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  1. hey, be gentle if it gets one interested in golf, sold for life. My first clubs were from SuperValue when mom spent over $50 we got to pick a golf iron; thus 55 years later I'm still hooked
  2. Rocket Tour, besides winning on a event on this site they're the best old style and durable - flashy too
  3. my history has always been the more I practice the worse I scored, warm up had to be cut to almost nothing over a 1/2 hour or one bag regardless then I was more consistent. One summer I spent four days a week at least two hours a day practicing and sure result I shot worse - regardless of additional lessons
  4. Early 1970's, my first set of new clubs = Club Specials by Acushnet, granted may be more sentimental but golf is between the ears . everything I had before was bought at the grocery store ie power bilt.
  5. doesn't the LPGA have rules about shouting over 80? I recall Wie ended a round years ago with "injury" while en-route to a 80 plus score. Could this be a similar situation? pardon my ignorance
  6. perhaps its the positioning - aiming at a certain spot consistently that he's accustom to? thus he can't adapt to change and needs his comfort zone at the range to help him in his endeavors
  7. looks similar to what i had in the early 1970's and wish I still had!
  8. i haven't however I was caddying for and uncle who was quite good at a tournament championship round when his tee shot sliced. Searching for the ball my uncles father who was walking along dropped a ball in the rough and said "I found it" I saw it clear as day he dropped a ball from his pocket - with the same markings on the ball. So while I did not actual cheat I failed to report the "cheating" and obliviously still remember / feel guilty 'cause this occurred in early 1970's
  9. find a local seamstress and bring her a putter head cover and ask her to customize one for you off your desire. at least that's what I had my wife do for me.
  10. why not play with iron covers and only remove them when you are ready to hit? I did it during during the early 70's playing with friends, I was actual ashamed with expensive / latest titest clubs after a birthday when dad bought me the AC 100's
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