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  1. SHAPLAND Carry Bag V2 Gray Color Brand New, decided to stick with the stand bag version $275 including shipping (also ships immediately)
  2. Still game my 915 Fd 18* --- club has too many good memories.
  3. Wow the toe shape looks really great. Might have to find a proxy….
  4. Looks like the new irons are a KM model... do you think that means it will be a limited release? I hope it will be available with MCW options.
  5. So I must be in the minority but to me, UB feels VERY similar to DI. I guess my experience isn't really apples to apples though -- I just went back to my trusty AD DI 8x and 9x in my fairways (that I got fit into in 2014!) after a few years with Fujikura (SpeederTR and Rombax). In the Driver, I'm trying a lighter and longer build (UB 6x tipped 3/4" at 46", instead of 7x profiles at 45" that I have played forever). Anyway... the 6x UB matches up to the 8x and 9x DI quite well. I'm tempted to get a 7x to try in the 3 wood for a more direct comparison. UB Launches substantially higher and feels much better than the Ventus Blue 6x I have. I must just really like stiff tip soft butt profiles. However, I absolutely despised the Tensie 1k, so who the hell knows.
  6. I am a blade putter guy. Have gamed a blade forever. But for some reason, every two years, I convince myself that a sweet mallet is exactly what I need. Well, turns out I'm still a blade guy! This MEZZ proto is awesome though, I like it way more than the DF and it feels better to boot. But this won't replace the B.2 in the bag, so let's try it out here on the BST! LAB IS SOLD! Check back in ~2 years for whatever the next mallet is. 1. LAB golf Mezz.1 Proto. Used for one round + one long practice session. Upgraded shaft and comes with the leather headcover that will also fit the DF. 35.25", 69* Lie Press 1.5* grip Stability Tour Black Shaft $850 and ships immediately SOLD 2. SHAPLAND Carry Bag V2 Gray Color Brand New, decided to stick with the stand bag version $275 (also ships immediately)
  7. A few things for sale... all in near mint condition... No trades please... cheers! 1. Tensei 1K shafts with Titleist tips. $200 each Driver 60TX untipped, playing length 46" Sold 3 wood 70TX tipped 1/2", playing length 43" Sold Lamkin UTx +2 wraps 2. Ping 3-PW combo set i500 and Blueprint $800 Sold Blueprinted by Will Peoples Set goes from 19* (3 iron) to 46 * (PW). Lengths based off a 37.75" 6 iron. D4 SW. Red dot (1* flat) X100 Tour Issue, Lamkin UTx +2 wraps 3. Mizuno ES21 61* and 56* wedge $150 each 35"/63*/61*/D4 S400 Tour Issue , Z-Cord + 2 wraps
  8. I've tried both, The Accra has a bit more play and more of a dull/soft feeling at impact. The BGT Tour feels stiffer and cleaner. The biggest difference is in the weight. The BGT is ~20 grams lighter statically and has a higher balance point, so it gives the putter a less head heavy feel.
  9. Did you see a big difference between X and TX? I'm also in the same speed ballpark and have been debating between X with a little tipping or TX straight in.
  10. Will they be doing custom grinds on these like they do for wedges?
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