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  1. Rick Shields Shiels was speaking the other day about Company soon releasing a "Game Changer" for Drivers but it has not been revealed other than he would be fitted. No company or any info other than the current line of drivers has been evolving for years now. Could be anybody. Regardless, I already went back to a driver that is almost 10 years old which is MUCH more accurate but 5 or 10 yds less distance wise.
  2. I went back to ZL Encore and have tried almost every Cobra Driver since including RadSpeed. While it may be 5 or 10 yards shorter, I prefer putting the ball where I want. I am hitting around 75% fairways vs. 50% or less. OG Motore F1 > New Gen F1 perhaps?
  3. Just curious if anyone has any experience between 300s and the Cobra Big Tour 3w? Ideally something off the tee but the ability to use off the deck. Also considering Srixon ZX 3+ and perhaps Ping G425 turned down.
  4. I'm back again to ask the genius' before I buy yet another shaft. Swing speed between 85 to 95 mph on any given day. Swing profile is fast tempo short backswing, fast transition, early to mid release. Currently working on eliminating over the top move which has been going well although it still creeps in. Miss is either fat, right, or slice right. I will say I pretty much consistently hit around the Infinity Circle on the driver face. Playing a RadSpeed XD currently on Prolauch Red Supercharged Regular. I have not found a better shaft yet but I know one is out there. Prolaunch is low and straight for me. The only shaft where I actually have had to loft up. I've read that I should look for a soft butt, stiff mid section, soft tip driver with my swing profile. Whether or not that is true is what brings me here. My goal is to add some distance perhaps and keep the accuracy of the Prolaunch. One last note, I have not gone back to trying a stiff shaft. Not sure with my lower speed and aging that would benefit me as much as perhaps moving to a 70g shaft. Others I've tried most recent to years past. 1. NV 2KXV Blue 60 Reg - Fade/Right machine, but nice mid trajectory. Also topped this shaft more than others. 2. Fuji Motore X F3 Reg - Came with Radspeed. High and right. Balloons. 3. Atmos Blue - Very similar to 2KXV with higher flight. 4. Atmos Red - Worst shaft I used, short, high, and all over the place. 5. Rogue 95 MSI Stiff - 2nd best shaft I have tried to Prolaunch Red. 6. Evenflow Green 6.0 - All over the place, no consistency. Did produce results when hit well. Thanks again for your help.
  5. So I rolled the Blue Ion #1 all summer. Certainly one of the best putters I have ever played. I'd probably put it at #2. Feel and distance control was excellent. The included weight kit got me dialed in based on my stroke. Ended up with 3g on the heel and 13g on the toe. I think if I had a top sightline rather than flange, it could have been #1. Now switching back to a brand new 12 year old 8882 blade. My previous 8882 I rank #1 now after trying many different putters the past year to see if anything was better. Anyone looking for either a Scotty or Betti should seriously consider the M Craft.
  6. So I said if I ever found an 8882 still in plastic, I would buy and immediately put in the bag even though it’s a very inexpensive putter. I never putt better with anything else although the Mizuno M Craft I was very close. Yesterday that new 8882 putter found its way out of the wrapper for the first time in 11 years.
  7. Actually I bought the glued version this time around and didn't have quite the same results. It was still plenty long though. Sold it a couple days ago and bought a G400 and an F8 to try out next. As for swing flaws, for years I have been fighting cast to over the top to flip, in that order. Right around the time I posted I decided to seriously try to fix these issues. Fortunately I am starting to see those fruits, especially with my driver. For some reason I am still flipping my hybrids and 3 wood.
  8. Since I wrote the OP, I have gotten out quite a few times and can say the RADSPEED Driver has been a help. No matter what Bryson says, that driver is consistently longer by 10-20 yds than anything else I have owned. And I am using the same shaft that I used on any drivers. I now only have to use a 3 wood on very long Par 4's or Par 5s. I've only averaging about 1 mishit (short) per round which is the other time I sometimes will have to hit my 3 wood. Tracking my game and where I am penalized most on bad shots is certainly my 3 wood and wedges. It's not uncommon to catch my 3 wood fat or thin twice in a row which really hurts. Wedges are something I need to practice more but I used to have a great 3 wood in the past with the F6. I often wonder now if it played shorter than 43" and I just never knew. I've seen about a 20 yard difference from best to worst between all of the 3 woods I tried. My goal is to choose one that is on the higher average distance side and consistent of the deck and rough. If the G400 goes well, I may spend the extra money and step up to the G425 with all the rave reviews. I also just bought a TEE CBX (2018) to compare against. If both don't work out, I'm moving back to the M6 D Type or F9. Both fit the bill and with the right shaft will be as close to what I am looking for as I can get.
