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  1. Yea...time to let them go (I think ). It’s been hard to find something that works better for me...
  2. PayPal [email protected] 1. Titleist 681s These are stamped “TC” on the back of the hosel and have been finished in a brushed satin chrome. These are arguably the best set of irons that Titleist has ever made. They are stamped with ‘BJ’ on the back of the blade as shown. Custom red paint fill was used as well. There are a couple of chips...see pics. Grooves are very sharp, as all irons were professionally refinished and re-chromed when I bought these. The lofts are to the original 681 specs (49* PW). $475 shipped, OBRO $425 shipped $350 shipped $315
  3. I’ve tried and tried, but nothing that I can do has knocked my trusty 905R w TS Speeder 757 out of the bag, so... Here’s a mint Titleist 9.5* TS4 driver. This is a low spin beast. It’s shafted with a HZRDUS T1100 Prototype/Handcrafted 6.5 75g shaft and a genuine Titleist SureFit adapter. This shaft retails for $399 alone. It’s one of the lowest spinning shaft available and keeps the ball down and humming! It plays right at 44.5”. It also has a Golf Pride MCC+4 standard grip, and all shaft graphics are perfect. This has been played 1 round, and see pics for condition. $475 shipped [email protected]
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