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  1. G15 4 wood! fairway finder most of the time. It could use a refinishing if anyone knows someone that I could send it to.
  2. I bet Ernie is really wishing he took his time on that 1st hole. He's actually playing pretty decent.
  3. Oh man!! I had that the other night how delicious. Only had 2 and was pretty buzzed. I think the original Scotty Karate is still one of my favorites, though. You ever try Old Chub nitro by Oskar Blues Brewery? If you like Scotty you would probably like that.
  4. If it's like last year, nope. Have to wait until 3. boo. thanks for the reply. Its on ESPN right?
  5. does anyone know if they'll be showing Spieth on the featured groups stream? I've had about enough of Bubba, Poulter, and Kuchar. I did enjoy watching Day, what a great golfer.
  6. For sale today is a Scotty Cameron California Del Mar. 34" long Has "Art of Putting" headcover. 7/10 condition Asking $old Will ship via UPS/Fedex same day payment is received.
  7. that shot tiger just made was ridiculous.
  8. [quote name='3 Jack Par' timestamp='1434567854' post='11770528'] I encountered this situation in a Michigan Am qualifier several years ago. We were playing a par 3 where you hit over a swampy area that went basically from in front of the tee box to the green. It wasn't wet, and there was a decent chance if you hit into the area, you could play it from there. [/quote] this sounds like one of the par 3's at Pheasant Run, am I right? A fond memory I have of that hole I wrote a 2 down on the scorecard before I teed off and then I stuck my tee shot w/ an 8 iron to about a foot. Wish that worked every time!
  9. anyone feel like playing 18 today around Jackson area? I shoot in the 80s (if the driver is working) and am generally good company. I'll just play alone if I have to but I know there's a bunch of fiends around here. I was thinking Calderone or Pierce Lake since I'll be camping at the Sugarloaf campground down that way. PM me I'll be checking periodically.
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