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  1. Not really club related, but I bought a Sun Mountain C-130 bag from them last October, and about a week ago I noticed that one of the seams behind the large side pocket was ripping. I sent them a picture with my order number, then sent me the shipping label (had to get a box from a local golf store) and I sent it back. They gave me full price store credit the day the received the bag back and I have a new 2021 Mizuno Tour Stand bag on the way. Top Notch service!
  2. Good condition. Normal wear on face and sole. Comes with Mizuno HC, no tool. 43” playing length. $115 shipped
  3. Both in good shape. Didn’t really use either for more than 2 rounds. Ended up going with a Shotscope V3. Both come with charging cable, no box or manual though. Phantom - $old shipped comes with magnetic clip Vivoactive 3 - $old
  4. I have always loved FJ shoes, but I have recently switched to Ecco’s and I don’t think I’ll be switching back. Five pairs of FJ shoes. All in good shape. They are used but have plenty of life left in them. FJ Fury BOA - White 12M FJ Fury - Blue 12W FJ Fury - Gray 12W FJ Flex - Gray/White 12W (no laces) FJ SL PRO - White 13M All 5 pairs for $old shipped OBO. I will not separate the pairs. You buy one, you buy them all.
  5. I say this kind of as a joke (living an hour away from Mexico) but how’s the Mexican food out in Sheboygan
  6. Shipwreck

    The Bull

    I’m going to get in one last round on Tuesday before my flight leaves and was seeing good things about this course. Anyone care to join me for a 7:40 tee time?
  7. I’m playing this Sunday/Monday and cannot wait. When you say greens were slow, how slow is slow? Did the pro shop have a stimp reading for the day? Im looking on the weather app and it shows pretty much high 40s low 50s for when I’m there. Im coming in from Arizona where right now it’s 80s and 90s. I have plenty of winter gear but want to make sure I’m prepared, so what was the wind/rain scene like?
  8. Coming in from Tucson AZ for the weekend and want to get some info on the Sheboygan area. Any places I should check out? Restaurants that are dynamite? Anyone in the area want to get together for a drink and some food some day?
  9. watch this video. It’s helped me tremendously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE3AXawfoUY
  10. I practice hitting a variety of distances with each of my wedges. I feel comfortable hitting a variety of shots with each of my clubs based off of either going waist high, shaft vertical, 3/4 swing and full. I can cover anything from 40 yards to 135 yards with this.
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