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  1. Still playing them. Set of 2011 VRs with MB for 8, 9, and P. They just work for me with great feedback. Have ended up shooting some of my lowest scores with these. You will not regret if you can regularly find the club center. Yet, when you are having an off day there won't be any forgiveness.
  2. Keep them. I have gone back to my VR ProCombos a few times now as my gamers. Can’t beat the feeling when they are working. In general, I score better with them that’s why I keep putting them in the bag.
  3. Good to me as well. As represented and usually very quick.
  4. Agree. Recently put mine back in the bag and have been playing some great golf. Feedback on shot is fantastic.
  5. Back to my Nike VR Procombos (2011) mid year and not looking back. handicap had crept up to 9 and dropping quickly. Now sitting at 5. It is like playing with an old friend. They are also damn attractive too! It all started with a Golfwrx article and thinking back to playing with them from years before. What do you know.
  6. This, particularly if you walk and dry your hands before putting the glove back on. Addresses the perspiration from the back of your hand that will wet out a glove.
  7. Yes, I have a VR Procombo 2 iron head sitting around in the garage.
  8. Let's understand this scenario as described by the OP. "Now how about a stranger doing this that you just met on the 12th hole? I was playing as a single and caught up to a twosome in front of me...." Based on what is described he joined the group on hole 12 and was a single before that.
  9. I might be the only one here,, yet what is the harm?. A single is not turning in a card for handicap. Certainly they are not going to brag to others about the round or collect any money. So, all I am thinking is pace of play in a group you just joined. Now on the other hand, if money is on the line, playing in your MGA, or turning it in for handicap with your group, then putting is done when holed.
  10. Went from stiff to regular shaft this past year. It has made a big difference for me personally as I do not feel the need to "red line" my iron swing. No real loss in consistency. Keeping the stiff shafts in my woods as these work just fine. T o compare, 7 iron is 155 yds for a forced carry, driver is about 235-245yds.
  11. Find the enhanced alignment better than a single line allowing me to stay down on the ball longer. Also, a noticeable improvement on putt count as well. Recommend if you currently use a line for putting. Frames nicely with a clean Newport.
  12. Hawks head or Beeches. Beeches is more family friendly particular in the afternoon, when I play with the kids. Hawkshead is a nice course by the Lake. Both are 15 minutes from South Haven
  13. This. Definitely a laundry bag unless you want to pull out the vacuum everytime you bring it in the house.
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