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  1. CONUS ONLY. PAYPAL ONLY. NO TRADES PLEASE. Will listen to non-looney too offers. PXG 22* Hybrid. Going for $179 new on PXG. Used for three rounds and a range session. 6.0 HZRDUS Black smoke shaft. Standard length. GP MCC +4 Grip. Will ship in PXG box. SOLD Tensei Orange Driver shaft. 43.75” PING 410/425 tip. GP MCC +4 grip. 60g XFLEX. SOLD TM 50* wedge. Used half a season. Face and sole are clean. $Taper 120g Stiff. GP MCC +4 grip. Perfect if your initials are JG. Still a great wedge if their not. Asking $115 shipped.
  2. US ONLY. PAYPAL ONLY. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. Price includes shipping. Will listen to reasonable offers. Both sets built by a Top 100 builder. Both sets are standard length with standard GP MCC +4 grips with one extra wrap. Standard lofts on both. 1. PING i210. 5-GW. Assorted BBF.KBS S+ 125g shafts. Great shape all around. Faces are clean. Black dot. SOLD 2. PING S55. 5i-PW. PXI 6.5 shafts. Blue dot. Good shape considering age. BBF throughout. Asking $45O OBO. 3. Ping G400 series driver shafts. All standard length and stiff. Will not split. Great if
  3. Both clubs bought new by me and played one round. On to the next. No trades. PayPal Only. CONUS Only. 1. PING 425 hybrid. 22*. 80g Stiff Tensei. New GP MCC +4 grip. Asking $235 OBO shipped. 2. PING 33” Tyne 4. Asking SOLD 3. New PING 2021 Aloha Driver HC. SOLD 4. Dormie Bomber HC. Fairway. Asking SOLD OBO Shipped.
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