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  1. 6 maybe even 7 IIRC and shot 76 (+4). Followed most birdies up by bogey the next hole. Think I had like 2 or 3 pars the whole round. Stupid game...
  2. I play a 6TX in a f9 9* that gives me a mid flight tight fade. I've hit the hulk 6.5 in a Ping 410 9* and a GP 8x in a 4-5wood f9. As far as feel goes, the GP feels the best but I've only ever hit it in a fairway wood. The hulk gave me a higher than expected launch but 10 yard fade similar to the AD XC 6TX but feel wise prefer the feel of the XC, perhaps its the cobra vs ping head. Use to play a BB 6s in a 910D2 and tipped it over an inch and prefer the feel of the XC in comparison. All in all, for me, the XC has the best overall feel and ball flight characteristics I am looking for and I don
  3. 71.5 / 126 / 70 -- 6435 Most local courses I play are 70-72 rating and 120-130 slope and that's even with yardages 6500-7000
  4. '18 Callaway Apex MB Raw Srixon Z-Forged MBs
  5. alright thanks just curious im typically a 10 with more narrow foot
  6. The only thing I feel like I am consciously doing is setting the wrists sooner and in transition FEELING like I am initiating the downswing by hinging the left wrist downward i.e. ulnar deviation as a RH golfer.
  7. False tilting poor pivot causing casting and right hip out to ball. Fix it by feeling like you ulnar deviate lead wrist to initiate the transition at about 8 o'clock... Refer to 12:30
  8. For the most part. The correct muscles have to be loaded in a functional manner specific to the golf swing to build up tensile strength to therefore give you better stability and a more stable base to perform a quick ballistic high velocity motion over and over. If you're weak in the wrong areas, you're overworking muscles that don't want to be loaded in that way which equals eventual discomfort, pain, malalignment, you name it.
  9. In my experience in working with golfers that suffer from back pain, the MOST common assessment I find is the extreme limitation of hip extension range of motion. Meaning, it is difficult to extend the leg behind to a good amount of range of motion without compensating by arching the back or it causes pain, etc. SO you have to get the hip flexors and quadriceps and various other musculotendinosus junctions within the hip girdle lengthened with appropriate stretching AND THEN you have to strengthen the glutes and "core" musculature. Decompression techniques can give you
  10. If you're looking for decompression in the spine there are alternatives without equipment you can try but again I have no idea if its the appropriate method to alleviate the back ailment. And as mentioned before, it very well could make matters worse. Here are a few self options if an inversion table is not appropriate for you to use and your doctor/PT have ordered you to do traction as an intervention.
  11. Inversion tables can work if you have a disc pathology i.e. herniation but there are so many other factors involved that others have alluded to -- past medical history, type of injury, etc. so I have no idea if you in particular are appropriate to use one. It could make matters worse for you so your best bet is to refrain from it for now. Go and get a script for physical therapy from your doctor to do PT (some states have direct access so you do not even not to see your doctor first for an order to do PT) and do some research on locating a good therapist within your region. They wi
  12. Played lamkin REL for years and switched over to 2.3 stickys, my new favorite in hybrids/irons/wedges. My preferred grip for the last 5+ years. NO.1 50 series in woods. I like all these grips because I don't always have to wear a glove
  13. She gets all my hand-me-downs so current set up: Titleist 910D2 10.5 Motore Speeder 661 TM Burner TP 14.5 Speeder 757 Cleveland HiBore 4-PW Vega VM-06 52/58* ^Just bought her these wedges dirt cheap on 2ndswing All in a PING hoofer red stand bag
  14. Once I learned (more so just a feeling) to "throw the angles" from the transition it opened up everything for me. I no longer feel like I am playing golf swing out on the course and can just focus on the fundamentals of pressure points in the feet, alignment and target. Monte posted in the NTC forum..."cast to sustain lag, keep body closed longer so it opens up more, push down and forward, so your body pushes up and back." Absolute mind blown. I just wish this was mainstream golf instruction 20 years ago -- would have saved me a lot of headaches.
  15. Can always try trialing shafts off shaftshack. Can rent for x3 days for a lot of higher end shafts options for under $50
  16. Correct not plated designed to rust.
  17. ^For golfers that tend to have arm over ride excessive trunk rotation and extension in the backswing, that drill is actually very helpful. It just looks completely counterintuitive. IMO it is just incorporating more of a feel and drill specific training for what Monte alludes to in the no cast no turn swing (his first video). If you do not set the wrists early enough the tendency is to take the club too far back and at that point you're just going to compensate into impact. The feeling of throwing away the angles in transition FOR ME has generated more swing speed, more shaft lean,
  18. Amazing couldn't pass this up. Went with the VW-06 52 and 60 bent to 58 in brushed. Didn't really need them but cmon for that price...my wife has new wedges coming now.
  19. Only clubs not 10+ years old are f9 woods and sm7 wedges Otherwise I have: Titleist 910Hs '11 Cobra S3 pro cb/mb irons and '10 SC Del Mar Just recently took out the '07 TM Burner TP.
  20. His content is very organized and worth the money for how easy it is to navigate. However I just like looking through his free content for quick tip refreshers. Currently working on these two ideas and getting tremendous ballstriking and added distance. These are concepts I have never implemented but what a difference.
  21. I hope to bring it to my trusted clubfitter tomorrow and see what he has to say about it. I've had him extend several shafts in the past and often if extending to only do 1" no further do to risk of breaking.
  22. So...I may be better off swinging a telephone pole?? haha. I probably have no business swinging it now. I max out at about 112mph but we'll see what happens. I've had good success with GD x flexes in the past tipped over an inch. On paper it would make no sense to play but it has worked for me just hope it will now because I loved this set up in my f9.
  23. Hoping to still play in driver by adding an extension 1"
  24. How it exactly happened I do not know. It was a used shaft perhaps player(s) before often tapped the club head on the ground with force. REGARDLESS...I was wondering if I could reshaft with a new adaptor to put in another driver. There is maybe a half inch left of the tip...do I prep the tip put on the new sleeve and hope it has somewhat of the same profile? FWIW it is a tour AD XC-6TX and the current length (after cutting off the splintered tip section) is approx. 42". Looking for anything of help because I would still like to play this shaft if salvageable
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