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  1. 9* Driver 12* 3W 16* 5W 19* 3H 24/27* 4/5H Use 3W off the tee on tight holes primarily or as the driver if the driver is having an off day. 5W off the deck into par 5s or longer par 4 approaches. Hybrids utilize out of the rough and as needed for tee shots and long par 3s. Set up works for my game and the courses I play which require distance with a lot of hazards to carry with some tight lay outs. I play higher launching shafts in woods and hybrids minus the driver. I prefer to have more hybrid options than fairway woods because can swing them like an iron and
  2. Tour AD DI 7/8 s/x look no further
  3. Lets see this year I added new driver, 3&5 woods, experimented with a driving iron (which I will probably sell) and bought x6 new grips. So $300+$200+$200+$150+$100 = $950 after taxes we're talking over $1000. Crazy to think. Only clubs that have stayed in the bag past x5 years are hybrids, irons and putter.
  4. Thank you fellow WRX'ers for the swing tip. Had my best ball striking round of the year today by hovering every club except the putter -- would have to put more time into incorporating it into the putting stroke -- But man, irons wedges, driver, fairway woods off the deck or in the rough, you name it...absolute puree. Only had one push fade drive and a thin 8-iron the entire round. FWIW I was hovering and playing the ball more aligned at the heel. I'm sold!
  5. I have tools from the Titleist 910 series and TM M2 and both have worked together including on Cobra f9
  6. No. 1 50 series I've enjoyed playing in my woods and Iomic Sticky 2.3 in hybrids irons wedges. Been playing them for years and they last especially the iomics for me. Typically order from regripit or grips4less
  7. Have you tried the sm7? I came off of playing the sm6 S grinds and even though I liked them I prefer the sm7s
  8. YES! They were certainly ahead of their time. Seemed like it would just stay in the air forever and gently fall out of the sky. I find the newer TP5/x to be somewhat similar. The Penta TP5 as honorable mention too.
  9. When I think old reliable inexpensive hybrids I think Adams and a close second for any of the Cobra baffler models. Throw in the Cleveland hi-bores too those are solid. I've had success with Titleist 910H. Ping definitely has some solid options as well. You could probably find any one of these and get multiple hybrids for just over $100.
  10. Open stance open shoulders along same line as stance slight closed club face then swing along the body line feeling like you over emphasize the finish through the ball straight down the target line. Ball fades 100% of time for me with this. But then again I naturally fade the ball. You can also try a more simple approach with grip pressure. Squeeze the grip with more pressure in the left hand (RH golfer) compared to right and swing as you would maintaining that same grip pressure. Try it out lmk how it goes.
  11. Good to know on the beads and shim front. I usually go with a pinch of shafting beads and blend it with the epoxy and then sprinkle some on prior to install.
  12. Graphite shaft that I just had to put a bit more time in tip prepping. A fair amount of epoxy did come out when sliding in the tip with shim up into hosel but it was not like I had to add significant force to get it fully seated -- a few extra taps to ensure fit. I may have gone over board with the shafting beads could be why it didn't feel like it was seated properly at first.
  13. Yes caliper reading .360. I ended up having to cut the arms of the shim and just gave a couple extra forced hits to drive it in. No problems after that thanks for your input
  14. Looking to DIY a taper tip driving iron shaft into a .370 hosel diameter... There is hardly any play once inserted and when putting a shim on I can hardly press the shaft all the way in the hosel. Any words of advice? Do I install without the shim?
  15. Current GHIN index 6.5 anywhere from 5.5-6.5 so far this season. Put a Cobra f9 tour baffler set at 15* in the bag this year with tour AD DI 8x -- coming off of playing for many years an old school '07 TM Burner TP with speeder 757s -- still have it in the back up bag and occasionally put the Burner in the bag set at 14.5* with the Cobra turned down to 12* for off the tee depending on the course and playing conditions. Nice to have options and more than one reliable 3W IMO.
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