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  1. Will also offer that the left dash felt significantly harder than a ProV1. Enough of a difference that I didn't like to play it around the green even though bombing it with woods and driver. Your results may vary.
  2. Just my lob wedge (60°), D4 in wedges, D3 in the rest
  3. Depends on adapter and whether you ground or hover the club. Cog based adapters (ie Titleist) let you change loft and lie independently if you hover. You are out of luck if you ground the club like I do. It just opens the driver slightly when setting up.
  4. No. It would be an encroachment on his playing partners allocation of time. No man should encroach on another man’s time. Everyone starts a round with the expectation to finish somewhere between 3 to 5 hours depending on venue, how busy, and level of player ability. We generally understand this if you are out in the afternoon compared to the expectation in a morning round. The routine the OP described is just asinine and makes me wonder if the guy struggles finding playing partners. As others have mentioned, it is not how well you play, it is the courtesy you extend to others when you play.
  5. While it would seem there should be a correlation, I do not believe there is one. Very different swings are needed to be successful. Try the expo marker for the driver to see if a change is needed. Different results on adjustments depending on the adapter. Personally play it flat in my 5w and driver and standard in wedges, irons, and 3w.
  6. Leopold GX-1. Do not believe they retail anymore, yet can get them used for a fraction of new. Solid performance year after year.
  7. The way I understand it is opening the wedge increases the bounce and square is the number on the club when using your wedges. So by changing the bounce of your wedge, you have now changed the range from when it is square to degrees opened. I use a 52/10 and 58/04 around the greens and bunkers to meet my needs opening the face as required. More bounce is helpful in fluffy bunkers or with deep sand. Less bounce is helpful for tight lies or bunkers with less sand.
  8. Kept coming back to my old tired Nike VR Wedges. Tried vokey and mizuno and the feel was just different.”
  9. Makes me almost want to pick up a club to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks Monte!
  10. HawksHead would hold over Blackthorn.
  11. Played Hawks Head a couple times and its primary defense is the wind off Lake Michigan. More of a links type golf course. Great vistas and better views than Harbor Shores in my opinion. Fairly straightforward layout, yet a couple holes where you cannot see everything in front of you on the first time playing. Always enjoyed it.
  12. I'll choose Warren over Blackthorn for a couple reasons. Blackthorn gets more public play than Warren which at times affects pace of play. When the heather is up at Warren it becomes even more challenging. USGA also made a few modifications from the Senior Open a couple years ago creating a few additional fairway hazards than was there before. Blackthorn, which I understand is a Pete Dye course, had some bunkers removed and the fairways expanded pushing long grass farther away from when it first opened. Both are fun and you should play both if your stay permits.
  13. Will chime in and second both Warren and Blackthorn for public courses. Warren holds over Blackthorn for layout and interest. Blackthorn's easier of the two courses in my opinion and gets quite a bit of play. Also, there are a lot of great private courses in the South Bend area and just across the state line. If you can get on any of these you won't regret it.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I like my Tensei AV 65S in my 3W. Like you, and it left over from a driver. Since tipping it a little extra it is money every time - long, penetrating, and straight. It's not a $300 shaft, yet works really well in this role.
  15. The other element to consider is you are putting a 65 g shaft into a 5W. Currently have this in my 3W, yet needed an extra 1/2" tipping from what is recommended. At recommended tipping I struggled with control. Your results may vary. Take a measured approach because you can't put the tip back on.
  16. Interested to hear more about this as well. Played a set of 919F last year for a bit and didn't like the gapping in the short clubs.
  17. ClicGear. Have one that is still strong after several years of use. Beware, newer CC bag staff will struggle with opening and closing which could increase wear and tear.
  18. Thanks. Ordered two pairs of golf shorts and two t-shirts. The wicking t-shirts are great and nearly indestructible. My RIP stuff from many years ago is starting to show its age.
  19. In a club there will be a mix of players and HC. Most will post every single score including the one's they bring back from vacation or winter. Others haven't posted a score except competitions or evening outings. You just will not see a casual score posted. Most other members address this by getting the cards turned after the round. Mutually exclusive are the types that carry a HC. You have the sandbaggers, vanity cappers, and everyone else. Vanities are the ones I like the best($). Baggers are a frustrating lot, particularly in club tournaments when they bring their A game. Both ends of the spectrum become known commodities within the club, so eventually it is never a surprise to the other players. Our club scores go through the pro shop for posting and does wonders for keeping things in check. Other venues will have some issues depending on what is the norm or typical running up to tournaments. Keep posting your rounds where you subscribe to the rules of golf. It will take care of itself. That's the beauty of the game where a broad cross section of abilities can play together in a competitive round. Some will have bad days and others will get hot. Most of us are often within a few strokes of where they should be, usually over. It is when you have some players busting statistical norms that you go "Hmmm".
  20. Had a decent handicap - real low single digit - when I joined a club. Previous muni-course I played was basically short par 4s with long par 3s. Generally only had an 8 to wedge in my hand for a second shot. New club forced me to use clubs that I barely ever used before. Cap went up about 4 to 5 strokes. Keep posting and time will take care of you HC.
  21. Still playing them. Set of 2011 VRs with MB for 8, 9, and P. They just work for me with great feedback. Have ended up shooting some of my lowest scores with these. You will not regret if you can regularly find the club center. Yet, when you are having an off day there won't be any forgiveness.
  22. Keep them. I have gone back to my VR ProCombos a few times now as my gamers. Can’t beat the feeling when they are working. In general, I score better with them that’s why I keep putting them in the bag.
  23. Good to me as well. As represented and usually very quick.
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