  9. Update: Mizuno ST190 going back on the Bay. Great club off the tee but not off the deck, has punished me pretty badly over the past month. I wish I would have found the TS version which I had before. Speaking of, I never measured the ST190 TS I had before and it came with an aftermarket shaft. I wonder if it was cut a 1/2" or more short. The best luck I have had so far was a 42.5" M6 D Type. I now have a standard G400 on the way. I'm going to cut to 42.5" and play around with the lofts. If it works out well, I may have to seriously consider spending the money for the G425 for added difference. For my fellow budget golfers, here is how I rank everything I have tried so far. No issues off the tee with any except for different distances. Fairway and rough is a completely different story. FYI, I usually hit my 3 wood between 180 yds to 220yds max. 1. M6 16* D Type at 42.5" on Evenflow 5.5 Red (Easy to hit, good distance but would hit a heater here and there. Average distance probably around 195 yds) 2. Mizuno ST190 TS 15* Prolaunch Red Stiff (Length Unknown but I think it was short? Longest of all that I tried and ok off fairway rough. Average distance probably around 205 yds) 3. Cobra SZ Standard 14.5* 43" Prolaunch Blue 45 Regular (Could be #1 if played at 42.5" with a different shaft, may go back to this club. Shaft was too light and spinny to be accurate. Average distance probably around 195 yds) 4. Cobra F6 43" Aldila Rogue MSI Stiff (Was my 3 wood for 3 years, consistent performer and better results than some of the newer offerings. Average distance probably around 195 yds when I let it go. Average was around 220 yds years ago.) 5. Cobra F Max 16* 43" AirSpeeder Regular (Most consistent and easy to hit but shorter than almost everything I tried, I wonder what difference a stiff shaft would make. Average distance probably around 180 yds) 6. Mizuno ST190 Glued 15* 43" Atmos Blue Regular (Chunky monkey in the fairway/rough. Average distance probably around 190 yds) 7. Sim Max D 16* 43" UST Helium 5 Regular (Just didn't have luck with this. Only gave it two rounds. Fatties and lefties. Surprising since I enjoyed the M6 so much. I will say when well struck it seemed long. Average distance is inconclusive) 8. Callaway Epic Flash 15* Evenflow Green 5.5 (Something about Callaway I just don't get along with. All of us probably have that one brand. I hit this thing high, short, and left every time. Was also a bit chunky for me. Average distance is inconclusive.)
  10. Thanks to those who posted links to bags, I'm going to pick up one of the few mentioned.
  11. My next set! But really, Cobra MIM Tour Copper. Maybe Cobra Forged Tec Copper. Guessing I am two years out before I can afford either one.
  12. Hit some balls Saturday and played 18 yesterday. Trying hard to get away from both over-the-top and casting... My new sucky RadSpeed Driver got me about 20 extra yards. Can't really say if that is the Driver or a result of a little less casting and OTT move. I did not pick any yardage with my 3-wood however but I didn't have to use it as much either. As for the mentions about playing up a box. I am not a Senior yet...but I score well enough and I don't need to play up a box. I just want more birdie putts and pars rather than chips and 1 or 2 putts (and sometimes three...) Mizuno ST190 on the way. Between that, the new driver, and a little more practice, should be good to go. Am still curious about TM Rocket 3-woods and Srixon though.
  13. Well, this decision was short lived. Almost went for the Sim Rocket but I am so tired of buying and selling clubs I decided to just buy another ST190. I already know it’s 20 yards longer and straight. Maybe not as forgiving as the Cobra but I’ll deal. In other news, I bought one of them “sucky” Radspeed drivers the day before the Open. Hoping it doesn’t suck for me too, haha. Oh, people keep mentioning balls helping the ball flight. Had no idea that attributes to launch/too much spin. Already play low launch shafts which are definitely a difference maker for me. Do I have to play a crap Top Rock 2-piece ball or something? Currently play AVX or Kirkland pending how much I feel like spending. Thanks peoples!
  14. Yeah, I am thinking once I get the Prolaunch Red put in to the SZ, it will be similar. F7 and SZ are very similar. The F7 I did like when I had it but man, that Mizuno ST190 was no joke. I now have a few lined up...Current mood. 1. M6 Rocket 14* on Reg Hzrdous Smoke Black (Standard M6 was 2nd to the ST190 and better than SimMax). Thanks for recommendation @zdtallan. 2. ST200 TS (If I can find the right setup) 3. Srixon ZX on Reg Hzrdous Smoke Black 4. Tee C721 on Reg Hzrdous Blue RDX 5. Srixon F85 on Reg Hzrdous Black 6. ST190 on Reg Atmos Blue
  15. Haha, yeah, I wish. Face is way too deep but hey, it might worm burn and roll over 200.
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