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  1. Sorry I'm a little confused, is there a TS2 hybrid? I don't see anything above unless I'm missing something.
  2. For all items, please add $10 to anything shipped east of Utah. I am in the bay area, CA so if you are local I'd be happy to work something out to avoid shipping costs. Titleist TS2 - Head only, 16.5 degrees. Pretty much in mint shape, I do have an A flex shaft I can include if buyer is willing to pay increased shipping costs. Full disclosure it looks like there are some alignment pole rubbing marks from a previous owner and are not really noticeable. No headcover unfortunately, but will ship protected. - $SOLD shipped Ping G400 LST - 8.5 degree and plays at 44.5 inches. Golf Pride MCC +4 stan
  3. Just one item up for sale, asking $350. Specs as follows: -34.5 inches -H9 long mid slant neck -Rose gold finish -no sight line/no paintfill -7g soleplate (I believe it is 353g head weight) -Super stroke pistol gt 1.0 Putter is in mint condition with minor scratches. I have done my best in the pictures to reflect the condition. I don't have the original headcover, but I will ship protected with a generic Odyssey headcover.
  4. All items listed are OBO and include shipping to CONUS. I'll be happy to sell together at a reduced price to reduce shipping costs. 1. Nike Vapor Fly Pro Kuro Kage X Flex Standard Nike Length - $65 SOLD Light use across the face, but unfortunately I tried to kill a ball and left a couple scratches on the top. Tbh they're not too noticable unless there is direct sunlight, but it is there. Comes with head cover, but no tool. 2. Nike Vapor Flex 3w Diamana Blue Stiff - $40 Definitely seen better days and is priced accordingly. No head cover unfortunately, but will be protected wh
  5. Yeah I assume it's been cut down, I just don't know the specifics of how it was trimmed (from the butt end or from the tip). Unfortunately all I know is that it is 42.5" from butt to tip.
  6. I have a Fujikura Pro 61 XLR8 stiff flex driver shaft with a Nike Flexloft adapter on the tip. It measures 42.5 inches from butt to tip and comes with an iomic grip in decent condition. I have no idea if it was tipped at all as I bought it from someone else. I don't know how much these are going for so I'll say $60 SOLD shipped. If that's too high please let me know and we can work something out. Next I have 2 dozen Srixon Z-Star golf balls for sale. Lets say $25/dozen shipped or $40 SOLD shipped for both.
  7. I have a Ben Hogan BHB5 SS putter (made by Bettinardi) with a pretty much brand new Super Stroke 3.0 for sale. The head weight is 330g and it is 34 inches long. There is a small nick on the topline from a previous owner which I have tried to make as obvious as possible. It is barely noticable at address. As some of you may know this putter is made out of DASS (pretty much the same as Cameron's GSS) and it feels amazing. The best way to describe a DASS putter would be responsive. You know exactly where you are missing the ball on the putter face. I'm not sure what to price this at so I'll start
  8. Yeah, when you go into the classifieds under one of the option buttons or something you can select subscribe. You get emails which has the title and text of the bst ad. So all you have to do is open the email alert and you can read what is being sold instantly
  9. Subscribe to BST on the app, you get email alerts as soon as items are posted. I was tired of missing out on deals so now whenever something posts Im one of the first to see it. You get a ton of emails, but theyre really easy to delete
  10. They were priced at 475. I got lucky last week and picked up some in the same condition locally for 450
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