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  1. I have a set of VSS Elavate 95 Stiff that I just pulled from my I210’s. I went back to Steelfibers that I love. The Elevates were great on the joints but launched a little too high for me. If any is interested shoot me a PM. they are 4-G and in great shape. great irons BTW!
  2. I am just checking if you got my PM about possibly selling the Head only?
  3. I have 2 pairs of Gallivanters and 1 pair of the MG4 and find they fit the same. The MG4+ may be the most comfortable shoe ever and I hav3 lots of shoes.
  4. Would love to sell the Apex Combo with The U510 and Gap wedge together. Great Combo all clubs except the BAsha have Lamkin Z5 Midsize Grips on them First Up Apex Combo 5-P 1 Degree Flat. They have Catalyst 6.0 graphite shafts. I would say very good shape but normal bag chatter for Forged. The set breaks at 8 iron Pro to 7 iron regular. Noticed the PW has some rust in the cavity while taking pictures and I did my best to show that. $SoldORBO Shipped to Continental USA U510 4 iron. Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 in great shape. Noticed a slight gap in ferrule while taking pics but club is stable. See pics $soldshipped OBRO CALLAWAY Mack Daddy 50 s grind with plenty of life left. See pics $soldShipped would love to sell all together and give a chance for $soldTotal Shipped!! UST Lin-Q Gunmetal 6F4 Stiff with Ping 410/425 tip. Just under 44 inch played a hair over 45 in driver Great Shape Sold! ALDILA Rogue 125 MSI 60 With Ping 410/425 Tip just under 44 inch played a hair over 45 in Driver. $110 Shipped miyazaki B Asha 4S with old Ping tip. 44 inch I believe it came out of G25. Great light shaft. $45 shipped OBRO if my prices are out of line please let me know and no trades at this time. Thanks for looking!
  5. Just got a set of I210’s and coming from Apex 19 Combo set I am pretty excited about the year after this weekend. TheApex combo also we’re very nice and a bit longer.
  6. Scotty Cameron Newport Prototype Center Shaft! what a great looking putter and see them every once in a while. Mint ones bring pretty good money!
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