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  1. On 9/10/2021 at 4:41 PM, ferrispgm said:

    Eventually it clicks....seemingly overnight sometimes.  What has been proven to help is actually getting 8 hours of sleep which allows the brain to form new connections quicker and easier.  Andrew Huberman has a great podcast on this.


    Keep working at it though.  I'm still working on my stuff from the Monte clinic in Feb and I'm just now starting to get there.  Takes me 8-10 months to get comfortable and like a year to truly get it.  But even after a year I still monitor it and will work on it every few range sessions.  Being impatient will guarantee failure. Took me a while to learn this but once I did, my handicap dropped from a weak 5 or 6 to a pretty solid +2.5 in 4 1/2-5 years.   Don't bail after a couple rounds or even a month of horrible scoring.  I find the biggest breakthroughs come after a short period of struggle...it's like your body is fighting to let go of it's bad patterns and once you do it clicks.

    This is encouraging. I've been stuck at a 3-6ish handicap for nearly two decades. The fact you're a + putting in this work is incredible and gives me hope. What has been the biggest adjustment for you and/or how were you able to make such a drastic drop in handicap?

  2. Got my 1st and only hole-in-one on the 1st of September 2015. I was getting married later in the month. Threw the bag on the back to get a quick 9 in after work. Played a Titleist ProV1x #3 with a Patron Tequila logo on it.


    Hit a 6-iron about 180yards on hole #4 downhill front left pin. Ball hit the front left mound (didn't even hit the green) kicked right and rolled up onto the green like a purely rolled putt. Started calling everyone I could think of because there was no one in close proximity on the course to have seen or heard it. If it is my only ever hole-in-one I am completely satisfied with God as my witness!


    My buddies give me a hard time telling me I've never gotten one but they know it's not something I'd fib about. I had been playing the game for 15+ years before I got one. A moment I will forever cherish.


    I keep the ball in a shadow box frame with the course photo pin sheet in the background with all my other scorecards, putter headcovers and golfing trip photos with my sports memorabilia collection.

  3. On 8/31/2021 at 10:19 AM, DNice26 said:

    These videos are kinda blowing my mind a little.  


    I'm a low single digit, but really don't ever "throw" the club at the top....   I do struggle the most in my game with the longer clubs.  Going to def give these feels a try.

    Do it man. I've been a mid low single for years with my own swing too but this method is the real deal.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Tengu said:

    Any suggestion how to best train the drills? Just one ball with cast drill A on the range followed by a real swing till the bucket runs dry?


    Two things I am doing differently in rehearsal and set-up:

    1) Take two practice swings behind the ball that are the no turn and the move to cast to 8'oclock, a slower motion swing into impact.

    2) At address I have my hands up higher, a feeling of elbow straight and left wrist flat.


    So I'd recommend perhaps just doing the no turn and cast to 8 as a drill and then just get that sensation when beating balls. Keep it simple. See where that gets you. For me, I had to rehearse the case move over and over and ultimately found that just getting my hands higher at address helped me for some reason feel the cast easier.

  5. ^ I strongly feel the NTC should be the benchmark swing for all golfers. Austin, Torres, even Jack Nicklaus -- to name a few -- have alluded to it for years but none have actively taught it and explained the science behind it and how to actually implement it. Monte has. 


    The best part about NTC is once you find the feel it is the easiest swing to repeat. Maybe more importantly, there is so little strain on the body. It feels effortless. My swing through the years has always felt not quite there. It never felt natural -- kind of like I was fighting something and couldn't quite find out how to shake it. NTC gave me that AH HA moment as I alluded to above. I just had to throw "conventional" golf wisdom out the window and implement this swing. All the years of thinking I've got it almost figured out or "I'm almost there" are gone. Now all I have to do is stick with this swing because it is THE swing. Practice will be to fine tune it and master it through reps and then those compensatory strategies will slowly fade away. Stick with it folks!

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  6. I have been implementing NTC for the past several rounds. I was working on the swing change about mid season but then I had my club championship so reverted back to my old swing so I wouldn't be playing golf swing and could just score and play target golf...but I digress...


    For me, I definitely still have too much overswing in the backswing but even so my ballstriking is very repeatable. The feel FOR ME is to just throw everything from the transition the ulnar deviation cast sensation even with the overswing -- as seen when taking video -- and it works. My typical shot shape is a cut but with this swing I pull everything left to try and compensate for the cut. So now all I do is just aim straight to the target slight left or right of it and the ball either has a slight fade or slight draw otherwise straight. It's remarkable.


    My miss hits with this swing are low off the face with driver and occasionally fat toe strikes with the irons which I can tell on those swings I am getting too steep. If I just trust leading the DS with the hands and don't try to get into right tilt or slide into the ball the ballstriking is very consistent. Still trying to get the BS shorter but I know that will take time to groove. My brain just can't conceptualize it yet.


    Also, still trying to find the feel with wedge approach shots especially those in between yardages. I've found that with the gap and lob wedge if its not a near full swing I get a lot more turf behind the ball and it's harder to manage distance control. I may have to have a different feel for these shots. So that's my NTC evolution. Hope everyone is enjoying this new AH HA swing. Monte is right on the money and I hope this swing approach becomes more mainstream golf instruction because it's the only thing that truly makes sense from a pure physics standpoint.

