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  1. Not just in putting, but for the full swing too. I find if I consciously engage my abs/core at adders and focus on it on the takeaway, I keep my spine angle much better. Which partly says to me the reason I early extend is weak abs/core.....which I think is my body's response to protect my back.... Very well could be -- not enough stabilization strength in the glutes and abdominal region. Tight hip flexors and quadriceps are notorious for early extending as well because the tightness pulls you up into impact. Add in stretching of the hip flexors/quadriceps and you will notice a big difference in being able to stay in your posture into impact. I like the previous post about engaging your abs during the putting stroke. There is a maneuver called the "drawing-in manuever" or "hollow-and-brace" maneuver. This is simply performed by drawing in your naval about a half inch towards your spine. This engages the spinal stabilizers, mainly the multifidii musculature that keep your spine in its normal curvature. There is a phenomenon in the body called reciprocal inhibition. These maneuvers apply to this principle in that when you engage one set of muscles, the contralateral side -- in this case the abdominals, the back musculature gets inhibited. This is not to say that the opposite muscles shut off entirely but it allows them to relax more because the opposite side is engaged supporting the back allowing less strain on the back muscles. Try it out! It really works. One of the first things I teach my clients is this approach before advancing core training.
  2. Current: 1) Titleist 712 MB Forged 2) Cobra S3 Pro CB/MB Forged 3) '09 Callaway X-Forged Have Owned/Played: 1) Cleveland TA7 2) '07 Callaway X-Forged 3) Bridgestone J33b Would like: 1) '18 Callaway Apex MB
  3. Agree with this. Have hit all the Titleists since the 910 and it feels and sounds better than all of the fore mentioned.
  4. I own all of these except the 300 forged and got all of them off ebay haha. My best deal was the cobra s3 pro mb forged 6-PW with tour issue TT DG S400 shafts in like new condition for $200 shipped. This will be my fourth season with them; nothing can beat them out. Like you I "had" all of them, way too many clubs in the basement, so I sold all of them, I regret selling the 300 forged, they are so forgiving and just beautiful, but currently I have an entire Callaway set (RFX driver, X Hot Pro 17*, X Hot Pro 19* hybrid, TA Prototypes 4-P, MD2 50, 54, 58), the TA Protos are amazing!!!, but then Ping came through and now I play all Ping (see sig)... Loved those too. You've got good taste. Never pulled the trigger in getting those but damn near did a couples times. There is currently 4-PW in pretty good shape on the bay for $230 shipped, unreal.
  5. I own all of these except the 300 forged and got all of them off ebay haha. My best deal was the cobra s3 pro mb forged 6-PW with tour issue TT DG S400 shafts in like new condition for $200 shipped. This will be my fourth season with them; nothing can beat them out.
  6. HA. If you want to truly find out what it is (very well could be an AC sprain) go to your actual doctor, get a script for PT and get a diagnosis. They will be able to lead you in the proper care. I would disregard the exercise above if it is indeed an AC sprain and/or impingement. Chances are your trapezius muscles, specifically your upper trapezius, is already tight seeing as you are an electrician and work with upper extremities overhead. This exercise can put that muscle group into spasm and not help/support the acromioclavicular (AC) joint properly. Where you feel the pain in the swing specifically makes me question if there are other structures involved (i.e., rotator cuff, potential shoulder impingement). Again, go see a PT and find out what is going on. In the meantime, try these stretches because they will free up the joint space and remember these cues: Chin tucked, shoulder blades together. If either of these stretches cause pain at all, discontinue and disregard this information. It should only feel like a slight pulling like a stretch should, nothing sharp or painful. Feel free to PM me with any questions as a I am Physical Therapist. - optimize it by rotating your nose to your armpit.
