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  1. If the grass on the putting course was bermuda it'd be a lot of fun but it's zoysia. It's not that fun you have to hit the s*** out of everything.
  2. highly doubt you can get a room for Feb 2021... September 2021 might be pushing it at this point
  3. Funny he's coming from NJ the other state where you can't pump your own gas.
  4. It's working fine right now but the app is trash for sure, it randomly doesn't work at times.
  5. Would second RTJ trail if the goal is lots of cheap golf. Consider Air bnb vs hotel, could save you a lot with a longer trip between hotel and food costs if you are willing to cook.
  6. Got all my tee times booked for the week after Thanksgiving, really looking forward to it. La Quinta - Mountain Terra Lago - South Indian Wells Resort - Both Courses Desert Willow - Mountain View Indian Wells Country Club - Both Courses Mission Hills Country Club - Palmer
  7. Congrats and good luck Spud! What was the process this year, lottery or fastest fingers?
  8. solid report, sounds like a great trip.
  9. I know CT isnt a big state, but you might want to narrow down the area a little bit... Yale
  10. Are all the mission hills courses great... or are you guys saying the tournament course in particular? Its only available May - oct for non members i think
  11. PGA West - Nicklaus vs La Quintia dunes for 11/30. Nicklaus is an extra $40 worth it?
  12. PGA West - Nicklaus vs La Quintia dunes for 11/30. Nicklaus is an extra $40 worth it?
  13. You probably wont be able to get a tee time at the diniah shore course at mission hills during the winter season (members only). Other options for December outside of Texas would be Vegas (bears best > canyon gate but canyon gate is still good) and Phoenix (haven't been). Houston has some good courses too (Woodlands CC > Kingwood > Golf Trials Woodlands > Magnolia Creek) and Dallas has good ones too if you timed the weather and were ok with staying in Texas
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