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  7. 11 hours ago, MerryTex said:

    I would use the DI I have but the TM adapter is deeper than the PXG one and I don't want to tip the shaft anymore than it may be

    You can always just put a longer ferrule on a taper it as needed to cover. Would be a much cheaper route. I had to do this when putting a cobra adaptor on my DI when changing out a titleist adaptor.

  8. I've played both in same driver heads through the years same 0.5" of tipping. Only difference I've experienced is slightly less spin in the 7x similar mid high launch just feels slightly heavier. I prefer the heavier weight. You can always mess around with lead tape to the head in the 6x could save you time and money and be perfect.

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  9. I've only played 13 clubs all year. Haven't found the need to add another and I go D, 3 5W, 4 5H, 6-PW, 52*/58*

    19* to 24* is the 5W to 4H, biggest gapping is in the wedges but I've never been one to need more than a PW Gap and some sort of sand/lob wedge.

    If I were you I'd only consider a strong 3-4 wood. I have an orange whip that I keep in my bag...is that technically considered a club? If so then I have 14.

  10. I play a 6TX in a f9 9* that gives me a mid flight tight fade. I've hit the hulk 6.5 in a Ping 410 9*  and a GP 8x in a 4-5wood f9. As far as feel goes, the GP feels the best but I've only ever hit it in a fairway wood. The hulk gave me a higher than expected launch but 10 yard fade similar to the AD XC 6TX but feel wise prefer the feel of the XC, perhaps its the cobra vs ping head. Use to play a BB 6s in a 910D2 and tipped it over an inch and prefer the feel of the XC in comparison. All in all, for me, the XC has the best overall feel and ball flight characteristics I am looking for and I don't mind having to go after the driver to get my preferred ball flight. It should be the club you go after hardest anyway.

  11. 3 hours ago, JohnnyCashForever said:

    I wish I could understand this concept better.  It does feel that when I make a "correct" backswing with Monte's "3 Backs" tip I can really let loose on the downswing without any danger of coming over the top.  Perhaps, that is what he means by throwing the angles.  I don't know though.  I am playing more "golf" and less "golf swing" now.  For that I'm thankful. 

    The only thing I feel like I am consciously doing is setting the wrists sooner and in transition FEELING like I am initiating the downswing by hinging the left wrist downward i.e. ulnar deviation as a RH golfer.

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  12. 1 hour ago, golfortennis said:


    Life always comes back to doing your squats and deadlifts, doesn't it?


    For the most part. The correct muscles have to be loaded in a functional manner specific to the golf swing to build up tensile strength to therefore give you better stability and a more stable base to perform a quick ballistic high velocity motion over and over. If you're weak in the wrong areas, you're overworking muscles that don't want to be loaded in that way which equals eventual discomfort, pain, malalignment, you name it.

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  13. In my experience in working with golfers that suffer from back pain, the MOST common assessment I find is the extreme limitation of hip extension range of motion. Meaning, it is difficult to extend the leg behind to a good amount of range of motion without compensating by arching the back or it causes pain, etc.


    SO you have to get the hip flexors and quadriceps and various other musculotendinosus junctions within the hip girdle lengthened with appropriate stretching AND THEN you have to strengthen the glutes and "core" musculature.


    Decompression techniques can give you pain relief i.e. inversion table -- again if appropriate for the individual -- the problem is as a golfer your spine flexes/extends/side bends and rotates at a high velocity so all your muscles are just going to clench up again at some point to protect the spine and then you're back to square one. Long story short and to over simplify things, you need to stretch the muscles that are tight and strengthen the ones that are weak to offload the strain on the potential pathology at the spinal segment(s). This will give you the ultimate benefit.

  14. If you're looking for decompression in the spine there are alternatives without equipment you can try but again I have no idea if its the appropriate method to alleviate the back ailment. And as mentioned before, it very well could make matters worse. Here are a few self options if an inversion table is not appropriate for you to use and your doctor/PT have ordered you to do traction as an intervention.



  15. Inversion tables can work if you have a disc pathology i.e. herniation but there are so many other factors involved that others have alluded to -- past medical history, type of injury, etc. so I have no idea if you in particular are appropriate to use one. It could make matters worse for you so your best bet is to refrain from it for now.


    Go and get a script for physical therapy from your doctor to do PT (some states have direct access so you do not even not to see your doctor first for an order to do PT) and do some research on locating a good therapist within your region. They will be able to identify the type of back pain you have and provide sound education and give you a good home exercise program to follow.


    80-90% of Americans suffer some back related ailments within their lifespan so it's nothing that a good PT hasn't seen before, and knows how to manage properly.

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  16. On 3/21/2021 at 10:00 AM, jt2gt said:

    I would agree...fit in the middle of those two.  I play Lamkin REL and have played Iomic 2.3 sticky (my next fav) and of course have hit GP MCC.  

    Played lamkin REL for years and switched over to 2.3 stickys, my new favorite in hybrids/irons/wedges. My preferred grip for the last 5+ years. NO.1 50 series in woods. I like all these grips because I don't always have to wear a glove

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