  7. Make sure you still keep up with the exercises you were prescribed in PT. Emphasize glute training as strengthening the glutes will help offload the pressure on the knee and the glutes are the most important muscle in the golf swing. Depending on the type of graft you had, you may be more susceptible to reinjury. Recent studies have shown that allografts are upwards of 70% more likely to re-tear within 1 year compared to autografts (allografts are muscles/tendons taken from a cadaver and autografts are taken from your own body). I don't mean to scare you, and I am glad you are feeling great. Make sure you still keep up with the strengthening even though you're excited to finally be able to golf. When I have my golfers return to play, I typically start them on a progressive interval training regimen. I don't know if your doctor prescribed you one but I will provide a link for you to refer to if you are interested. With the knew dynamic forces being applied to the knee in the golf swing and the repetition of such, do not be surprised if you are more sore than usual. If a golfer wants to return to golf and gets clearance by the doctor, it's important to start slow. I advocate flaring the left foot outward more than you usually do as to not put excessive rotation forces of the tibia on the femur and visa versa to still protect the ligament. http://www.joshheenan.com/files/Interval%20Sports%20Programs.pdf
  8. It's a quick surgery with good success rate. It may take a while before your doctor clears you to return to golf depending on their precautions and orders - typically you will be on a no bending/twisting and weight lifting restriction for a set amount of time. Attached is an interval golf program that is recommended to perform once cleared for golfing. Your doctor should provide you with something like this when the time is ready; if - not, you can refer to this. I follow this guideline with my patients -- we're lucky because we have a golf simulator in our clinic! As mentioned, do your PT. Treatment will/should emphasize hip flexors/quadriceps mobility and core/glute stability training. http://www.joshheenan.com/files/Interval%20Sports%20Programs.pdf
  9. Nice! Same here with the fuji 757. It's going nowhere
  10. Pretty much anything with an Aldila Cinnamon shaft
  11. His pivot is nowhere near the same and his plane is nowhere near the same so to say he hits almost all the same positions 2002 is nonsense. ''His plane is nowhere near the same'' . That's totally incorrect. It's very similar (not 100% identical) and if anything is a touch better now. Its not like he was swinging round his arse in 2002 and now is doing Leadbetters A swing backswing! Whether it is exactly inch perfect identical is irrelevant as everyone's swing has tiny variations every swing and from month to month or year to year. Heck I can video a tour pro down the line for 50 shots from an idential camera position and you could see tiny variartions in plane as plane can be affected by timing and the exact angle you set the club on in the backswing. That doesn't mean the players had a different swing on shot 27 to shot 43. With good rhthym and synchronicity you can play great golf even if your positions are questionable. I think Tiger's positions are curently very good and more than good enough to be a top 10 player. They are better than Spieth's. All he needs is the glue to sync it all up. You can tell that his Driver followthrough looks terrible now simply from being so out of sync. He comes out of his posture, chicken wings the left arm, the high right shoulder and the shaft almost vertical as it hits his back before sweeping up to its regular postition and finish. Even his good shots looked saved with his hands. If you have an eye for the swing this poor followthrough started in 2003 and got progressively worse as the years went on. It was very bad with Haney because he was so from the inside and out of sync. If you want to see the difference look at the PGA Tours video of his swing from 1993-2017. Watch the followthrough which changes in 2003 and then gets very bad 2007 onwards. Watch the change in tempo. Its much quicker and upbeat under Haney. It gets ridiculously sloppy and quick from 2014-2016. I'll tell you what. Why don't you go and have four back surgeries and then try to return to playing golf the way you used to in your prime. You'll have a little more empathy and not make such odd self analysis.
  12. If you didnt have access to footage of your sing from back then its impossible to change. I video my swing all the time and have footage most months from every year on my computer for the last 15 + years with the swing thoughts I was using to achieve whatever positions I was after and notes on how I was hitting it at the time. I have footage DL, side on and over the camera. Should I be hitting it poorly I have my own model blueprint swing from when I was swinging very correctly and hitting it well from periods in my golfing career that I can compare it to side by side. I personally find it quite easy to spot the differences and revert back to what I was doing when I was hitting it my best. I dont keep reinventing the wheel. For someone like Tiger its a very easy fix. It's not like he has to rebuild his swing. He needs to take it back slower and incorporate a slight pause at the top to stop the shaft volatility in transition so he can sync up his body, arms and shaft coming down. He doesn't need to change his swing positions. You are trolling, right?
  13. Agree with all above. Could also be a counterweight situation too. The sm6s feel heavier in the head to me - if you've played previous models with similar shaft/grip set-ups, this very well could throw off carry distances, trajectories, etc.
  14. Keep working with your TPI certified coach - they will get you to wear you need to be. Without being able to assess you through the various movement patterns myself and only having video swing evidence, I can tell that you lack left hip mobility in internal rotation - you do early extend slightly. That could be because of a lack of neuromuscular control - perhaps if your TPI coach identified a limitation in the pelvic tilt test and/or overhead deep squat. Definitely need glute/abdominal strengthening to remain in your posture throughout the swing phases. Keep up the good work. If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to PM.
  15. What was the answer you were looking for? I wasn't. I just found it funny...swing to long, you hurt yourself; swing too short, you hurt yourself. I thought it was amusing...probably just me. :-) Only Baby Bear's swing is just right. Lol! As far as the lower back is concerned, it is my opinion that restricting the hips in the back swing is the real culprit...the lower back wasn't meant to experience that much "torque". I had some lower back issues, and once I started making a full hip turn it went away. I do not know the context of what Charlie was talking about so I cannot comment accuracy on that front. However, I do know that the golf swing is unnatural being it a high velocity, quick ballistic rotatory motion performed over and over. The spine is flexing, extending, rotating with a ton of force in less than a second. Any human is going to get injured at some point because of the (i.movement pattern. It's like anything else that you perform repetitively - baseball pitchers with shoulder injuries, carpenters with wrist/shoulder injuries, and the list goes on. There is not meant to be much rotation in the lumbar spine anyway, maybe 1-2 degrees L1-L5; we are supposed to have the mobility in the hip girdle and thoracic spine. A lot of amateur golfers can develop back pain with golf because of the lack of mobility at these segments forcing the lower back to take over the mobility when it is supposed to simply stabilize.
