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  1. CONUS ONLY. PAYPAL ONLY. NO Trades please. Willing to make deal if someone wants both. 1. TENSEI Orange driver shaft. 60g TX. Used to hit a few balls in a 425 head. New standard GP MCC +4 grip. Asking $175 OBO to your door. 2. PXG 0211 22* hybrid. Used two rounds and two range sessions off of my mat. 6.0 HZRDUS Black Smoke with New standard GP MCC +4 grip. Asking $175 OBO to your door.
  2. Yes. Super smooth and stable from my standpoint. Trajectory is mid low and piercing. Big fan of HZRDUS shafts. Playing the Hulk Small Batch in the driver and have a Handcrafted Yellow for the driver as well that I swap out here and there.
  3. SIK Flo CSeries Putter. Mint or New only.
  4. https://bbandfco.com They are super high quality
  5. Driver sold heading to FL. Let’s get that fairway moving gents
  6. Have hit and played everything over the years. Haven’t posted a WITB in a long time. Pretty much set for the year at this point after testing everything new and decking it against what I played last year. Woods last year were primarily G410. Irons and wedges were 718 AP2s and Vokeys. Only thing staying this year is the putter (gamer for last 5+ years). PING G425 Max 9* w/ HZRDUS Hulk Small Batch PING G425 3 and 5 Woods w/ Tensei Orange AV PXG 0211 22* with HZRDUS Yellow Small Batch PING i210 with 125g S+ KBS Edel 53* and 57* Scotty Fastback 1.5 TM TP5 B
  7. US Only. PayPal Only. No trades please. Prices are OBO and include shipping to your door. 1. PING G425 LST. Standard Length. 9* with Tour Stiff. Hit 5 times into my outdoor mat. Basically new. SOLD 2. PING G410 Fairway. Standard length Orange Tensei 70g XFlex. GP MCC +4 grip. Used all of last season. Face is clean. Asking $215 to your door. Would love to ship both together if someone is interested in both. Cheers.
  8. The problem is, trader Danny played his best card over ten years ago bringing in KG and Ray. After that, underwhelming is an understatement. And I just renewed my season tix....
  9. Putter still up for grabs after gentleman who said he would take it did not. Willing to make a solid deal on this one.
  10. Just the putter left. Ping 410 head heading down to FL
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