 9* driver. Ordered directly from Titleist as you can tell by the spec sheet in the background. Will include spec sheet if desired. No sky marks, dings or dents and was only used by myself, a 2 handicap, for 4 rounds. Normal, light scratches on sole. Mitsubishi Tensei AV White RAW 65 X Flex Shaft is in perfect condition. Club plays at 45”, no tipping performed on shaft. An easy 9-9.5/10 condition. Brand new headcover included (never used) and tool as well. Club does not come with grip, but grip was professionally uninstalle
  7. Okay. I will concede that point, but that's splitting hairs in terms of me misusing the term "local rule" and the committee designating the area as allowed in the ROG. My main issue was the reasoning behind it, and how it doesn't actually help with pace of play in the way that one would seem.
  8. I understand what you're saying, and this rule was only put into place within the last year or so. If this had always been a penalty area then I wouldn't have given it two thoughts, but they did this to help promote "pace of play". But due to the courses layout, there are quite a few tee boxes where the nearest grass isn't very close. So if you push or pull a tee shot that doesn't happen to cross fairway, you may as well treat it as an OB and re-tee because you are offered very little recourse in the way of helping with pace of play.
  9. Unless I am reading the USGA website wrong, at the very last part of Rule states: 17.3 No Relief Under Other Rules for Ball in Penalty Area When a player’s ball is in a penalty area, there is no relief for: Interference by an abnormal course condition (Rule 16.1), An embedded ball (Rule 16.3), or An unplayable ball (Rule 19). The player’s only relief option is to take penalty relief under Rule 17. You don't get to take an unplayable in a penalty area, and a rabbit hole AKA abnormal course condition, doesn't apply either. And ye
  10. Yes....but you completely missed the part about not being able to take ANY relief while in the desert. Before the desert rule came about (and yes that is literally what courses call this rule), if my ball was playable but I was standing in an animal burrow, I could take relief. With this new, local rule, I cannot do that because the area is deemed red staked (there are no actual red stakes). You also cannot take an unplayable in the newly formed penalty areas and as I stated, you cannot hit a provisional, so the whole "speed up play" goes right out the window when we have to go, forward, find
  11. For those of us that play in the SW and have an abundance of desert and not a lot of grass, the desert rule (a local rule that the USGA allows) can help speed up play. One course in particular states that the area where the grass and desert meet is played like a red stake, so if you cross grass and can't find your ball or it's "unplayable" you can drop where it crossed the grass into the desert (two club lengths) and take a penalty stroke. Easy enough. Well not so much. This course in particular has some forced carries over desert so "crossing grass" might be 5 feet in front of you and not any
  12. Time to clean out the stuff I no longer need.....and can never play. Project X 6.5 iron shafts 4-PW w/ Iomic Mid Blacks. These came off of a set of Mizuno JPX-919 Forged I got from a fellow WRX’er. Cleaned and prepped, although they probably will be cleaned and prepped again. Picture shows measured 5 iron from butt to tip $160 shipped Ventus 7X Velocore driver shaft w/ Taylormade RH tip set in graphics down neutral. Plays 45” in my SIM Max head. Came off of a Mizuno driver and has Mizuno Round grip. Only used for 4 rounds with me. $old
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