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  1. I bought Vokey SM8 in the fall and they just feel so heavy. The T20’s even feel heavier. These vokeys have to go. Thoughts? 54 and 58 needed.
  2. I don’t see any on sale for less than $98. What am I missing?
  3. I usually wear a 10M in adidas and ended up in a 10.5M in code chaos. 10M was just too snug. Super comfortable by the way.
  4. That’s why I asked if it was booked. If not I would have just stayed south around Litchfield and booked the south strand. Playing 36 is tough when driving an hour. The traffic is bad and gets worse every year.
  5. what States are you wanting to consider? Is money an object?
  6. Is everything here booked? Looks strong. Caledonia is easily one of my favorites and True Blue is great as well. We have been golfing down there for 15 years and last 7 years we have decided to just stay down in that south strand all week.
  7. What are you gonna have done to it? Clearly you have something in mind.
  8. I got here late but would have loved bed to see the putters. No pics. Especially the Piretti. Congrats on sale.
  9. Have had plenty of crap shots. This one is the one that I’m constantly reminded of. We were playing at Avon Oaks and were on the tee of a par 3. Squirrels all over. My buddy points out an albino squirrel about 30 feet up on a tree short right of the green. I’m proceed the hit a hosel rocket and it was like slow motion. Hits the squirrel square and it free falls to the ground. My ball was about 6-7 feet away from the seemingly lifeless squirrel. I address the ball and the darn thing starts twitching and making noises. My buddies are laughing like crazy and telling me I had to put it down wi
  10. The branding is ridiculous. Both sides of the hosel, face, shaft, sole, grip. Damn. I’ve been waiting but I think I’m gonna consider a boutique brand with less branding. Too bad.
  11. I feel for you, I really do. I think much of what you say is on point however, if you think it’s the cold shoulder and not economics, that could not be further from the truth. The general population is estimated to be 10 to 12% left-handed, but the overall golf population is estimated to be 5 to 7% of the population. The economics say that shelf and inventory space are going to serve the greater than 90% of the consumer base. In most industries if less than 10% came from a product line it would be discontinued. If the products sell, they are manufactured and stocked.
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