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  1. No red cap, but new: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Golf-Pride-Pistol-Putter-Grip/DW-Y0411-TM-PBW.html?cgid=taylormade-accessories-components&lang=default
  2. Hi guys, not looking to split right this second, but I'll PM you both in the next couple days if that changes.
  3. Hey all, 10 items total, looking to move quickly. PM with offers and/or questions. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to the lower 48. 1. 2015 Scotty Cameron Newport. 35", 2* loft, Std. lie. - Comes with original mint headcover. - Superstroke Flatso Ultra, moderate wear - Putter lightly used for one season. - $250 $225 2. 2016 Scotty Cameron Golo 5 Dual Balance. 38", 1* loft, Std. lie. - Lightly used for 1/2 season - Comes with original mint headcover - Standard grip - Light scratches on the finish of the face of the putter, tried to include well in pictures. Does not affect playability
  4. Where are you located (State - US Only Please)? Seattle, WA Preferred Model (Blade or Cavity Back)? Why? Blade, as it is most similar to the wedges I currently play (SM6) for a clean comparison. Preferred Sole Grind? Why? 2 dot in gap and sand, 1 dot in lob wedge. These will mach similar bounce angles I play now, and allow an 'apples to apples' evaluation of the v-sole, which my current wedges do not have. Prefered Finish? Why? Raw, as the reduced glare helps during varied playing times. Preferred Lofts? 50, 55 (54 bent), 60 If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread
  5. [color=#282828]In the post below, provide answers to the following questions:[/color][list] [*]Seattle, WA [*]5 [*]Adidas Tour360 LTD [*]Comfort, durability [*]GolfWRX [*]Not yet! [*]If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing adidas Tour360 Boost review thread? Participation includes but isn't limited to: [list] [*]quality photos- Yes [*]full initial review- Yes [*]continuing participation- Yes [*]ongoing feedback through follow up posts- Yes [/list][*][b]​Will you be able to play/test the shoe before the end of January (yes or no)?- Yes[/b] [*]Finally, we
  6. It's been a blast following the huge Nippon thread. A set of 125x with the Modus wedge 125 shafts would be great.
  7. Followed on Twitter! A set of wedges (Y and C) would be great to replace my worn Vokey's.
  8. Favorite has to be the original whiteboard. I had it in multiple drivers for years until the airlines cracked it! Excited for this new release!
  9. Excited for Part 2 of this. Great stuff!
  10. [quote name='dangerman77' timestamp='1391301338' post='8580672'] Wasn't there a similar "Signs you are a mini-tour ******" thing posted by someone on here a few years back? Things like yelling "wrong @^#&@*!@ groove!", or owning X amount of white belts, or talking about your score as a single digit below par, etc...I've been looking for that ever since, if someone knows what I'm rambling on about, please repost it! [/quote] Got it! http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/462462-if-youve-ever-played-mini-toursread-this-rule-sheet/
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