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  1. Just seen the WITB J Day has a 2 ball blew my mind he would keep the trusty spider.
  2. As a player that has always had a fixed hose fairway. I have been waiting for this release to see how it would look knowing last iteration was adjustable. I am a bit deflated its fixed as I was looking forward to it. Back to the drawing board for this guy on the FW.
  3. I played the PX 6.5 then moved into Steelfiber i110 X. Flight was similar big notice was vibration response. Which I was trying to find. As #'s go I didn't have many times with a LM but the few times I did they were very close. In the feels side I found the steelfiber to have a slightly softer butt section, I would say the steefiber feels more like an PX LZ. Hope this helps.
  4. I have noticed some inconsistent sizing with these gloves. I will order 3 at a time and usually one will always show up with a wider looser fitting palm. Has anyone else noticed that with these gloves?
  5. Seen in the Tour report says he has Ping G425 Driver and Mizuno JPX921 Irons. Great moves IMO What I'm most interested in is if he switches balls and to what.
  6. Awesome irons hit the MBs a few times. Was plotting a purchase but got hurt and delayed replacing my irons for a few more years as I didn't play much at all.
  7. Herd Keegan's interview on a replay of Gravy & The Sleeze he talked about how he ended up with a shoe contract with Jordan. I haven't really thought of what he was up to till the other day when I herd it. Long story short he was at a Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot and he has a clause in his contract with his then shoe sponsor that if a Golf club was in his hand he had to have there shoes on.In a photo he was holding an old hickory prop club and ended up being a violation and was terminated. Keegan and Jordan are close friends and the rest is history!
  8. I have only every see this on Mizuno UK Site https://mizunogolf.com/uk/irons-comparison-table/
  9. I remove them as they get bad never initially when putting them in play!
  10. I would have liked to get a maverick sub zero 3+ in a adjustable hosel. I know they are out there just like to buy before I try these days to limit garage inventory.
  11. I have had a few clubs over the years crack. Unfortunately Titleist was the toughest to deal with on metalwood issues, even within the one year. Ping and Taylormade have always been more than helpful when issues arise and that is a reason I consider them first when making purchases.
  12. As a long time GP TV Rib player less is more I liked having the option of tv or cord that was it. Now bringing back the GP V55 TV is what actually needs to happen.
  13. Been playing the Z-Star for a long time. Been thinking of a switch at end of this past season. Played a TP5 and liked the driver and long iron flight slight lower and stronger flight but has the soft feel I like about Srixon. Will settle on something in the spring and stick to it.
  14. I play a TaylorMade 60* Milled Grind HB 12* came to love the wide sole from full shots to around the green and especially sand. I do miss a little heel relief to get the leading edge lower but to not have to worry about dig. After reading thinking a LBW would be a great transition for that reason but never played anything with that little bounce may be a mental hurdle till the reps get in with it. Might have to Buy to try and that's the best way to test!
  15. I have the 919 tours. Very stable I do notice they don't have the curve, more of a slight movement to the flight. I am one that sees straight shots best and don't try to make the ball curve. Was very intrigued to read that they shifted a little bit of weight around in the stability frame to allow for a bit more movement ability for the player. Shows that they are going and making it more like an MP style club to get some players to make the switch and grow the JPX line even more.
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