  16. Check out Monte Scheinblum's "Making a Perfect Back Swing" on youtube. I've found this to be helpful especially the drill he goes into depth with.
  17. What a unique bag! Even though you only have 9 clubs, the cost of what you have is more than most people's full bags! I really like that Ogio bag. Why so low bounce in the 58* (06) and higher bounce in the gap wedge? Also, 12* in the driver at 43.5"? Why so?
  18. My brother and I are playing in an alternate shot tournament. I hit my drive left center fairway on a par-5 about 250-260 remaining. He smashes his favorite hybrid but lays it off left, hits the side of the green and goes into the thick rough with *****ers/thick brush. We look for minutes to try and find it only to find one ball...it's the same exact callaway ball we're playing with just a different number...clearly not ours. I play that ball miraculously out of that crap onto the green about 30 feet from the hole. He ends up making the putt for birdie. We ended up winning the tournament by a stroke...if they only knew... :derisive:
  19. This is all very helpful thank you. They are S400s
  20. I've got a set of irons that all have the shaft labels Dynamic Gold Tour Issue on them. How can you tell whether they are x100 or S400? On these labels, neither is listed below the large Dynamic Gold writing.
  21. I remember it like it was yesterday...September 1st, 2015: Keep in mind, I'm getting married on the 26th of the month and I had been playing golf 17 years. I go out to walk a quick 9 after work at a course closest to my apartment. I come to the 4th hole. I'll set the scene... I pull out my Cobra S3 Pro 6-iron with a DG tour issue S400 shaft with a lamkin R.E.N standard grip with 4 wraps from the bag. It's a downhill par 3 playing approximately 190yrds. Pin is in the front left approximately 12 paces from the front. Large bunker to the right and a moderate sized mule to the left as defense for the hole. I prepare for the shot by getting into this swing preparation/thought of staying completely balanced throughout the swing and emphasizing my alignment. After a few rehearsals, I address the Titleist #3 ProV1x with a Patron Tequila logo and some one's name printed on the other side, not my own. *Side note - I had recently purchased a few dozen Titleist V1/V1x mix-and-match override logo golf balls off ebay. The majority of them were booze related logos. I put a good swing on the ball. The swing goes just as rehearsed; nice and balanced and fluid in to hold the finish. I watch the ball fly, going left of the pin on a direct line towards the mule. My alignment was off about 10 feet to the left of the pin and the ball is not fading. It's a slight pull if anything. The ball proceeds to hit the mule, bounces right off it and rolls onto the green just like a putt into the hole. Mind you, I'm playing by myself. It's about 6:00pm and there's not a soul on the course. At this point, I'm in disbelief and somewhat confused because I thought I saw the ball go into the hole...it just disappeared. And I thought I heard a click from the ball hitting the pin. Regardless, I walk down towards the green not believing what actually happened and thoughts are running through my head...(i.e., it must have rolled off the back, maybe it's behind the pin; I can't see it). I walk onto the green and peak into the hole before anything, and there it is. Sitting at the bottom of the cup. I celebrate quickly and immediately go to my phone to make calls to tell anybody that wants to here it - my mom, brother, friends, etc. I must have talked to 4-5 people because I had to justify it. I was just so excited and needed to let it be known! I'm running on a high and now I want to play 18 to see how I score with my first ever hole-in-one. I played speed golf but hit near pitch black darkness on the 18th. I don't know exactly what I shot, somewhere mid-70s, but the round was so memorable. Getting back to the significance of the day. I am very much a numbers person and I guess you could say a spiritual individual. September is our wedding month. I got my first ever hole-in-one after 17 years of golfing in the month I was to be married. It came on the 4th hole, which is my favorite number. 17 seems to always pop up with my wife and I whether it be room numbers, etc. Best part about it, the printed name on the golf ball was "JBRADNEY." My wife's name is Johanna and my name is Bradley. The printed name on the ball was a combination of our names. Every September 1st, our anniversary month, we each do a shot of Patron Tequila to kick off our wedding month and to celebrate my first ever hole-in-one! I don't think another hole-in-one could ever top this and if I never get one again I would not mind because this one was so special with just God as my witness!
  22. I rectified the EE in the backswing straight away, I didn't even realise I was doing it initially. As soon as Monte mentioned it, I was able to fix it... so no physical ailments. I just had to make a deeper hip turn and it sorted itself out. Sounds like you're now just over thinking things and caught up in how the hip/knee relationship looks. As long as you're getting the hip rotation, don't worry about it. All that matters is impact. As far as feels go, feel like you anchor your right bog toe down so that you don't put too much weight bearing on the outside of your right ankle - that could very well be why on the camera view that you see "odd" movement of your knee/hip on the DS.
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