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  1. I was also under the impression that MB 5003 = MB 001 and TB Zero = MB 101. Just like how they simultaneously released TC 201 under the global brand and TC 101 for Giken. I've bought a few iron sets from Chris in the past but I was also pretty confused by this one. This is speculation though, as I haven't talked to anyone directly from Miura.
  2. Do you have any address pics? And did anyone get the A2 “smaller head” option?
  3. Does anyone know another place to order from the Yoro program other than Tourspec? I'm still gaming my MP-4s and would love a set of MP-20s but likewise when I enquired I got the same response as above --- wondered if that was really true. Maybe the YORO program simply isn't available anymore, which would really be a shame. I don't know what to believe. The "MP20 line is forged in China" reasoning doesn't seem right to me. But maybe it is as simple as YORO is MP only, and the Japan release was under the Mizuno Pro branding. However, that is even more confusing, as isn't MP short for 'Mizuno
  4. I've done that exact set -- 3 and 4 i500 and 5-PW Blueprint. It's perfect for me since the 3 and 4 are more like a traditional 2 and 3.5. 4 is usually the longest iron I carry so I like a little extra oomph out of it. At the end of the day though, when I finally tested them vs my MP4s, the Blueprints performed identically, while the i500 launched a little higher (same specs same shafts). Mizzys are still in the bag.
  5. Sold Still Own Gamers Some old Tommy Armour set hand me down Nike Slingshot Callaway Big Bertha Hogan FTX Taylormade Smoke TP MB MacGregor ProMC combo Cobra King Pro MB Mizuno MP-14 Scratch SB1 D/S Adams CMB Titleist 712 MB Miura 1957 Baby Blade (Never should have sold these!) Scratch Custom Cleveland 588 MB Mizuno MP 4Mizuno Yoro craft MP-4 Nike Vapor ProMizuno Yoro craft MP-5 National Custom WorksAnother Mizuno Yoro craft MP-4Ping Blueprint
  6. How does the smaller sized head grind look? I would love a square toe set of Miruras, but it's hard to find examples of what the MCW grinds actually look like. They have an option called "square" but the example pic looks almost identical or if anything more round.
  7. How about a long iron comparison? I have an i500 4 iron that launches much easier than my MP4s, but as mentioned the blade length is super long. P760 could be a match.
  8. These look great. I've been working on putting together a short set with a very similar set up.
  9. You sure? They've made Rickie's blades available at retail for the last 6+ years, full MB.
  10. howeber


    The designer has a JDM company now called A-Grind. I've never hit their stuff but it looks pretty similar (minus the driving cavity).
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